Is WEN Worth It?

Putting conditioner on your hair before shampooing may just sound like the craziest thing since cappuccino flavored potato chips. Well, this is 2016 and times have changed. Wen hair by Chaz Dean has paved the way for cleansing conditioners, and Emily McClure has tried the product on for size to give us a look at the results.
Emily has fine hair, which does mean WEN hair could weigh it down much easier than for someone with thick, coarse locks. This was one of her concerns with the conditioner, though at the end of her trial, she did seem to enjoy the product. She also noted that you may be washing your hair a bit more frequently because of the nourishing oils coating your hair. Overall it seems that WEN is worth a shot, if not for a daily shampoo, for a weekly conditioning treatment.

Added thickness was one of the major perks Emily noticed while testing out WEN. With just one use, her and her friends could see and feel and definite difference in the state of her hair. Shine was another added bonus, but could border on oily without a daily rinse. Trying out WEN Hair ( could take your locks to a whole new level, so those late night infomercials aren’t lying!

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