Dr. Rod Rohrich one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Dallas Texas

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas Texas area. He’s is known worldwide as a surgeon, teacher, and writer. Rod Rohrich M.D. began his career in Plastic surgery in 1986 after his extensive study at the Baylor University of Medicine.

Rod completed his internship at the University of Michigan. Next, he worked at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a plastic surgeon and a teacher. His education and hands-on training and teaching ability make him revered among those in his profession.

Dr. Rod Rohrich M.D. perfected some of the most difficult surgical procedures in cosmetic surgery. The following are procedures he offers in his clinic the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Rhinoplasty- alters the shape, look and the nose functions. The procedure adjusts abnormalities, defects, appearance, the performance of the nose. By cutting away portions of the nose tissue and bone in the nose area it is altered. Rhinoplasty fixes other potential medical issues as well such as accidents or injuries to the nose area.

Facelift- as an individual age he or she loses the firm texture of the skin. The skin sags and shows wrinkles. A facelifts a surgical procedure where the skins cut behind the ears and the skins pulled up on the face. Some areas of the face may need adjusting as the face loses tissue or fat deposits from aging. The areas under the chin, cheeks and jaw area need filled in or lifted.

Reconstructive Surgery- Reconstructive surgerys done as the result of trauma or accident that disfigures the face or body. They also do reconstruction surgery for a birth defect like a cleft pallet, lips or nose defects. Reconstruction may need over one surgery to correct the medical issue.

Breast Surgery- The breast is an attribute to a woman’s body. The breast can also be a hindrance to a woman‘s body. They do breast surgery to reduce the size of the breast. The procedures also are done to add to the breast by the use of implants. Implants are a soft pliable silicone and come in different sizes. The patient chooses how big or how little they wish the breast size to be. They can alter the breast to the same size as sometimes one breast is larger than the other. Or they can alter the breast to enhance the overall appearance of the body.

The Dr. Offers other surgical procedures in the clinic.

Dr. Rod Rohrich via twitter :https://twitter.com/drrodrohrich


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