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Securus technologies’ video visitation can be helpful this Christmas

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Do you have a relative in any correctional facility around the United States? Would you want to spend a little time with him/her this Christmas or during other special occasions? You would probably want your whole family to be there and celebrate together, with the one reprimanded included. It is impossible to do this by personally visiting the inmate. Logistics won’t allow for this. This is because a lot of unnecessary expenses may be wasted traveling to the prison with family members. The time spent traveling to and fro is also a lot. Furthermore, there is only a limited number of people that can visit the inmate at a go.

Well, you don’t have to worry about how you will go about it this Christmas. Securus Technologies has the solution. The tech firm is responsible for the numerous technological advancements that have been made in the numerous correctional activities across the country. Based in Dallas, the company has come up with a multi-million project that seeks to equip correctional facilities with video equipment. The funds have been used to acquire and install the equipment, and to also set up the connections needed. The technology has come under scrutiny by various people. It seemingly bears a lot of advantages when compared to personal visits.

This technology is set to revolutionize prison facilities and the way families interact with their incarcerated loved ones. More family members will be able to interact with the inmates at a go. The system also enhances the security at the facility as the chances of contraband items being sneaked into the facility is reduced. This improves security within the facility. To top to this, the productivity of prison staff is also improved. Video visitation saves time and allows the staff to focus on other prison activities more.

About Securus Technologies

The tech powerhouse has been instrumental in improving prison facilities and activities in terms of technology. Recently, the company received an A+ BBB accreditation. This is to mean that the services provided by the company are almost perfect. There are only but a few local companies in the area that have received such a rating from the BBB. Such a rating isn’t easy to obtain as several factors are put into consideration. Such factors include how the company interacts with its customers, the feedback that the company’s performance is getting from its customers among much more.

JustFab’s Recent Name Change to TechStyle

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JustFab Inc., the leading subscription fashion company, revealed a new corporate identity-TechStyle Fashion Group. This new identity summarizes the company’s roots in technology while signaling its evolution from local online shopping to a global brand platform with over 4 million VIP members as loyal customers who buy their all-inclusive brands: FabKids, Fabletics, JustFab, and Shoe Dazzle, now known as TechStyle.

When Adam Goldenberg Co-CEO and co-founder Don Ressler created JustFab, their goal was to change the way people shopped by delivering high-value trendy fashion. The company has transformed into a great brand-building policy, driven by data and personalization. The refreshed brand has had a rapid growth for the last six years and has quietly become a giant in online design, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer.

About TechStyle Fashion Group; Formerly JustFab Inc

JustFab is a fashion and lifestyle enterprise created in 2010. It offers personalized buying experience to its clients globally, including 4 million celebrity shoppers, through a collection of attire and shoe lines. TechStyle Fashion brands can be found in the US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

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In 2014 JustFab raised $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation
JustFab closed $85 million of funding in 2014; the company’s co-founder Adam Goldenberg confirmed it at the time. The fund-drive was led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund and participation from investors; Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Ventures. Sources close to the fashion brand confirmed that the round approved a $1 billion valuation.

Recent news involving Fabletics
Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market is quite an achievement. Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business empire in just three years. Part of the growth is attributed to the ‘active wear’ faction it launched a while back. Fabletics uses subscriptions to push sales to sell to its customers. Customers like available, aspirational brands that push the individual a little. This move, mixed with membership, have a dominant market combination.

This year JustFab and Fabletics have made moves to be all-inclusive as far as sizing goes

Starting a business and bringing it to success is one thing, but ensuring that it is going to have a successful run for a long time is another feat altogether. This is what Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have crafted into their business and made it into a mega company. JustFab’s success addresses a need and desire. People have a need for clothes that makes them feel valuable.

Many people would love to wear clothes what they see celebrities wear. However, these clothes cost a lot of money. Adam Goldenberg helps to provide ordinary folk with the same type of stylish clothes at a subsidized price, with an online business platform that allows people to find their choice of clothing, and also get freebies based on the purchases made.

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Online Reputation News

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Before the advent of the rise of the internet, sharing, posting, and creating websites was seemingly a “free for all”. Today, however, college admissions, universities, and even employers often take the time to review potential candidates’ qualifications using the internet medium to do so. Working with an online reputation management service provides additional outlets to ensure you are properly managed online from a search engine stance to business credibility.

Authority and Credibility

Having online reputation management is one of the easiest ways to monitor and change the way your social media and website presence currently showcases the products or services you have to offer. When you have a reputation management team on your side, it is much easier to stick to the brand you have developed to create content that flows with the message you are trying to get across.

Expanding Visibility

Online visibility is a major factor to consider, whether your business is strictly shared online or if you are a local store attempting to reach out to potential customers who live within your vicinity. suggests utilizing the proper message to push forth with any demographic or target audience you want to appeal to, an online reputation management service can help you avoid being “out of touch” with those who are looking for a company or service similar to yours.

Online Marketing Strategy Advantages

Once you have an idea of your branding and the visuals you want to share with passersby or current customers, it is then even more useful to have an online repuation management service to coordinate social media comments, attacks, and other issues that may arise (regardless of how large or small your business is itself). Incorporating some of the tactics advised by an online reputation management service is essential to keep business on track without posting random and irrelevant updates that are not useful for sharing with potential customers. Instead, creating the right type of PR direction, graphic direction, and overall news directions is highly advisable to avoid extreme criticism or threats to your business and its overall well-being, regardless of the type of shop or store you run.