Jeunesse creates innovative and exclusive product line

The health and nutritional supplement business has long been saturated with products claiming to be the next best thing. But one company, Jeunesse, has recently developed a comprehensive package of health and beauty products with enough positive buzz around their introduction to believe that something truly revolutionary may be taking place. Stay up to date with Jeuness Global at Linkedin.

A different kind of company

Founded by two temporary retirees, Jeunesse has never been an ordinary company. Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were lifelong veterans of the health and beauty industry. The couple, which had long been independently wealthy, many times over, had previously made two attempts at retirement, both times becoming restless and starting new business projects. It turned out that the third time was not the charm they had expected for their retirement. But it did lead to the formation of Jeunesse Global.

It was 2009 that the couple finally saw their first products shipped out from the factory that they had contracted with to produce them. Both Ray and Lewis had extensive backgrounds in the formulation of health products and were keen to work with some of the industry’s leading scientists to create truly revolutionary products that would simultaneously fill a niche while also creating totally novel formulations.

Over time, the couple realized that there was no comprehensive beauty package that could be ordered on a recurring basis. While the couple had success selling a few original products, there were still areas, such as boosting daily energy and providing rejuvenating vitamins, in which they were not currently offering a product. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at

They decided to fill all the gaps in their product line and simultaneously create and all-encompassing beauty and health package that would allow customers to order their product line once, then automatically have the order recur, allowing the purchaser to receive a constant supply of the health and beauty products they need without having to spend dozens of hours per month shopping around for them.

The concept proved to be a huge success. Today, the Youth Enhancement System, a package of nine of Jeunesse’s most popular and proven items, sells hundreds of thousands of units each year.


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