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A Better Way To Learn Wealth Protection With Agora Financial

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Agora Financial is a company that helps middle class working people learn how to figure out where investment markets are going, and how they can plan ahead using the advice of their analysts. Agora Financial has a list of newsletters on their website that anyone can subscribe to. Even if you’ve never taken any economic courses or know the big investing terminology, Agora Financial can explain more of it to you and give you a more in-depth look at what all the numbers mean and how you can prepare for any uncertain times and learn more about Agora Financial.

What makes Agora Financial great is they are not owned by any big banks or top 1% shareholders. They are not affiliated with any big business media outlets, and instead of simply offering speculations from the floors of a big office building, they are busy out in the field reporting on what is really happening in the markets. They do however have a track record of looking for financial bubbles and forseeing them, and since 1979 they’ve called out several events such as the dot-com bubble, the mortgage crisis, United Airlines and many others. Their team of editors and researchers include lawyers, economists, former bank advisors and even geologists and resume their.

One of Agora’s biggest research areas is in stocks that are still in their infancy stage that most other news outlets and financial journals have not yet found. Agora encourages investors to look for these stocks because they’ll usually be much cheaper than the big companies that are making all the headlines. Agora Financial also conducts independent research into precious metals and explains how they can be of high value once investors have sold them. You can also find out about different ideas and unusual business opportunities through Agora’s ideas page.

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JHFS: The Gold Standard for Real Estate in Brazil

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JHFS is one of the most well known real estate ventures in the entire country of Brazil. The company is one which is entirely family run and has been in the Neto family for three generations. The company today has grown extensively to become the superpower that it is, and has been the name behind numerous ventures and projects. JHFS has taken on various projects since the company first came into existence and today stands as a pinnacle in the real estate industry. The company has been behind the development of the different projects.The company has been behind the development of malls, airports, industrial complexes and also commercial and private buildings. Because of all the projects that the firm has taken on, they have gained a stellar reputation for being one of the best in the business.

Jos Auriemo Neto is the person who is currently leading the charge at the large company. Being the grandson of the founder of JHFS, real estate runs through his blood. By learning from his father and his grandfather as well, he has been able to attain the skills of a good real estate developer and has been able to apply that to the company, aiding its overall success. JHFS has now set the standard for real estate in Brazil, and a lot of that credit can be given to Jos Auriemo Neto and the work that he has put into the company.

After completing his education at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, Jos Auriemo Neto moved to New York and started working in the real estate industry there. When he came back to his family company, he knew that international expansion would be one of the things that he had to implement. Keeping that in mind, he decided to purchase a few spaces in the Big Apple and turn them into fully furnished apartments. The company plans to lease out these apartments to potential clients, and not sell them as part of the business plan that the business has in place. This has helped the company expand beyond what anyone would have ever imagined.

PodcastOne and its new Mobile Software

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Just recently, PodcastOne introduced mobile software that assists listeners in enjoying the audio programs of the network in new ways. The software adds 360-degree video recordings and also a number of different interactive social functions. Users can benefit from the ability to communicate easily with fellow listeners and hosts. PodcastOne has announced that that it will offer the application for free on App store by Apple, Google Play as well as its website. The new mobile software comes with many features that allow people to watch and hear many different shows. The listeners can also contribute to the show’s discussions regarding specific programs. Learn more:

The new application offers access to intriguing photographs and popular articles that cannot be found anywhere in the internet. Listeners can also answer survey questions as well as send personal messages to their fellow listeners. According to PodcastOne, it has managed to integrate its reward system into this new mobile software. The app allows members to accumulate points and later exchange them for many different bonus services and features. Members can also use the earnings to get discounts on products, watch other exclusive material and also view specific virtual-reality programs. PodcastOne has managed to establish a partnership with Mandt VR in order to come up with high-quality videos in 360-degree and virtual reality formats.

PodcastOne and Mandt VR have already managed to come up with more than 1,000 video recordings. This huge library allows members to experience their favorite podcasts in a good manner since they can start accessing the footage as soon as possible. Each week, Mandt VR and PodcastOne add more content to their collection. Programs featured include The Adam Carolla Show, Koy Pond, Adam & Drew, Forbes Under 30, Laila Ali Lifestyle, Dr. Drew, Geffen Playhouse Unscripted and You’re Welcome. The new mobile software allows members to watch a live show and events in new ways. The videos can be viewed from any location provided there is internet connectivity.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne and serves as its CEO and Chairman. He also started Westwood One, a network that supplies, sports, and talk, entertainment, as well as news shows to radio stations all over the country. Pattiz was appointed and later reappointed to the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors by both President Clinton and Bush. When it comes to the radio broadcasting industry, Norman Pattiz has managed to earn a reputation as a person who have accomplished a lot and steered lots of growth in the industry. Learn more:


David McDonald Sets Quality Standards for OSI Group

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David McDonald was born and raised in Lowa. In 1987, he graduated from the Lowa state university with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. David immediately started his career with OSI Group, and he worked his way to the top, and eventually became president of the company.
How McDonald has managed to Keep OSI successful

David McDonald notes that his partnerships have contributed to the success of OSI Group. The partnerships are dynamic and fruitful. Notably, they are always aware of the dealings of each OSI branch globally. McDonald had always wanted OSI to expand in the European marketing. Therefore, acquiring Baho foods was a way of helping him meet this desire. Baho Foods is a private enterprise that continues to supply meat and food to 18 European countries. David says that they shall partner and integrate their processes with those of Baho foods to ensure that is not compromised with, to satisfy all its clients.
According to David McDonald, the customers of OSI have inspired the innovation of the group. When they supply the goods to customers, they ensure that all their needs have been met. The customers also continue to be enlightened. David also acknowledges that OSI Group’s clients give suggestions on how they want the company to improve its products and services. David also notes that some years recorded more plant opening than others. However, he notes that Sheldon Lavin, the company’s chairperson continues to push the company forward. Therefore, the company has energy to continue growing and expanding its territories.
According to McDonald, OSI Group’s clients are not just clients because the company embraces them as a family. The company believes that if their family members cannot consume the products they produce, then there is no need to supply them to customers. The value their clients the same way they value their families. Consequently, OSI Group’s quality standards have remained high. David McDonald has confirmed that it his passion to see the company grow that has kept him motivated over the years. He has enjoyed seeing his team interact with other team and that way he has an assurance that OSI will continue to scale to greater heights.

Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Group Sets an Admirable Pace in Leadership

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OSI Group is a private company that deals with meat products. The American based organization has been expanding its operations since its launch in the early 1930’s. With a focus to supply the protein needs of Americans as well as other states, OSI Group has established strong entrepreneurial networks across the world. The main office of the firm is in Illinois with some branches in China and other parts of trading worlds. Being an international meat processor, OSI Group thrives in developing strong bonds with other international brands.

Early Career

To understand the progress that this company has made since its establishment, it is important to focus on the brains behind the growth of business. Sheldon Lavin is one of the leading figures who have played pivotal roles in the establishment of proper business infrastructure for OSI Group and its affiliates. His journey can be defined as admirable and focused on building a brand. In an interview with CEOCFO, Sheldon explains his initial interests in finance and management. He had worked in finance sector for over five years when he came across Otto & Sons, a company that needed his assistance in managing finances. Since he was good at it, he landed an executive role in financial management. In fact, Otto & Sons was honored to have such brains at work.

OSI is born

Being a committed employee at Otto $ Sons, the owner of the firm trusted Lavin with their fiancés. He was helpful in processing a loan that would later help in opening a business, OSI Group. Lavin landed an executive role because he had detailed understanding on how the business was operated. That is how he was appointed the chief executive officer of the company. With a clear understanding of how important it was to please clients, Lavin was entrusted with most of the company’s operations. Unlike his earlier plan to settle in finance and management, his dreams conformed nature. Presently, Lavin is in charge of more than one department in OSI Group. He works tirelessly to build the business by implementing successful strategies. For him, OSI Group has a future that will impress international brands.


From the moment Lavin set foot in OSI Group, he has been nothing but supportive of brand building and business expansion. His works have eventually paid up given that OSI Group is recognized internationally. In China alone, OSI Group has grown the country’s economy since its establishment in the country. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to serve globally. He is proud to be associated with a team that has built many economies across the world.

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Revealed: Billboard Digital Power Players in 2017, Guiding the Future in Music and Technology

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While streaming shapes the $15.7 billion worldwide music business, various officials, somewhere down in information and from each industry sector, are on the bleeding edge of tech and music. The tipping point had touched base for the U.S. music sector in 2016, where streaming overwhelmed sales as its spearheading source of income for the first moment, resounding worldwide outcomes for the $15.7 billion music field.

In the previous year, revenue from music streams likewise led to double-digit growth for the first time in the United States for nearly two decades. The USA recorded music sales went up by 11.4% to $7.65 billion, the most grounded yearly increment since 1998 and more information click here.

Digital Power Players for billboards are the best administrators behind these noteworthy numbers and picked for their information driven roles at organizations in each industry sector. That entailed record labels, streaming services, social media platforms, and music publishers among others. These pioneers are handling the difficulties that accompany change: inquiries over information administration, rising plans of action and reasonable installment to makers. They are collectively influencing the music business for another period.

Desiree Perez is known by numerous for being an extreme moderator. She is the person that Tidal seeks to remain at the leading edge. Jay-Z has made a huge stride by settling on the choice to work with Perez. Somebody would ask why Perez can have the capacity to expedite Tidal to the top. It is because she has the capacity.

By just looking at his resume, you will see it is very great. She has assisted several people to win grants in the music business. She is presently the head of Tidal, and she is anticipated in making a progressive stride concerning music streaming. Perez’s firm has had a progression of changes to the administration group. In spite of the initial hardships, Jay-Z could proceed onward. He simply settled on the best choice by hiring Perez who appears to be there to remain and resume her.

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Logan Stout Bridges Business And Personal Development

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If you’re unfamiliar with Logan Stout, he is the Founder and the CEO of IDLife, a multi-level marketing company that is predicated on selling organic nutrition supplements. IDLife was established in 2014 and has been ranked as one of the top multi-level marketing companies in the world, within a relatively short time span. IDLife prides themselves on introducing supplements to the marketplace that serve a nutritional purpose and contributes to healthy weight management.

IDLife CEO and Founder Logan Stout is a University of Dallas alumnus who has been involved in a number of business ventures, most notably the Dallas Patriots Inc., where he served as Founder and CEO. According to Stout’s LinkedIn bio, the Dallas Patriot Inc was ranked as a premier baseball organization that created opportunities for its graduates to play baseball at the college level. As an author and public speaker, Stout has held speaking engagements with a variety of companies, where he emphasized leadership, team building, personal development, and many of topics concerning business and individual growth.

In a CrunchBase article, Stout explained his affinity for helping others achieve business success; Stout believes that there are people who are capable of business ownership but may be uncertain of how to get started. Through his leadership skills and business acumen, Stout offers encouragement to those prospective business owners, helping them manifest their ideas and get their businesses off the ground.

To further demonstrate his commitment to helping new business owners succeed, Logan Stout has partnered with John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, and author; the partnership is predicated on introducing leadership and personal growth training on a global scale. Stout cites his personal relationship with Maxwell as the rationale for the partnership, and he wholeheartedly believes that Maxwell shares in his vision of encouraging people to reach their highest potential, in every facet of their lives.

In a CEOCFO Magazine article, Stout states that he has made it a point to invest his time when it comes to helping others and points to his website, as an invaluable resource for those seeking personal development and business success.

The Changing Landscape Of New Brunswick In The Hands Of Omar Boraie

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When Omar Boraie came up with the idea of changing the real estate landscape of New Brunswick, many thought that he had gone bonkers. The seasoned entrepreneur took up the initiative of improving the real estate sector of New Brunswick, and a few years later all can agree that he has done a remarkable job. Today, the landscape of New Brunswick is no longer an eyesore. Gone are the days when the streets could spot derelict buildings that were at an advanced stage of decay. Omar’s prospects for New Brunswick have helped reshape the city’s landscape making it more attractive to its residents and visitors.

The building that holds Omar Boraie’s office is a good testimony of the real estate journey that New Brunswick has undergone. Not a long time ago, the building was an abandoned space with decaying walls and leaking roofs. Keen on carving out his won niche in the real estate sector, Omar Boraie took up the initiative of revamping the derelict structures and putting them up for letting. The high demand for houses and office space in New Brunswick worked to the advantage of the entrepreneur. Some of Omar’s most notable establishments include the One Spring Street Apartments and the Two Towers project. Owing to the rise in demand for residential space, One Spring Street project was sold out within a brief time. According to Omar Boraie, much of the gratitude should be directed to those who believed in his dreams for New Brunswick and not him. The culture rich town of Brunswick owes a lot of gratitude to Omar Boraie.

Sam Boraie is another icon in the American real estate industry. The entrepreneur founded Boraie Development LLC in the mid-80s. Sam’s company offers a broad range of solutions in the real estate sector ranging from office spaces to luxury homes. Boraie development is credited for the design of some of the most iconic structures in New Brunswick. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

According to Rutgers, the latest mega project that Boraie Development is handling is called Aspire. This project comprises of 17 stories of luxurious apartments that go for $2,800 per month. The building also has designated spaces for offices. Boraie’s success story in the industry of construction is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs who are trying to get their footing in this sector. One of the things that motivate Sam Boraie is the look of satisfaction on a customer’s face when the company delivers a solution to them.

Meet the Best Health Internal Medicine Doctor-Dr. Imran Haque

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There is nothing that upsets us than sickness. Sometimes our health problem persists as a result of wrong medication. Dr. Imran Haque offers quality internal medicine. Dr. Imran is a qualified doctor who specializes in internal medicine. The doctor works with the Horizontal Internal Medicine. Many residences of North Carolina continue to visit him, for medical services.

In his career, Dr. Imran has treated patients with many sicknesses in his line of jurisdiction. Sometimes, the doctors decide to refer the patients to other practitioners. His patients trust his referrals because he has many acquaintances as a result of the period he has been in the field. Dr. Imran has a license that allows him to provide services in North Carolina. Apart from this permit, he is registered for the maintenance of certification program for internal medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque is an alumnae of the great Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program.

Dr. Imran Haque provides his services at Horizon internal medicine. Horizon Internal medicine is respected because of its provision of quality services. The institution has been leading in the consultancy and treatment of internal medicine.

Through his 15 year experience as an internist, Dr. Imran can advise his patients on the medical test to take as well as the required treatments. The doctor has helped in treating many ailments that are in line with his knowledge. Dr. Imran is trained in the provision of a wide range of services. The doctor is certified for the prescription of diseases such as; Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and Pneumonia. Horizontal internal medicine offers services as a cosmetic treatment, internal medicine, and wellness. Under this category, some services offers are;

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Weight management
  • 360 Resurfacing
  • Diabetes Specialist

This is most of the things that most of the people struggle with in life. This is because despite us denying that our physical appearance affects us; it contributes to our confidence in our everyday lives. Dr. Imran has a very positive review from his patients. This is from his one on one communication and interaction with his patients. He values human life, and the health of his patients is his priority.


Why Securus Technologies Remains Your Ultimate Source of Online Security

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Currently, the globe is facing a rise in the number of non-resolved violent crimes committed by the day. The worrying trends also show that the more these cases remain unresolved, the more the criminals tend to sophisticate these crimes. It, therefore, goes without saying that investigators are facing real-time challenges when beginning their investigations. Even as they consistently rely on leads or even pieces of second-hand information, the level of accuracy tends to diminish.

Easing Investigations

These stressful days for the investigators are no more since the inception of Securus Technologies; a company that has concentrated their expertise on the most current technologies in availing information required to kick start investigation processes. At Securus technologies, we have made acute investigations a reality courtesy of this important software called the Location-Based Service (LBS). The call-monitoring software provides relevant information that operates smoothly without tipping off any party that is under investigation. The rise in the use of this technique has built our company’s portfolio through the constant referrals that the company gets. In this regard, it is only prudent that we share some of the positive remarks that the company received courtesy of our immense help to our clientele.

General Complements from Clients


“Our company’s drastic measures in evaluating and even combating the rise in cases of contraband goods are intensified through the aid of reporting data we get from Securus Technologies. Your invaluable contribution has soared us this high.”


“We would like to acknowledge Securus for the much strides we have made as company courtesy of the LBS software. The software helped us get a search warrant, and we ultimately got the suspect arrested. Many thanks for your endeavors.”

“For more than two decades, our correctional facility relied on your company’s’ diligent services to offer solutions to the rampant cases of suspicious phone calls from the individuals under our custody.”