JustFab’s Recent Name Change to TechStyle

JustFab Inc., the leading subscription fashion company, revealed a new corporate identity-TechStyle Fashion Group. This new identity summarizes the company’s roots in technology while signaling its evolution from local online shopping to a global brand platform with over 4 million VIP members as loyal customers who buy their all-inclusive brands: FabKids, Fabletics, JustFab, and Shoe Dazzle, now known as TechStyle.

When Adam Goldenberg Co-CEO and co-founder Don Ressler created JustFab, their goal was to change the way people shopped by delivering high-value trendy fashion. The company has transformed into a great brand-building policy, driven by data and personalization. The refreshed brand has had a rapid growth for the last six years and has quietly become a giant in online design, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer.

About TechStyle Fashion Group; Formerly JustFab Inc

JustFab is a fashion and lifestyle enterprise created in 2010. It offers personalized buying experience to its clients globally, including 4 million celebrity shoppers, through a collection of attire and shoe lines. TechStyle Fashion brands can be found in the US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

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In 2014 JustFab raised $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation
JustFab closed $85 million of funding in 2014; the company’s co-founder Adam Goldenberg confirmed it at the time. The fund-drive was led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund and participation from investors; Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Ventures. Sources close to the fashion brand confirmed that the round approved a $1 billion valuation.

Recent news involving Fabletics
Succeeding in the fashion e-commerce market is quite an achievement. Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business empire in just three years. Part of the growth is attributed to the ‘active wear’ faction it launched a while back. Fabletics uses subscriptions to push sales to sell to its customers. Customers like available, aspirational brands that push the individual a little. This move, mixed with membership, have a dominant market combination.

This year JustFab and Fabletics have made moves to be all-inclusive as far as sizing goes

Starting a business and bringing it to success is one thing, but ensuring that it is going to have a successful run for a long time is another feat altogether. This is what Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have crafted into their business and made it into a mega company. JustFab’s success addresses a need and desire. People have a need for clothes that makes them feel valuable.

Many people would love to wear clothes what they see celebrities wear. However, these clothes cost a lot of money. Adam Goldenberg helps to provide ordinary folk with the same type of stylish clothes at a subsidized price, with an online business platform that allows people to find their choice of clothing, and also get freebies based on the purchases made.

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