Brown Modeling Agency Taking On A New Kind Of Model

Formerly under the name, Wilhelmina Austin, apart of the Wilhelmina Modeling Company the Brown Agency embarked on new territory in 2015. They set their eyes out on Austin, Texas. It is fair to say Austin, Texas is not often associated with the likes of the high fashion and modeling world. But the executives of this agency saw otherwise. Despite Austin being a more laid-back, music scene sort of town, the city had talent and a lot of it.


The Brown Modeling Agency came to Texas with a big bang. They launched huge party to celebrate their arrival and what they would be doing with the modeling talent there. The press was out to capture the event. Executives of the agency were interviewed. They expressed to reporters how they were interested in what Austin had to offer in terms of its talent. They liked the difference in the models of Austin. Austin’s model had a more alternative, rockabilly style to them. The Brown Agency was very sure of how it could take Austin’s underground models to the forefront of the industry.


The event included a runway show of the models the agency would be working with. The models were clothing created by Austin’s designers. They event really promoted what the agency would be doing. It involved the community and allowed them to get excited about a new industry that would be budding in Austin.




The Brown Agency has done a very good job of giving the models of central Texas an opportunity many other agencies would have not offered to them. They have taken the Texan talent to the runways of Miami and New York. They have made their mark in Texas. Austin, Texas is becoming a major modeling city thanks to the efforts of Brown Modeling Agency. You can visit their Instagram page.

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