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Deidre Baggot: Adoption of Bundled Payments Can Results in Great Financial Rewards in the Healthcare Sector

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Deidre Baggot: Adoption of Bundled Payments Can Results in Great Financial Rewards in the Healthcare Sector

In line with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CMS announced that about 500 healthcare entities would take part in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program starting in spring 2013. Prepared or not, the enactment of the ACA has introduced cutting-edge methods like bundled payments that allow CMS to shift from conventional fee-for-service that CMS says has promoted over-utilization. As from 2008, about a half of the nation has embraced some type of bundling, courtesy of the Medicare Acute Care Episode (ACE) Bundled Payment Initiative. The growing evidence showing that bundled payments can attain Triple Aim is one of the main reasons why 2013 will experience uninterrupted interest in this payment methodology, especially in the private sector. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

Although the context may be solely about payment reform, Deirdre Baggot feels that amendments of reimbursement policy will trigger care delivery reform. Commercial payers are following the CMS’ lead by showing elevated preference of bundling payments to providers as a way of minimizing costs, especially in the areas of unnecessary readmissions and post-acute care. These types of risk-based reimbursement cause unprecedented pressure on hospitals and healthcare providers to blend in across the enterprise. While organizations may not be prepared for population risk, a minor test like bundles may be a feasible strategy for achieving full risk for the entire population. Healthcare entities that use groundbreaking care delivery models coupled with a careful selection of incentives that best inspire physicians will flourish in the evolving healthcare sector.

Who is Deirdre Baggot?

Deirdre Baggot is one of the authorities in the healthcare sector, especially when it comes to the topic of bundled payments. Leveraging her experience as a hospital executive and clinician, Deidre Baggot has developed and implemented innovative payment models with Commercial Payers, Employers, Medicaid, and Medicare in more than 200 hospitals. Deidre has achieved impeccable results regarding lowering costs, enhancing quality, and enhancing patient experience through care model transformation. She has authored over 20 papers on a wide range of topics, including bundled payments, payment transformation, and healthcare reform.



Southridge Capital for Your Debt Worries

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It’s been estimated that the average American is in debt of up to $6,000. This is an enormous amount to owe, especially if you’re already living from one paycheck to the next. Instead of attempting to consolidate your debts on your own, it might be a good idea to hire a company like Southridge Capital. Financial solution companies are ideal for lots of different people, whether you’re a business owner just starting out or an individual who simply needs to get their debt under control. There is nothing worse than living with debt day in and day out, and there are ways for you to get rid of the problems and reclaim your financial well-being.


The Southridge Capital agency has been in business since 2001 and has become a leader in the financial industry all over the country. Despite the fact that they have their main office in Connecticut, you can hire them no matter where you happen to be living. Once hired, they will work diligently on the wide range of different problems that you have concerning debt, budgeting and credit score repair. They will give you a flat rate of what they are going to charge for this specific service and what you should expect when everything has been done for you. You can checkout for more info.


Because they work with tons of different clients, it’s easy to see why a lot of people make use of Southridge Capital and find it to be a great company that is truly worth their time and money. There are tons of people who have found the Southridge agency to be one of the very best out there, and this is why you need to consider the benefits of choosing a company like this and know that they’re there for your needs when you require them. You will enjoy working individually with the experts of Southridge Capital and know that they are there to correct any problems that you have and anything else that you might need in order to get your finances in check and those problems far behind you in a way that is going to be highly beneficial. You can visit to see more.





Sussex Healthcare- Creating Personalized Home Care

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Healthcare has created its spot in the healthcare industry by providing its clients with the latest amenities and services. The company has different facilities spread throughout Sussex hence making it renowned within the community and beyond since its inception in 1985. Additionally, its dedication to its residents has made it become a leading home care facility nationally. The typical residents within these facilities include the elderly and individuals suffering from various mental problems like lesion and dementia. Dementia and injuries affect a person’s nervous tissue.

Sussex Healthcare opened doors to residents in 1985, with only one home, and today it boasts of having 15 facilities. The business added a new gym to its facilities, and it has different equipment meant to keep the residents occupied and healthy. Its gym has elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, treadmills, and free weights in different types, medicine balls for helping the individuals strengthen their abdominal muscles. Additionally, the residents have the opportunity of relaxing in a hot tub that stimulates their bodies hence releasing of the endorphins and also reducing of the body soreness. The hot tub also helps in decreasing stress and boosting the production of increased norepinephrine. Find out more about Sussex Healthcare at

The swimming pools within the Sussex Healthcare facilities help the residents to improve their endurance and their flexibility. Moreover, swimming helps in increasing individual strength and using of the underwater treadmills helps in the formation of the quadriceps, the claves, the abdominal muscles, and the hamstrings.

Sussex Healthcare has adapted the power of group session for their residents during exercise time. The company believes that group session helps others to master a new type of exercise and also increase high amounts of brain endorphins. Endorphins stimulate a section of a person’s brain helping them to reduce stress and improve their well-being.

Sussex Healthcare received its certification from International Organizations for Standardization in 2002, and the Health Quality Services accredited it in 2005. Currently, the company prides in offering effective treatments to their residents, and they include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, sensory integration, and hydrotherapy. Sussex core agenda is creating custom goals for each in their facility.



The successes of David McDonald

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David Mcdonald grew up in the agriculture fields of Iowa where his path in agriculture and passion grew. He works in the OSI Group as Chief Operating Officer and still presides over the food processing company from as back as 1987. His involvement in the agriculture industry gave him the urge to modify the way the industry operated. From a not well-off background, he had not much to rely on but rather the education that his parents fully supported him through. He graduated at the Iowa State University after joining the institution in 1987 obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Despite him leaving the institution, he is still an active alumnus of the institution as he has helped with the setting of internships in the OSI group. Two out of his six children also are in the same university he studied.

Once David Mcdonald completed his studies, still with the burning fire within him on improving operations in the agriculture sector, he went out to seek employment in OSI, this was in the year 1991. He has worked in OSI for over thirty years now and with the abilities he brings forth such as handling issues with a lot of prowess has led to the expansion of OSI group and deliver beyond Customers expectations. The ability of the firm to put their customers at the forefront has also served them a good deal as they have maintained their old clients besides attracting new ones in their firm. The firms leaders skills in solving problems has also eliminated the various challenges that the firm faces. With clear visions and great comprehension of the market, he has always taken advantage of opportunities that come his way and yet remains flexible. His relation to the employees and customers as well as more than family. With such a bond he has motivated the staff to ensure that the high-quality standards are met.

The hard work and integrity of David Mcdonald have been the main reason that saw him rise above the ranks of leadership in the OSI group. The unprecedented growth that the company has attained through the help of David Mcdonald can be evidently backed up by the over 70 facilities established across over eighty countries. The largest poultry processor in China grew under his watch after establishing ten processing facilities in China. His vital role in acquiring flagship in Dutch Baho Food’s cannot go unrecognised.

Alex Hern: Moving One Step at a Time

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Alex Hern is a man who knows the meaning of the word entrepreneur. He has been a successful one for more than twenty-five years. He has worked with major companies as well as small ones by helping them build up resources in order to compete. His areas of expertise include computers and cybersecurity. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Alex Hern where the idea for his new venture came from, what his day is usually like, and advice he would give to others in the field. Alex Hern says that he always had a passion for computer and his new company Tsunami.

It is a platform based company that allows clients and companies to use the latest technology to get ahead in the business. He says that platforms can be used anywhere in the world on many different types of devices like personal computers, tablets, and phones. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the world of cyberspace. Alex Hern is a man who is busy most of the time during the day. He says that he focuses on one key task each day in order to move the company forward. He spends most of his day doing one thing and one thing only. He says that multi-tasking is a big mistake in companies today because people lose focus on what they are doing and can miss opportunities that are right in front of them.

The main reason that Alex focuses on one thing at a time is to be able to reach his daily goals and this makes the company better as well.When it comes to giving advice to others Alex Hern points out that people must make the right decision in the long run for the company. People must learn to take their time and make sure to make the proper decision. This is key if a company wants to survive.These are a few things that Alex Hern does each day to move forward. Taking things one step at a time is the best approach. After more than twenty-five years he should definitely know.

About Alex Hern:

The CEO of OSI Group Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin serves as the C.E.O and Chairman of OSI Group Industries. Lavin is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd, which is well known for meat and food processing. The name was changed when Sheldon Lavin began working with OSI Group; it was previously Otto & Sons.

He has helped revolutionize a company that was made from scratch and is now globally recognized. OSI Group now has offices in over sixty different countries all over the world; Sheldon has really done a great job in helping the company to achieve untold success. He has been part of the company for a very long time and he does not intend to resign anytime soon.

History of Lavin’s Education and Work Background

He studied accounting and finance, which has greatly aided him in his success. In the past, he worked in places such as The Sheba Foundation, where he served as the President of OSI Group and he was also the director of the Northeast Bank.

Sheldon’s role in OSI Group

He worked hard to expand the operations of the company globally. He revolutionized the processing business which deals with meat and food in several continents. He mainly focuses towards operations which are large scale, and have enabled the company to supply complex chains. Sheldon belief in teamwork is what works best, and also having a close team of working ambitious individuals. His knowledge about the technological changes and consumer preferences has ensured that the company remains successful. Lavin has dedicated his life to provide for others.

Sheldon Lavin’s history of the OSI Group

Otto & Sons Company was one of the firms that had the full potential to become one of the largest providers to the McDonald’s Establishment. The company underwent rough financial problems, and thus losing the opportunity as they failed to deliver as required. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin was employed as a consultant to the corporation and he helped raise it to immense success and growth.

Sheldon Lavin assisted in sourcing funds for the business and investments overseas in 1975. It was during this time that Mr. Otto retired from business, and Sheldon formed a partnership with the sons. The company’s name was changed to the OSI Group with the aim of creating a larger clientele base around the world.

Betsy Devos: Education Reformer

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Despite Betsy Devos’ obvious disagreements with President Donald Trump, she has shown America that she can be supportive when necessary. This was certainly the case in early 2017 when she disagreed with the President regarding school bathroom usage by transgender students. This is just one example of how she can remain formidable yet effective when in powerful public offices.


Betsy Devos’ journey began in Michigan where she and her husband actively worked for the good of charter schools. Through her years as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, she has shown where her ties are and where her interests and beliefs lie. She has fought for years to preserve parents’ freedom of choice in regard to where their children go to school. She once was an active proponent of private schools, charter schools and even homeschooling and remains faithful to these options to this day even while she is the head of the United States Department of Education. Just one such example of this was her appearance at Pitbull’s charter school in Miami during the Spring of 2017.


Both Ms. Devos and her husband have supported school choice through their words and their money. For years, they have donated extensively to the charter school movement in Michigan. While this was not known for quite a while, their charitable donations have recently come to light. The Devos’s certain have plenty of money to spend. Married to Dick Devos, a wealthy man who was the son of the Amway founder, Betsy Devos has made it her mission to fight to get less money into the coffers of public schools and into the accounts of charter and private schools.


Her dedication to this cause has turned Detroit, where she once lived, into the city with highest percentage of charter schools. However, all is not as it seems. While there are plenty of charter schools here, not all of them are doing well, and many of them do not have enough children attending.


All of this has gone into making many officials concerned that Betsy Devos will remain dedicated to the cause of charter schools and resistant to positive changes for public schools. There has been much antipathy towards Ms. Devos as she has started her work in Washington. However, there is certainly still hope as she dedicates herself to talking to teachers’ unions and to visiting schools around the country.


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Awards and Expansion – The OSI Food Solution Way

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OSI Food Solutions has over a century of experience in the food solutions industry. OSI started as a small family run butcher shop on the south side of Chicago Illinois. Shortly after opening the local community encouraged OSI to expand to a larger store. The larger store provided additional food solutions to the Maywood area. During this time McDonald’s was starting to franchise locations. A Midwest local McDonald’s franchise owner reached out to Otto, the owner of OSI Food Solutions and made a request for OSI to provide all of the meat for his McDonald’s hamburgers. A verbal agreement was made that would launch OSI into a globally recognized food solutions powerhouse. As technology advanced and new freezing techniques were established OSI was able to expand their ever growing market place outside of the United States.

OSI Food Solutions has constantly been creating innovative ways to produce quality food products in countries all across the globe. When a community requires more of a product OSI Food Solutions comes up with ways to meet that demand. In Toledo Spain the community needed more poultry products. OSI invested more than twenty million dollars to a expansion of the Toledo production plant. This expansion created twenty new employment positions within the factory. There were already over a hundred and twenty positions at this facility. Chicken production jumped from twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty four thousand tons of chicken products. This expansion also featured eco-friendly and sustainable renovations. The electric usage was cut by nearly twenty percent due to efficient lighting and appliances.

The United Kingdom branch of OSI Food Solutions was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor. This award is granted by the British Safety Council. OSI was one of the eighteen corporations worldwide that has been recognized for their exceptional management of safety risks. In order to be considered for this prestigious award a corporation must first receive a five star rating for their safety management. Every department of a corporation from the factory shop to the executive offices is evaluated during this property audit. Only facilities that show exemplary facilities will earn the five star rating. OSI continues to provide high tech and well maintained facilities all across the globe. This devotion to their communities, customers and employees will continue to show in the recognition and awards that they achieve.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Transform the Healthcare Industry

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the true epitomai of successful leadership. The two have spearheaded the growth of InnovaCare Health, making the company one of the leading healthcare companies in the world. With 20 years experience under his belt, CEO Rick Shinto has showcased brilliance and has been at the forefront of supporting leading innovations in the health sector. Before his service at InnovaCare Health, Shinto was the Vice President in charge of managing the medical department at Medpartners. Shortly after that, he became a senior medical officer at Cal Optima Plan before joining Pathways management as CEO and operations manager.


His success throughout his years quickly gained him recognition for his work. He became the household name for leadership in related medical companies. His impressive work ethic led him to Aveta Inc as one of the managers in the company. These leadership traits have followed him into his current role as CEO of the leading healthcare company InnovaCare Inc. Shinto is the holder of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year award that was awarded to him in 2012.


As the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Kokkinides has been the brains behind some innovations that have significantly transformed the health sector. Before taking up her post at InnovaCare, she was in charge of the Care division at center light health care. Kokkinides credits her success to teamwork. She believes that a great team is what helps a company to come up with ideas and most importantly implement them. She advocates for learning about your business and market trends with the aim of propelling your business forward. To her, it is important to know the current trends and how these can affect the running of your business. One of the things that Kokkinides attributes her success to is being a planner. She values organization and being able to prioritize your tasks based on the most important. For more details visit


Based in North America, InnovaCare Health is a company that provides health services through affordable Medicare programs and use of technology. The company specializes in innovating products that are high quality, affordable and sustainable aimed at improving the healthcare of the patients. All the products are developed to be unique to each client, depending on the need. The company’s medical plans received a boost in 2011 when it was accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. You can check out



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GoBuySide on How They Help Investment Firms

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Many investment firms try to hire professionals to work full time permanently for a project that requires short-term hire. This has led to the decrease in revenue for investment firms. GoBuySide, a recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur, uses strategies of short-term hiring to find professionals that can help investment firms with a short project in need of completion. In addition, GoBuySide has found that professionals in the investment industry prefer short-term positions, instead of long-term permanent job positions. This also helps reduce recruitment cost leading to an increase in revenue, and easier recruitment process leading to more positions being filled.

In continuation, as the investment market becomes riskier and volatile, investment firms require quick response to secure the holdings of their clients. Many investment firms, however, fail to secure these investment holdings due to not being able to recruit fresh talent with specialized skills. GoBuySide uses social network such as LinkedIn, to heavily screen candidates in New York City that excel at their investment firms, and can use their skills under pressure. This helps investment firms not go through catastrophic losses, and to prevent losses thus increasing profits due to an increase in clients. Furthermore, GoBuySide has help recruit professionals using experts in the investment industry, which have the talents to recruit professionals who have a high skill set in their industry.

Arjun Kapur is very talented in the field of business administration, and business recruiting, which is shown from his graduation from Standford University School of Business with a Master of Arts in business administration. Arjun Kapur also graduated from John Hopkins School of Business. Arjun Kapur founded GoBuySide in New York City as a way of simplifying the recruitment platform for many financial firms. The clients of GoBuySide range from over 400 clients in 52 cities and 16 countries world, which include Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, and investment firms. Arjun Kapur believes that GoBuySide necessity for modern technology is due to the change in the volatile job market.