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How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have Enabled Hispanic Immigrants to have better lives in the U.S

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are renowned Arizona-based journalists who have been fighting for the rights of Hispanic immigrants in the United States for many years. They own Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, which are trusted news outlets.

In the past, the journalists wrote several stories about how the then sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, abused his power by harassing Mexican immigrants across the state. The stories made the sheriff order for their arrest in October 2007. The detention of Michael and Jim was illegal since the sheriff department did not have a valid warrant.

They filed a lawsuit against the Joe Arpaio and his deputies for violating their rights. In 2013, they were awarded a settlement fee of $3.75 million, and they used it in founding the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They have been using the charity organization to fund groups and individuals who advocate for civil, human, and immigrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The foundation is a benefactor of the Aliento, which is an organization that was established by undocumented youths who live in Arizona. It has been using art and campaigns in improving the lives of the Hispanic community.

The group has also been striving to protect the Arizona-based immigrants who are under the DACA programs. It is committed to defending the DACA plan in Arizona and other American states.

Aliento empowers DACA-eligible individuals by addressing issues that are based on immigration, providing leadership training, healing, and pro-educational programs. It is currently planning for a retreat that will be held in two states to inform beneficiaries and activist of the DACA program about their rights.

Aliento is committed to working with DREAMers to make sure that young people are encouraged to make sure that immigrant children and their families are supported by politicians. It has also been motivating Arizona-based schools, businesses, and churches to support the dreams of the Hispanic youths.

Reyna Montoya, who is Aliento’s founder, believes that the Trump administration has been harsh to immigrants and DACA beneficiaries are no longer assured of their future in the United States.

The policies of President Trump have made more than one million DACA-eligible and undocumented youths to fights for their rights in the United States. The government may decide to close the DACA program, and therefore, many immigrants will be deported.

Arizona also has several laws that target undocumented immigrants by denying them the chance to have driving licenses and also join higher learning institutions. Because of this legislations, only 7 percent of the undocumented Mexican immigrants have joined U.S colleges and universities. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Fundación México also receives donations from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The main offices of the organization are located in southern Arizona. Fundación México is devoted to providing private scholarships to DACA-eligible youths who excel academically.

The high tuition fee that has been set for undocumented individuals in Arizona has made it difficult for them to join higher learning institutions. These people are also blocked from being beneficiaries of public funds. Immigrants have had to set up private scholarship programs to support their children.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – New Philanthropists for Civil Rights

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to pursue a career as journalist, they knew that one day they may have to battle political opponents. This was always the type of journalism they had in mind, even dating back to college, where they created a newsletter to combat the school’s own conservative publication.

It wasn’t long until they dropped out of college to chance their success in the real newspaper industry. Jim Larkin landed a job at The Phoenix New Times and it wasn’t long until he, alongside Michael Lacey, purchased the paper. As owners of The Phoenix New Times they began to pursue Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Even before Lacey and Larkin focused their writing on Arpaio, the sheriff’s immoral actions were already well-known locally. In 1993, Arpaio opened Tent City, a facility that he described as a concentration camp. Reports of beatings and torture circulated through local sources.

While investing Arpaio’s assets, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin caught the sheriff’s attention. Eventually, Arpaio subpoenaed the newspaper for information about its editors, writers, and readers. Lacey and Larkin decided to publish the contents of the subpoena in their paper. That’s when Arpaio sent in his officers to make the arrest.

After years of civil litigation, Lacey and Larkin were awarded nearly 4 million dollars.

They have decided to put the cash to good use by creating a new publication and donating to charity.

Front Page Confidential was created to replace Phoenix New Times, which Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sold. Their new publication is a more focused paper. The goal-oriented Front Page Confidential publishes strictly material that could be categorized as politically motivated. It publishes material of such subjects as civil rights, migrant rights, and political corruption.

Lacey and Larkin have also become quite the philanthropists through their new foundation called The Frontera Fund. They assist wide range of different charities in Arizona and surrounding states.


Breakthrough for Bones with Cameron Clokie in Toronto

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Although Cameron Clokie’s name is not among the most well-known surgeon names at this point, the recognition is growing. This scientists and specialist who works with innovation in dental surgery are becoming more and more recognised because of his work.

Bone Growth for Surgery

His method of bone regeneration is still new, but it is becoming better known. Peter Russell had the treatment after a tumour was removed from his jaw. He was one of the only eight patients to receive bone re-growth treatment. It changed his face, but it also changed his life. It is the future of face reconstructing surgery and the methods surgeons use.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie uses a protein which teaches stem cells to become a bone tissue, and it came into existence after careful research and a lot of work. He has called it winding up the skeletal clock of the jaw when it stops. It makes bones grow as they do in newborns and children.

It is a significant development in reconstructing body parts because it usually is an excruciating process. Is used to require taking the bone and tissue from one place in the body to fill another. The healing process after a traditional surgery is painful and long, but Cameron Clokie’s method could revolutionise the whole process.

Talent and Future Research

Dr Clokie works as an oral surgeon and fills the role of CEO of Indulgence Biologics Inc. It is a company that works and researches regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal reconstruction.

His working life is now over three decades long, and Dr Clokie is as passionate as ever about the new possibilities. Research in medicine and new technology is making some significant breakthroughs. It is also now more affordable and easier to find than before.

Induce Biologics said that studied at McGill University and received his Doctoral degree in 1985. He also contributes to the academic side of dental practice by publishing papers and conducting research himself.

He is also a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto teaching the next generation of dentists and dental surgeons to one day to surpass him and go further in science, research and healing ability.

He knows how important education is and this research wouldn’t be possible if he weren’t a highly skilled academic and practitioner himself.

Omar Yunes Wins International Franchise Award

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Omar Yunes is a very popular businessman who is currently based in Mexico. The businessman is respected because of his accomplishments in the business world. At the moment, Omar is the proud owner of thirteen franchise locations that are found in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. The investments have earned him a lot of wealth making him one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the country.

When he was at the age of twenty-one, Omar acquired his first franchise. The franchise under his possessions represents a Japanese restaurant food chain that is known as Sushi Itto, and they currently represent ten percent of all the restaurants in the food chain. Just recently, the successful businessman was awarded because of his numerous accomplishments in the world. A report indicates that Omar Yunes was given the Best Franchise of the World award. The award was issued to him when he attended the prestigious ceremony that was held in France.

While accepting the respected award, the businessman said that his employees had played a leading role in his success, and they were the people who made him get it. According to him, the four hundred employees have been working around the clock to make everything possible. These professionals have been managing everything in the business. The individuals are experienced and also very qualified, and they work hard to meet the demands of the customers. These professionals work as a team too so that they can achieve a common goal. Omar Yunes says that the employees have been committed to their various responsibilities making him get the award.

Sushi Itto has several individuals who are responsible for the leadership. Benjamin Cancelmo is currently the chief executive director of the successful food chain, and he says that Omar Yunes deserved to get the award. According to him, Omar was on the front line offering the best customer care services and excellent food. The taste of the food attracts customers from all over the world,and the businessman has also been working hard to make improvements in different areas so that the company can remain on top.

How Richard Mishaan Design Dominates an Industry

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There are more designers in New York than probably anywhere else in the United States. Among them all one company stands tall, Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan Design was founded by Richard Mishaan himself over 25 years ago. Moving to America from Bogota, Mishaan brought with him an interesting perspective on just what high end clients would want out of their own unique rooms. Richard Mishaan has spent his entire career changing the way that people approach their designing needs — and it’s paying off.

If you want to get a taste for the art work that is Richard Mishaan Design’s work then you need to take a trip down to Bogota, Colombia. Mishaan has a building there that was designed head to toe to essentially showcase his design beliefs — the Cartagena House. Located off of the coast of the Caribbean, the Cartagena house mixes in modernism with old world architecture. You can walk through a room and see 500 year old wooden beams enmeshed perfectly with modern furniture. You can walk up a 16th century staircase design and end up in a room that would fit in with a New York city sky rise suite.

The Cartagena home is a three story building that Richard Mishaan Design put in the work so that the world could see just what Mishaan had in mind. You can see the work done at the Cartagena house in person or you can pick up a Richard Mishaan Design book — “Artfully Modern”. Mishaan knows that people are reluctant to try something new so he showcases his talents and wins them over like so.

The beauty of a Richard Mishaan designed home is that they are all unique. Mishaan designs his buildings to cater to his clients, not his personal style. The results?A surging business and happy clients around the globe.

Gregory Aziz – More Than Trains

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Perhaps You’ve Hard-cooked, Friend – Let National Steel Car CEO Show You How It’s Done

Yes, it’s true that hard-working CEO, James Aziz – or Greg James Aziz – is at the top of the railroad industry. He is known for his commitment, his lasting success and his ability to lead any time. This does not, however, imply that he does not like to have a little fun on the side and “let loose” with a few weekend hobbies, such as cooking. In fact, let him share a few of his tips when it comes to cooking those eggs “just right”:

Perhaps you’ve hard-cooked any egg only to find a green ring around its yolk after you crack it open. Here is what happened as well as what you can do to fix this, according to Mary Torell, a Public Information Officer for Nebraska’s Department of Agriculture, Poultry and Eggs:

Any greenish-gray ring can appear around hard-cooked egg yolk. It is unsightly, yet harmless. The ring’s caused by chemical reactions involving sulfur through the egg’s whites and iron through the egg’s yolk; these naturally react to create ferrous sulfide at the very surface of the egg’s yolk. The reaction’s usually caused by overcooking, but it also caused by high amounts of iron within the cooking water.

Simply eliminate that ring by avoiding overcooking and also by cooling your eggs quickly after cooking them. Run cold water over these just-cooked eggs, or simply place them in icy water until they fully cool. Then, refrigerate your eggs inside of their shells until they’re ready for use. Hard-cooked eggs inside their shells can even be refrigerated up to a week.

A Little Secret from Gregory J Aziz – For Those Who Have Not Caught It the First Time

Here’s the secret: The green layer forms whenever the yolk reaches temperatures over 158 degrees Fahrenheit. My mother always made hard-boiled eggs by simply putting them in pans of water while bringing them to a boil and leaving them there for 10 minutes or more. Doing so will almost certainly overcook the eggs and cause this green line to rise.

A Better Way to Boil Your Eggs

The correct way for cooking those eggs is to simply put each egg in a pan with enough water to cover it. Cover the pan before bringing it to boil. Enjoy


What You Need To Know about OSI Group

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Industries are being set up on a daily basis. Some industries major on manufacturing, processing, packaging and service industries. Their aim is to provide quality products services to the market. One of the pioneer food industry is OSI Group.

OSI Group is found in Chicago and was founded in 1906 as a family meat market. Its main role in is ensuring that their clients succeed by providing them with a food solution. The OSI industry provides high quality, valuable, quantifiable food processes at optimized costa. The industry has extended its plants to various places like California, Bayern and Oakland among others. OSI industries has other operations like supplying poultry, pork, fish, pizza, beef and sauce assortment. OSI industries has employed a lot of people as clerks, quality assurance managers, supervisors, cleaners among others.

OSI Group industry has also acquired other industries. In 2016 it acquired Baho Food, it became in-charge of its stake. The OSI Group also acquired Tyson food plant for seven million. It has also acquired Flagship Europe that supplies frozen poultry, mayonnaise sauces to the United Kingdom market. Flagship acquisition was seen as a positive to the industry since it now had a range base of clients and opened to the market, OSI Group was also opened up to Europe where it had not ventured. In 2011 due to and revenues profits increase it was listed in the Forbes magazine as the 136th largest private company in the world.

OSI Group has worn many award for example the Management of health and safety risks and Environmental management awards. Recently, in 2016 it was number fifty eight on the Forbes magazine as one of the world’s largest private company as its annual revenue was equal to six billion. OSI industries won a Globe of Honor award after they attained a rating of five stars in the British Safety council. It has won the award in (2013,2014, 2016).OSI also was given a tender to supply western fast foods restaurant like Pizza Hut, Subway and star bucks. This made them gain fame in the western world. In conclusion, OSI Group has set a pace in any upcoming food industry.


Pet Food that Warms the Heart – Top 3 Beneful Commercials

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It’s so refreshing to see our pets’ personalities, especially with a little love and humor thrown in. Beneful has captured the spirit of dogs with their fun and heart-warming commercials. Here are my top 3 favorite Beneful commericals: one to laugh, one to cry, and one just to delight.

#3 “Yes, I Want to Eat!”

This commercial is incredibly addictive to watch, I laugh every time because it is just so ME. A woman is holding a tantalizing dish of Beneful Chopped Blends in front of her adorable dog and repeating, “Do you want to eat?” in the most annoying baby-talk voice ever! How many times have I spoken to my dog exactly the same way? And her poor dog is telling her yes, yes, yes he wants to eat already! It captures the love we have for our pets, and their willingness to put up with us in return! Check it out here.

#2 “You Gotta Get Cute”

This one shows us how much our dogs crave treats, and what lovable lengths they will go to to earn them. The dog tells us Beneful Break-N-Bites are worth getting cute for. Sitting and staying might earn you a bite or two, but letting a little one sleep on your tummy wins you all three bites! Precious enough to bring a tear to the eye. See it here.

#1 “Play Close”

So, we all want our dog to have fresher breath, right? This commercial for Beneful Healthy Smile is a delight to watch. We see a man getting nose to nose with his dog and mimicking the dog’s funny facial expressions, letting us know the breath is good and the relationship between the two is even better! Enjoy!

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Takes Brazils Legal Practice to Greater Heights

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The Brazilian Constitution was inaugurated in 1988. Over time, people have developed an interest in learning more about it. Aspiring lawyers in Brazil are subjected to five or six years in law school and internship. Practice starts after passing the Brazilian Bar Exam. That way you can practice in areas like tax law, contract law, class actions, or any other type of lawsuit.

As per statistics, job opportunities in the Brazilian legal practice are less than law school graduates. Lawyers are categorized into partners, associates, and interns. Partners are paid based on the revenue generated by a law firm whereas associates charge on an hourly basis. Law students are subjected to proper training and a rigorous bar examination. That helps them hone their skills in legal-related issues. Most lawyers in Brazil start their practice in the major cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In Brazil, lawyers are seen as shapers of ideas in their societies. In fact, many kids aspire to become lawyers when they grow up. As such, lawyers are a force to reckon in the Brazilian society and learn more about Ricardo.


About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an influential lawyer in Brazil. As a litigation attorney, Tosto has built an excellent reputation as a reliable attorney throughout Brazil and beyond. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s firm, Tosto e Barros Advogados, is known for depicting some of the biggest celebrities in the country. Importantly, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho views his clients as long-term partners and treats them with care as they are a valuable asset and Ricardo on Facebook.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s success came through hard work and dedication. Upon graduating from the law school, he took the bar examination and enrolled for the internship. His practice began in a private law firm before co-founding, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a prestigious law firm in Brazil. If you are looking for a reputable international trade lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho will help you navigate complex legal procedures involved in international trade. His firm has skilled professionals with the capability to help you win a litigation case and resume him.

More Visit:

The Contributions of Dr Scott Rocklage to Health Care

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Dr Scott Rocklage, a managing partner of the 5 AM Venture, has over two decades of experience in the field of healthcare management. Scott joined 5 AM Ventures back in the year 2003 as a venture partner and a year later he became a managing partner.

He is a University of California graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded him his PhD in Chemistry. He conducted his study on his Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the Richard R. Schrock laboratory in 2005.

For over 20 years, the Waltham based Chemist has made significant moves in healthcare management industry among them are eight of his investments; he accredits his success to strategic leadership responsibilities and vast experience. Currently, Dr Rocklage serves as Board Chairman of Cidara, Rennovia and Kinestral and also the boards of Epirus and Pulmatrix. Not only recognised for inventing or co-inventing over 300 U.S patents but also more than 100 peer-reviewed publications. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

Scott Rocklage also facilitated three FDA approval of U.S New Drug Applications as well as enrolled several drug candidates into clinical trials. Dr Rocklage has also served as a chairman and CEO of Cubist pharmaceuticals as well as President and CEO of Nycomed Salutary among other positions he formerly held. Learn more about Patty Rocklage:

Scott strives to bring new ideas to life working extensively with scientists, physicians and business executives to mould them into potential solutions for unsettled medical needs. Among the many contemporary scientific trends, explosive growth that is meant to cure cancer by targeting particular mutations and genotypes fascinates him.

From his own experience as an entrepreneur, Dr Rocklage believes in taking calculated risks which give one the upper hand in controlling their future. Strategically speaking, staying true to what his business is best at and focusing on its strength is what helped him grow his business.

Team selection for Scott is what builds or breaks a business venture, relatively focusing more on hiring the right person based on their fundamental nature, goals, performance and character. Personally for Scott constant time management, being well organised and prioritisation is what shaped him into the success.

OSI Group’s Largest Facility Reaches Top Safety-Quality Standard

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A meat processing plant owned by food industry giant OSI Group has reached a major milestone in the field of technical competence for biological testing.

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (AALA) certified the Oakland, Iowa, OSI plant with ISO 17025:2005 accreditation. That is the global standard for technical competence in biological testing.

The rating is difficult to achieve. According to plant quality assurance manager Dan Iverson, the process lasts at least 10 months and involves an extremely precise and exacting procedure. However, the Oakland team was able to significantly shorten the effort by bringing in an outside consultant.

Iverson said bringing in outside help brought other benefits, including “enhanced performance and professionalism” of the lab team.

Gaining AALA accreditation requires meeting standards in multiple areas. These include staff training, testing methods, measurement traceability, testing of equipment, maintenance of equipment, environment testing, food handling, quality assurance and much more.

The Oakland plant is OSI’s largest facility at 350,000 square feet. The plant was purchased by OSI in 1996. It is located about 40 miles from Omaha, Nebraska. The facility processes more than 250 varieties of cooked meat products for clients all over the world. That adds up to some 150 million pounds of food items per year.

Dan Milovanovic, OSI Senior Vice President of North American operations, said the Oakland facility’s new certification for biological testing is extremely significant because high food safety standards gives OSI major advantage over its competitors.

“If you come to OSI, you can be confident that you are going to have products produced in facilities with leading edge quality and food safety systems,” Milovanovic said. “I don’t think that you can say that about all manufacturing companies.” For more info about us: click here.

The Oakland location also undergoes as many as 12 independent quality audits a year