How Nick Vertucci Has Knack Poker Game

Much is known about the life of Nick Vertucci and his personal struggles with entrepreneurial ventures that closed down and how he established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that has made him amass some wealth for himself. However, little is known about him being a poker player. Yes! He is indeed a respected poker player who have sat a gambling table with the likes of Kenny Tran, David Benyamine, Antonio the magician, Phil the Poker Brat among others.

2004 was a beautiful year for Nick Vertucci because it is this time he played his first tournament at No-Limit Hold’en Championship and with 8 places he made winning amounting to US$ 7,530. In 2016 he made another big win in the 2016 world of a series poker tournament where he made wins amounting to US$ 2,531 in the millionaire 1st and 2nd competition. He was able to establish himself as a respected poker player long before he ventured fully into real estate.

About Nick Vertucci

Vertucci is a real estate expert. He struggled through life to make but was determined enough to lead a better life away from the humble background he had been brought up in. he established a computer accessories shop that made money from him and made life bearable for him. Unfortunately, he had not foreseen the technological advancement and his wares became outdated within no time.

Amidst this frustration, he met a friend who introduced him to real estate through a workshop although he was hesitant at first. He has then risen to become a real estate investor and expert having gained valuable knowledge about the industry from his experience. He is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that offers people knowledge on investments in Real estate. He has a magnificent home in the Orange County, California.

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