Dick DeVos Looks To Develop A Better Future For The Future Of The People Of The U.S.

The philanthropic work of Dick DeVos is an area I have become increasingly pleased to read about as I have been seeking new ways of discovering more about this impressive Michigan based business leader. My own understanding of the philanthropy undertaken by Dick DeVos comes through the work of his wife, Betsy, the newly installed U.S. Secretary of Education in the Administration of President Trump. During the nomination process of Mrs. DeVos the committee was presented with recent tax records for the DeVos family showed over the course of the year with around $12 million in donations made to various groups and good causes dedicated to improving the lives of others across Michigan and the U.S. as a whole.


Many of the good causes I have seen Dick DeVos linked with are listed in an article by MLive detailing the philanthropic work of Dick Devos and now Secretary Betsy DeVos. In total, Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided philanthropic funding of around $139 million to various good causes that show the interests and ideas the family believe are important in modern society. One are I believe to be important from the Northwood University graduate has been his recent decision to include the next generation of the DeVos family in the philanthropic choices made by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation; the inclusion of his own children in the latest deciaiosns made for the foundation is a major source of concern for the Dick DeVos, who believes the inclusion of a fresh set of eyes on the causes backed by the Foundation is of major importance if it is to survive and prosper long into the future.


I beieve the ability of Dick DeVos to provide a greater level of success for himself and the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan is just the latest sign of a leader who has always been at the heart of the success of his local community. Although he was born into the successful DeVos family headed by patriarch Richard Devos, founder of the AmWay Group, Dick DeVos decided to go his own way and left the family business to go his own way with the formation of The Windquest Group; upon returning to the AmWay company, Dick DeVos proved himself to myself and his fellow executives by turning the much neglected international sales department into the main area of profit for the company in just six short years. In both his business and philanthropic work I have been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has managed to combine all his important roles to keep AmWay at the top of its industry as then President Dick DeVos took up a role as a member of the Michigan Board of Education as he oversaw a complete overhaul of the workings of the AmWay Group.


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