Wes Edens Has Just Forged A Vital New Partnership With A World Famous Businessman:

One of the biggest pieces of news to surface in the world of public transportation these last few months is the fact that the innovative new private commuter train service Brightline is now being renamed under the title of Virgin Trains USA. The public transport service is the creation of Wes Edens, a businessman best known for his pivotal role in the founding and success of Fortress Investment Group. This renaming comes as a result of the exciting new partnership that has been forged between Wes Edens, Fortress Investment Group and the Richard Branson owned operation know by the name of Virgin Group. Branson and his Virgin firm will enter into a minority stake of the company and will be instrumental in helping to expand the service that began its operations in the commuter region of Miami/Fort Lauderdale. Virgin already has extensive experience in the commuter train industry in the United Kingdom and this move represents Branson’s latest foray into the industry. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

Virgin Trains USA really is a revolutionary concept in American public transportation due to the fact that it is the first train line of its type to be privately funded that has been seen in the last century. With the new partnership between Wes Edens/Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group, the Virgin brand value can be leveraged to further push the name of the service and attract new regions to call for their own train line.

2019 will see the beginning of the rebranding efforts taking full effect. Wes Edens and the current Brightline management team will continue to operate on a business as usual model as the business takes on the new name of Virgin Trains USA. In the future, the hope is that many more regions will gain their very own Virgin Trains USA Service. Regions that are currently being looked into include Dallas, St. Louis, Las Vegas and the Southern California region.

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