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Wen By Chaz Is A Hot Hair Care Product

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Sometimes it seems that there is nothing a woman can do with her hair to make it look nice. She might try everything in the store to give her hair some life to it to no avail. After spending a small fortune on hair care products, she ends up throwing them out in the garbage because they don’t work at all. Since this happens to a lot of women, they need to know what product they can use that will work on their hair. This product is Wen hair by Chaz Dean.

Wen By Chaz Is A Hair Care Product That Works

WEN hair by Chaz was created for women with all different types of hair. This means that it will work on oily, dry, think or fine hair. Problem hair is no problem for Wen by Chaz. The results will be good, and they will be quick. A woman will see a dramatic improvement in the way her hair looks and behaves. She will be able to style it a lot easier, and it will by shiny and soft to the touch.

Is It Hard To Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product?

No, it is very easy to use. The Wen by Chaz hair care product is all in one bottle. It is a shampoo and a conditioner, and it is easily applied. A woman just needs to lather up and rinse it out, and she will see how nice it will make her hair look and feel. Using Wen by Chaz, will give her hair a new and improved look.

For many women, hair care needs used to be a problem. That was before Wen by Chaz came around. Now women have healthy hair, and they love it. It makes them feel great knowing their hair looks good. Need Wen hair care? Order a bottle on or using this link: today.


Getting Gooee Smart Lighting Features

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Smart lighting is a great option for people who want to cut electricity costs each and every month in their homes. It is also a great option for business owners who want to be able to decrease the amount that they spend on their electric bill by having more intelligent lighting with in the office. One of the main things you will find with Gooee smart lighting is that it offers a great option for people all over the world and it allows you to have greater control over all of the electric each and every day. One of the main benefits to using smart lighting is that it actually turns itself off if it senses that the room it is in has enough light in it already.

If you are interested in making the switch to Smart lighting, it is a good idea for you to use a company known as Gooee because of the different types of lighting features and options that they have available to the average person. This is a great option for so many individuals and can be exactly what you need when it comes to getting the most from this particular option. Switching over to Gooee Smart lighting also does not require you to hire an electrician or get a professional involved that can cost even more money out of your budget, since you can do everything yourself right from the comfort of your own home or office all by yourself and with your own two hands.

Thor Halvorssen Receiving Death Threats From Kim Jong Un

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Thor Halvorssen is willing to suffer for his beliefs. He has been beaten black and blue for his outspoken advocacy of a Chinese political prisoner known as Liu Xiaobo.

He has been threatened by unilateral dictators around the world including Kim Jong Un. In fact, the supreme leader of North Korea even threatened the man’s life when Thor Halvorssen was actively working to undermine the dictator.

The threats came in 2013 when Thor Halvorssen took his Human Rights Foundation to the border towns of South Korea. The human rights activist was releasing balloons in hopes that they would carry over the border into North Korea.

The balloons were filled with informational materials and DVDs. The hope was that the citizens of North Korea would find this information, see how life worked outside of their own bubble, and would revolt against its supreme leader.

2013 was a testy time for North Korea. The Sony Corporation in the United States was set to release the movie The Interview. The movie showed to idiot party boys invited to North Korea in order to give an interview of the supreme leader. These frat boys would attempt an assassination which would eventually prove successful. Kim Jong Un didn’t like the idea of the movie and ordered his country to hack Sony. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The hack of Sony was the largest corporate hack in the history of the world. It got the entire world paying attention to North Korea for just a moment and Thor Halvorssen jumped on the opportunity. The 39-year-old founder of the Human Rights Foundation tried to use the pop-culture momentum in order to enlighten the world of the human rights violations taking place inside of North Korea.

According to , and the death threats did not scare Thor Halvorssen. In fact, death threats seem to be a part of his family’s life. His own mother was shot during a political protest in New York City when Thor Halvorssen was just a young boy.

As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorssen enlisted the aid of Amnesty International to release his father from a Venezuelan prison. He had been held captive for 74 days as a political prisoner.

Kevin Seawright – A Visionary for the Youth

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Have you ever thought seriously about how the values your parents instilled in you when you were younger can help you succeed in life? Kevin Seawright is a perfect example of this. At an early age, his parents introduced the values of mentorship and financial stewardship, values that he practices diligently to date.

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative strategist, specializing in business operations. He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin recently received Executive Leadership Certification from University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business.

For the past 13 years, Kevin Seawright has built a reputation as an effective business leader with a gift for developing good relationships with his staff and peers. He has succeeded in transforming various corporate processes within the companies where he has worked. He has also used his financial expertise to better the lives of local communities.

The Summer Youth Employment Plan was his latest achievement. Kevin Seawright collaborated with NewarkWorks and other leading businesspeople and companies in the Newark area to help the Newark youth get summer jobs. The program run for six weeks, starting July 5, 2016. This program was open to Newark student residents and aims to boost college graduation rates in the local community.

Students who enrolled in this program got the chance to experience on-the-job training. They also received lectures on empowerment, as well as financial literacy and college readiness. The financial literacy sessions were provided by two leading banks, Santander Bank and TD Bank. The program participants were paid each a minimum wage for each student.

Kevin Seawright has proved that he is not just an asset to the corporate world, but also the local communities. He is an Advisory Member of the Babe Ruth Museum, as well as a coach for youth sports teams. Kevin has also aided in construction and renovation of local schools.

Beyond the boardroom and the corporate deals, Kevin has proved to us that the future of the country lies in educating and empowering the youth. That is where his passion lies. Let us all follow his example.

Taking Your Look to another Level with WEN Cleansing Conditioner

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Chaz Dean fit into the group of people with proofs, and only people with proofs deserve follower-ship. Here is a man any woman will fall for; even most men will wish they have half the look he is blessed with. I only had to see him once to be convinced he knows what it takes to treat and protect any brand of hair. I got charmed by the moisture, strength, radiance and beauty of his hair. Little wonder his is in the business of helping people achieve the type of hair they have always long for.

Dean is simply revolutionizing hair-washing with his 5-in-1 formula product. WEN takes the place of your conditioner, shampoo, detangler, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner. It is a non-foaming lotion that detangles, washes, hydrates, nourishes, softens, “de-frizzes”, protects and even “volumises” your hair. Your hair retains its natural oil without any trace of harsh sulfates or lather found in a number of ordinary shampoos.

Now is the time to think facial hair cleansing. Wen hair makes it very simple; you only need to massage the product into your hair. A product, conditioning and gentle enough in itself, and could make you ditch whatever conditioner afterwards.

WEN leaves your hair in superb condition both in the long and short run. It lifts sebum, impurities and dirt without leaving your hair dried out. Its plant oil components works like face cleansing oils by helping to sooth hair gently.

Several customers with colored hair have called to say WEN is the best product they ever used. It is no surprise because WEN has no detergent content, so it does not strip hair. It helps color to remain for much longer time than conventional shampoo could guaranteed. This product is also the best choice for people with tick frizzy hair as it will make it much glossier.

With a 60-day-money-back guarantee, you can’t ask for more, so book your order today. Visit eBay or Guthy-Renker to order.

Wen Hair Facebook:

The entrepreneurial exploits of Eric Pulier

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Before Eric started ServiceMesh, Inc, he was the president and also the cloud manager for the Computer Services Corporation. He then moved on and co-founded ServiceMesh, a company for which he acts as both the CEO and chairman to. It is through his leadership that IT has been provided by the company both to their clients and externally.

Eric Pulier is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey, had an interest in computers from a really tender age. When he was in the fourth grade, he was already doing some basic level of computer programming. It was after he went to high school that he started his own computer company. However, he had a passion for language, which is why he joined Harvard where he studied English and Literature. When he was a student at the university, he served both as the editor and columnist to the Harvard Crimson.

His passion for literature and the arts did not dissuade him from pursuing his first love, computer programming. This is why he combined his classes with studies at the MIT. He graduated in 1988 with honors. He did a few jobs before he decided to move to California and set up his own company. He hoped that he could use technology to resolve the problems that are common in education, health care provision and other services. Three years later, he started the Digital evolution, an interactive agency. One of his great achievements was the StarBright community that he created where terminally ill kids can meet and share their experiences.

He was noticed as a rising star two decades ago. He was part of the 1997 Al Gore forum on health care and technology. He advised the then vice president on the matters that related to technology’s role in the healthcare industry. Eric has also taken part in the Clinton global initiative.

His training in Harvard hasn’t gone to waste either as he has written quite a number of books. This includes Understanding Enterprise SOA. The book focuses on the creation of architecture that is oriented towards excellence in service delivery. His achievements so far are an indication that he will be a force to reckon with in the coming years.

For more information please visit


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Born in the early fifties, Adam Milstein is one of the most recognized Jews in the world. Adam was born to a real estate developer (explains his deep root in real estate) father and a home maker mom, Adam spent the early parts of his life in Kiryat Yam and Kiryat Motzkin where his parents moved to after marrying.

According to Hasbara Fellowships, Adam Milstein served as part of the mandatory service in the Israel Defence Forces which gave him an opportunity to serve in the Yom Kippur war in 1973. After serving the military, he joined college and graduated with a Bachelors Science degree in business and economics. During this time, young Adam started helping his father in managing his real estate development project where he learned a lot and ventured into the business, serving as one of his major income earning as we speak.

He also has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Carolina. This, he got in 1983 after moving to America in 1981, where he also got a job as a sales agent in commercial real estate. He is happily married to one Gila Elgrably and together is blessed with three lovely daughters, two of which are Meray and Lyron. He also has two grandchildren and together lives quietly in Encino CA.


Mr. Adam oversees disposition, financing, and accounting at Hager Pacific Properties, where he is a managing partner. The company is involved in real estate. He is also the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israel-American Council.

Together with his wife Gila, they have founded two foundations; Sifriyat Pijama B ‘America, which supports over 70 Israeli-Jewish American families living in the United States by donating free monthly Hebrew books. The other foundation is the Adam Milstein Family Foundation, which sponsors students and young professionals of Jewish roots with education and opportunities.

Adam also sits on various boards like Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Birth Right Israel, Israel on Campus Coalition and American Israel Public Affairs Committee just but to mention a few.

Adam was named by the Jerusalem Post as No.39 in most influential Jews alongside other Israel heads like Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and US Senator Charles Schumer among others.

Dick DeVos Philanthropic Activities

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Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. She started getting involved in politics when she was in campus, and she has remained active for many years. For three decades, she had been in charge of several campaigns, political action campaigns and party organizations. She serves as the chairman of a party known as Michigan Republican for six years. She is a re-owned reformer, and the tendency runs in the family.


Her husband, Dick was once a nominee for the Republican Party for the gubernatorial race in Michigan. The family has also done very well in business. The family has a company, known as Amway. Dick serves as the president of the company for almost ten years. When he was the president, he was in charge of all the company operations. Amway has done very well since it was started, and it currently operates in fifty nations and six continents. The company is considered to be one of the most successful in the world.


When Dick DeVos was the president of the international company, it reported huge sales, amounting to almost five billion. Before becoming the president of this company, Dick was the Vice President of Amway International. Amway managed to open several new markets and even tripled the international sales thanks to his leadership skills.


Apart from being very successful in business, Dick is very active in philanthropic activities. The businessman is also a leader in several communities in the United States. Dick DeVos is the founder of Education Freedom Fund, an organization that helps children from less fortunate families to access education. Under his leadership, the charitable organization has awarded more than four thousand scholarship to children from poor families in Michigan.


Dick DeVos is also the leader and founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school was started with the main aim of providing better educational programs, focusing on aviation. With the help of his family, the school has transformed the lives of many young people in Michigan. Due to his love for education, the businessman was also appointed to serve as he State Board of Education.


Dick DeVos is the chairman of several revitalization and regional healthcare improvement Grand Rapids in the country. Some of these include: $ 75 downtown arena, $130M heart hospital and many others.


The businessman is also an author. One of his books, published in 1997 is one of the most selling books in New York City. The book, titled Rediscovering American Values is available for consumers in seven languages.

Lifestyle Vlogger Wengie Breaks Down Ten Period Hacks All Girls Should Know

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Wengie, the beauty and lifestyle vlogger and YouTuber, talks periods in this hack video. She gets a little TMI in this video, but that’s hardly out of the ordinary for Wengie!


Of course, all people who menstruate know that “that time of the month” can be at best a hindrance and at worst an actual nightmare. So knowing the best of the best for hacking your period is a must.


Wengie talks about diet in her video, which can play an important part in managing things like cramps. Calcium has been shown to help, which can be found in milk and lots of veggies, which Wengie recommends. Dark chocolate can also help alleviate cramps – and, of course, cravings!


On the other side of the coin, removing certain things from your diet can also help. Caffeine actually ups the hormones that cause cramps, so switching out your coffee or normal caffeinated beverage during your period can lessen cramps.


She also demonstrates how to make a reusable heating pad using rice and some fabric. She recommends leaving the heating pad only about three-quarters full to make it more flexible and contouring.


And of course, anyone with a period knows that stains and accidents are inevitable, but stains can be removed using ice cold water (don’t use hot!) and laundry detergent. Another helpful tip for dealing with stains is to simply have a set of period undies, preferably in dark colors, that you simply don’t care about ruining. The dark colors won’t show stains as much either.


Wengie also talks about desperate times, like going someplace where you can take a bag. For these situations, she has two solutions: tucking products into your bra or double-lining your underwear with two pads by placing on top of the other so that you can just take the top one off, toss it, and be ready to go.