David Osio: Davos Financial Group Founder & CEO

Davd Osio graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, one of the leading universities in Venezuela and Latin America, with specialties in Advanced Management Program as well as Banking Law. His career started in 1981 as a CEO and president of OPED enterprise tasked with coffee exports. He also held an executive position at LETCO Commercial Firms and was responsible for marketing programs for various industrial products in the United States.

David Osio joined the MGO law firm in Caracas in 1984. This was the starting point of his experience in banking law. During his era at MGO, he dealt with corporate clients including the Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Osio came to occupy a leadership position at the Private Banking Division in Miami given his outstanding career and deep banking knowledge. In 1993, David ventured into his own business and founded the Davos Financial Group which is dedicated to financial advice provision.

David Osio, a successful businessman, and investor strives to make a difference in the world through his numerous charitable efforts. He is widely known for his support for medical research, art, music, and the community as a whole.

For over 20 years, David Osio has collaborated with many non-profit organizations that support art, people, and culture in communities where his business develops. For this reason, he continues to expand his charitable support to many organizations in the world.

He has been noted to support the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for as long as he has served as its board member. He said that he annually supports the group because it is rewarding to see such icon in foundations like MISO to stay in operation all-year-long and give back to the community.

Mr. David Osio is a supporter of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation as a traditional EPK sponsor every year. When it comes to children’s medical research, every bit counts. His main hope is that one day the wealthy class will look down and see the need to support the sick children due to lack of funds to cater for their treatment expenses.

Mr. David Osio is known as the founder and Chief Executive of Davos Financial Group. He has led the company towards its position in international and domestic trades. He has also facilitated an increase in the business’s income levels. He has also facilitated geographical expansion to strategic cities including New York, Panama City, Miami, Lisbon, and Geneva.

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