David McDonald’s success story

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David McDonald also known as Dave is a proud father of six and husband to Malinda. He serves as the current president and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. David McDonald is also serves as one of the firm’s board of directors. Previously he has as a project manager in OSI and also acted as the chairperson of North American Institute. He also once was an independent director at Malfrig Global Foods after the acquisition of OSI industries, this was back in 2008. He has been privileged to serve in OSI form more than thirty years overseeing its exponential growth ever since.

David’s roots can be traced back to a farm in North East Iowa where he was brought up. He is also a graduate of Iowa State University having graduated in 1987. Among the milestones he has traversed and rewarded for was having to be the recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Senior Award. He also has a bachelor’s in animal science. His journey with OSI commenced after he was done with his tertiary education where he joined OSI industries in Chicago and worked his way up to have the current position he occupies.

OSI Group is one of the Largest firms in food provision and distribution industry. It has over 20000 employees and its network cuts across seventeen countries. The firm traces its roots to a German-immigrant by name Otto Kolschowsky. His butcher shop grew to a wholesale venture and later on a handshake agreement between his sons and a person by the name Kroc turned out to be the key turning point of the family business. The partnership went on to make OSI one of the largest suppliers of fresh beef to McDonald’s restaurants. This led to OSI dedicated a whole plant just for the sake of McDonald’s. Throughout the ages, years of exponential growth and state of the art technology innovation has enabled OSI Group to become the company it is today.

Under the able leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group was able to make a 50/50 merger with Turi foods. The family-owned company by the name of Turi Foods is among the largest poultry processors in Australia. It makes supplies to major supermarkets, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers just to mention but a few. When asked about the Merger, David McDonald said that with both companies having a good reputation, the Merger would enable the two companies to serve their customers in new innovative ways. He also added that this merger would offer more opportunities for their mutual teams so as to excel together.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Company Leading In Investment And Asset Management

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Right from the time the organization came into existence in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has managed to take over the financial sector with its implementation of innovative and productive plans of action. The company has always worked in a way that was different from the rest of the corporates in their field and tried to pave its path towards success. Fortress Investment Group was known for its ability to do things that no other company had, and this was showcased brilliantly in the plan to go public on the New York Stock Exchange that was implemented in 2007. Before that, no other company had gone public on the New York Stock Exchange. The leaders at Fortress were always on the lookout for something that could help set them apart from other firms of their kind, and this was one of the best ways to achieve that. Soon after, numerous other investment firms decided also to go public seeing the improvements that the company witnessed after this.

Today, Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the leading financial and investment management companies who is managing over $40 billion in assets. The company has a wide portfolio of clients and companies that they offer their services to and handle both movable and immovable assets for them.

One of the reasons why Fortress Investment Group has been able to grow so incredibly over the years is because of the contribution made by its leaders. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger currently stand as the three leaders of the company and were also the people who came together to start up Fortress Investment Group. All three principles are regarded as excellent professionals who have worked at some of the most significant financial institutions. These leaders have worked with a wide range of clients over the years, and have an incredible pool of knowledge with regards to investments and other kinds of financial matters. Putting together all the knowledge that they possess Nardone, Edens and Briger were able to build a company that would one day stand as the most prestigious investment management companies in America.

Adapting to changing markets trends in the industry is critical for a company like Fortress, and the company leaders have always tried to ensure that the company grows in the right direction. Currently, the company offers its services not only in the United States but in China and Singapore as well.

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NGP VAN Assists Democrats to Win Elections

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NGP Van is one of the newest weapons of the Democrats to win the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections in the United States. The Party is hoping that they will be able to conquer most of the seats inside the Congress, and they wanted to have a Democrat majority inside the legislative house, to counter the growing power of the Republican President Donald J. Trump. NGP Van has already helped the Democrats in the past, giving them an advantage over their opponents by using a technology that allows them to strengthen their presence and inform the majority of the public about their platforms. NGP Van is proud to say that those who had the chance to listen to the candidates who use their application managed to get through the election precincts, being able to vote and increase the voter’s turnout.

Their influence in the elections was demonstrated during the US Presidential Elections in 2008 and 2012. Former President Barack Obama is not that widely known, but when he announced his intent to run for the Presidential Office, the Democrats helped him win by using NGP Van. Through excessive campaign using the technology, Barack Obama became widely known, and he was elected into the office thanks to an additional 14.5 million votes that came from those who have decided to vote because of the persuasion coming from the supporters of the Democrats.

According to NGP VAN, the candidates are looking after the big data and the web analytics that are being used by the application they released to show the group of voters in a particular area. Because the majority of the population today are using smartphones and similar devices, NGP Van uses a technology that would allow the application to “speak” with these devices and generate some information based on how the devices and the application communicates. This allows the campaign managers to mobilize while the app is still in use, showing them the supporters who should be encouraged and persuaded to go out on the day of the election and vote.

NGP Van is also used to save more resources. In the past, campaign managers would go from door to door, asking the people inside if they could speak for a moment regarding the candidate they are representing. The time and the effort wasted during these times are enormous, and with the emergence of applications like NGP Van, campaign managers are saving their energy and letting technology do most of the job.

How the success of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in music sector illustrates the impact of teamwork.

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The continued success experienced by The Chainsmokers can elaborate the meaning of cooperation in business. They have been working together for some years, and now when it comes to talking about the best stars in the music industry, they cannot be left out of the group. The team consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who are typically regarded as the American Duo DJ and production. Before the two met, the Chainsmokers consisted of Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler who after leaving the group, Andrew was informed about the opportunity in New York in The Chainsmokers. He moved from Maine where he was and went to New York City where they met with Alex Pall. Since then, the two have made significant achievements and have attained a high recognition in the music industry.

Their success has not just been a walk in the park. They have had a lot of hard work and determination to reach where they are today. They use their life experiences to write their songs which have been ranked among the best songs in the music sector. They target all the types of the audience whether the old people, parents, youths as well as the young people. This has enabled them to experience significant growth and recognition in the music sector. Another factor that has led to their success is the choice of the right team to associate with.

They have been getting guidance from some of the music oracles such as Halsey whom they say in one of their interviews that she has been one of their role models because of her personality when it comes to her performances and the whole thing in the music sector. This shows that they have been able to get the right influence from the right people.

Alex Pall attended the University of New York where he studied history and music business while was attending Syracuse University before they met. They have won some awards including the American Music Awards and the Grammy Award for the best dance recording. They also released their music studio album ‘Memories do not open’ among many more achievements.


What You May Not Know About Mr. Randal Nardone

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Success is not a one-day achievement; it is a journey characterized by ups and downs and only the brave ones get to the top of it. Mr. Randal Alan Nardone commonly called Randy has been brave enough to take what others feared most. Having graced the World’s Billionaires’ List in the Forbe’s magazine at number #557 in 2007 with a net worth of $1.8 billion, this investment titan in partnership with other two brave and successful men, founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 which has grown to be one of the largest asset managers across the globe.

This successful Chief Executive Officer of Fortress resumed office in 2013 after Dan Mudd left the office Randal Nardone came into the limelight in 2007 after Fortress did its IPO. Being one of the Fortress Five, he became a billionaire after the private firm became public. He has worked with various organizations like UBS as the Managing Director and Principal of BlackRock among others.

Randal Nardone studied at the University of Connecticut has a B.A. in English and also in Biology. He also proceeded to Boston University School of Law where he earned JD. After his graduation, he served on an executive committee in Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. He serves at Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC as the President and Chairman. He has been serving at the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC as the Vice President and Secretary. He has served as the Director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors, GAGFAH S.A, Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Aircastle Limited and SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd among others.

Randal Nardone has been a Board Member in various organizations like Fortress Credit Corporation, Fortress Investment Group LLC among others. He is an affiliate of University of Connecticut, Boston University, IMPAC Commercial Holdings, New Media Investment Group, Drive Shack Inc., Ncs 1 LLC, Mapeley Limited, Springleaf Finance etc.

Softbank Group Corp developed some interest on Fortress and by the end of the year 2017; it announced the purchase of the investment firm at $3.3 billion. The main thing that led Softbank to buy Fortress bank is their heavy investment in senior living, infrastructure, and mortgages. Nevertheless, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger will still lead the firm in their management. The executive praised the merger and the whole process of purchase saying that the Masayoshi Son leadership is a great asset to the success of Fortune Investment. Besides, the Softbank Group provides easy access to various resources that will increase the value of the clients of Fortune Investment Group.

The Remarkable success of Peter Briger In Fortress Investment Group

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At times the success of other people may sound like a dream but also an inspiration in our lives. Peter Briger is a co-principal and chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. His continued success in his business career has motivated many and also given hope to young entrepreneurs. The Fortress Investment Group deals with the management of a wide range of assets majoring in serving the interests of both the company managers and those of the investors.

Education background

Mr. Briger attended Princeton University for his bachelor’s degree in Arts after his lower level studies. Later on, he joined the University of Pennsylvania where he mastered in Business Administration. He is even among the leading funders of the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), a contribution which supports the fresh graduates in working on their dreams after college.

Professional history

Peter Briger has a great history of success in his leadership and professional career. His reputation on his leadership skills is admirable. He has worked with many companies in the managerial position to drive the companies into success before joining the Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Among these companies is the Goldman Sachs; he joined the company just after his university studies and utilized it in growing his financial skills.

His career in Fortress investment group

Being the chairman of the fortress investment group is his core job. His main duty in the company is overseeing the work performance of the employees in the company and also the valuation of the company investments. Peter Briger aims at the success of the company and therefore he does his best in ensuring all efforts are driven towards its victory. Even during the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group by the soft bank, Peter Briger continued to offer his services to the company. His abilities in identifying potential business clients could not be resisted by the Soft Bank Company.

Charity Support

Peter Briger extends his generosity to the poor through constant contributions to various groups dealing with the eradication of poverty and offering education to the poor in the society. He also made contributions amounting to $600 million to Central Park in New York for its repairs and upkeep. Hard work most at times never goes unrewarded and has a business person your enterprise goals should be the main targets. From his remarkable success in his career, Mr. Briger is reported to be a billionaire owning assets worth $ 2.3 billion. This was after appearing on the Forbes list of the leading four hundred business persons in the world.

Softbank to make a $3.3 Billion Acquisition for Fortress Investment Group

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The billionaire founder of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, has now thrown himself into the world of hedge funds and private equity. The self-proclaimed creator of the ‘tech Berkshire Hathaway’ announced his $3.3 billion acquisition of Fortress Investment Group which is an alternative asset manager in the United States. The acquisition deal by the Japanese company comes at a time when Softbank is carving a distinct place in the global market as one of the largest investors. Softbank has traditionally focused on the internet business together with telecommunications. Softbank is also planning to launch $100 billion in technology funds. This will be a first in the history of the tech business. The $70 billion in under management assets together with the $8.08 per class-A share for Fortress represents a 38.6% premium to the stock closing prices. On Wednesday last week, Softbank shares rose by 0.7% in Tokyo. This was mainly in line with the wider market share. Fortress Investment group Shares increased to $6.21 which represented a 6.5% rise from the previous trading. The jump in the shares took place before the deal was made public.

Moreover, Fortress Investment Group shares would continue to rise to $7.78 which represented a 25.3 % increase in value in after-market trading. Mr. Son released a formal statement where he said that Fortress Investment professionals would work in collaboration with Softbank in a bid to make Fortress’ Vision Fund a success. The Vision Fund is headed by a former debt trader who worked for Fortress Investment Group before moving to Softbank. Rajeev Misra was born in India and joined Softbank in 2014 as the chief of strategic finance. The individuals who got involved in the six-week acquisition of Fortress Investment Group said that it underlined Mr. Son’s ambition and vision. The Softbank’s founder has said that he is going to acquire a second and even a third fund that will follow the Vision Fund.

The Fund now has the backing of Foxconn from Taiwan, Oracle, Apple and the sovereign wealth fund from Saudi Arabia. Fortress Investment Group has people with a wider range of skills and expertise in many different industries. However, the tech industry has not been the main niche where Fortress has decided to make investments. The company mainly invests in senior living, private equity investments in consumer finance, the media sector, transport, real estate among other ventures. The $3 billion sale price is a far cry from what Fortress Investment group was valued at in February 2007 when it came into the limelight. The fortress became the first private equity group to go public at the peak of a buyout boom which had been leveraged. Fortress Investment Group was valued at $7.4 billion by its initial public offering. However, the company’s value inflated by more than 100% to over $14 billion just minutes after its debut in the stock market. Fortune’s assets did not recover from the last financial crisis as did many of the other alternative asset managers. Fortune Investment Group’s significant hedge funds suffered customer outflows and losses that led to its closure in 2015.

End Citizens United Is Gearing Up For The 2018 Midterms

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The 2018 midterm elections are coming up with a powerful amount of energy. This energy has led to more work and campaign fund raising on the part of End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is dedicated to trying to reverse the controversial and widely viewed s corrupt Citizens United decision. This decision protects corporations a if they have the same rights as citizens. This protection allows corporations to donate as much special interest money to campaigns as the corporate board chooses to force candidates to vote in the favor of the corporation of the owners of the corporation. End Citizens United have chosen to support candidates that are set on not taking special interest money and want to reverse the Citizens United decision decision.

For the 2018 midterm elections, End Citizens United has endorsed a number of candidates to be focuses for their donation collecting and to bring down the Big Money 20 List. The Big 20 is a goal of ECU. The Big 20 is a list the ECU employees put together. It is a list of the 20 current public servants in office who are bought off by special interest campaign money. The ECU endorsed candidates are listed in full on the political action committee’s website. The recent endorsed candidates include four new candidates in Illinois: Sean Casten, Betsy Londrigan, Brad Schneider, and Lauren Underwood. Richard Ojeda from West Virginia and Aftab Dureval from Ohio were also recently endorsed by ECU.

The political action committee ECU is expecting to raise $35 million in grassroots donations for the candidates they have endorsed in the 2018 midterms. So far they have raised $4 million for the midterms since the start of this year. Those in favor of ridding political system of big money may donate to ECU on their website. The average donation is $14. You may also support ECU by purchasing from their shop. Their shop has various shirts, mugs, buttons, and magnets.

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Tim Sykes Of Agora Financial Shows Investors How To Work With Penny Stocks

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Penny stocks are a much different kind of stock you can buy because they aren’t typically listed on major exchanges like the NYSE. You also have to be careful because many fraudsters try to lure people into buying penny stocks that are crashing in order to make a quick buck. But while there are many traps in the penny stock world, there are legitimate penny stocks out there that while risky could actually earn you a fortune. Agora Financial, a newsletter publication company has information about them that their new author, Tim Sykes writes about.

Sykes is a little different than most other authors at Agora Financial in that he didn’t really have a career on Wall Street as much as he was an outsider who became self-taught at day trading. He would later start his own hedge fund but then became an independent blogger and decided to travel around and teach other people about independent investing. But he still is passionate about penny stocks and helps his Agora Financial readers find good ones through his current newsletters which can be found on the company website.

So why is Agora Financial a newsletter company you should pay attention to? They have been proven to be reliable over the years covering financial situations around the world and predicting events before most other mainstream media news sources have. Their parent company, The Agora Inc. is where their newsletters have originated from with their first one, “Strategic Investment” hitting circulation around 1984. But since then they’ve become a huge source for unconventional news and advice that has helped many middle class investors in ways that most other publications won’t.

Agora Financial is able to get the stories others won’t because they have investigative teams out in the field getting in live data. They were among the first to see events such as the dot-com bubble, the rise in gold of 2003, the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, the recession of 2008 and the stock market boom of 2017. They publish both premium and free newsletters that are easy to signup for, and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Equities First Holdings, Brilliant Company

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Equities First Holdings is a financial company that is recognized as a leader in the lending industry. Equities First Holdings has been actively in business since 2002. Every since the company opened, they have never had ties with the government. Since Equities First Holdings is in several countries, not have ties with the government is a huge benefit for the company. Equities First Holdings has offices located in South Africa, the Untied Kingdom, Hong Kong, and many other locations as well.

One of Equities First Holdings’ most successful office locations is in London. Within a period of five years, Equities First Holdings’ London location has distributed more than $45 million dollars in completed transactions at the location. In addition, Equities First Holdings also has been experiencing tons of success at their other locations. This has encouraged Equities First Holdings to peruse opening more locations throughout the world.

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