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Betsy DeVos Makes Education Reform Look Like A Piece Of Cake

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When Betsy DeVos and her husband visited the Potter’s House Christian School many years ago, she knew that educational reform was the key to helping lower income parents send their children to safe schools that maintained a passion for teaching curious-minded students. Since that eye-opening visit to the school, she has devoted countless hours to education reform by serving many different nonprofit roles such as chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children. She was also the head of the Michigan Republican Party and the Great Lakes Education Project, which are two renowned organizations committed to education-reform throughout the state. As one of the most influential advocates for the school-choice movement, Betsy DeVos is determined to make sure that every student regardless of their social economic status has access to a high-quality education.


Leaders who have joined the school choice movement know that change isn’t always a smooth process, but Betsy DeVos makes education reform look like a piece of cake. One way that she has tried to increase educational choice is by offering parents the voucher opportunity. Instead of sending their children to public school, the voucher opportunity allows parents to place their child in a charter, home, or private school. The ultimate goal of these educational choices is to get parents in charge of their children’s education.


Due to the prominent school-choice initiative, Betsy DeVos is proud to say that there are now over 250,000 children in 33 private programs. These great educational-choice programs are represented across 17 states. In the coming years, the number of students enrolled in private-choice programs is only expected to grow exponentially.


Along with promoting educational choice through promising strategies, Betsy DeVos is also a big player in other important initiatives at Kids Hope USA and Mars Hill Bible Church. She and her husband even founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which is a prominent organization that focuses on supporting community, arts, leadership, education, and justice programs.


To further important causes such as the ones listed above, Betsy DeVos and her husband also make generous charitable contributions. According to a recent article by M Live, the couple has donated over $139 million to various causes during the course of their lifetimes.


At the end of the day, Betsy DeVos wants to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed by using their God-given talents. As a well-known volunteer and philanthropist of various charitable causes, she is doing just that.


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Gareth Henry Gives Back to Heriot-Watt

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Gareth Henry has made quite a name for himself over the past two decades. Henry has served in a number of leadership roles for major companies. Henry recently made news when it was announced that he is giving back to his alma mater. Heriot-Watt University announced that Henry is funding an undergraduate scholarship for members of the school’s Actuarial Science department.

Gareth Henry himself is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University. He graduated in 2001. Now he is funding a scholarship for students like himself. Not only is Henry funding a scholarship he is also providing mentorship for students. Gareth Henry will give coaching to students to help them enhance their long-term career growth. He will call and speak with the students once per term (three times total). His guidance will continue after graduation as the students move toward getting employment. Henry’s hope is that through is scholarship others will work hard to achieve in Actuarial Sciences.

Getting a degree in Actuarial Sciences at Heriot-Watt is a big deal. The degree is the one of only a few to be accredited by the UK actuarial profession. If a student performs well in this department it can mean being exempt from certain exams. This can be a huge advantage on their math classes. If graduates become UK actuaries they may also end up qualifying for credit with the Society of Actuaries in North America.

Gareth Henry is currently located in New York. For the last several years he has worked in a number of senior leadership roles. His resume includes roles serving as Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo, Gordon & Co. He has also been the Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroder Investment Management Limited. Gareth Herny has also worked as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments. He holds a degree with first-class honors in Actuarial Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University. After more nearly twenty years of work he continues to look for ways to promote and help those studying Actuarial Sciences.

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OSI Food Solutions And Its Achievements

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OSI Food Solutions is based in America. It is a privately owned enterprise that provides meat processing services to smaller food organizations and retail businesses all over the US. The company provides services such as labeling brand products and packing the branded goods.

OSI has facilities in seventeen countries. These facilities provide meat products of all kinds, e.g., pork, beef, bacon, and poultry. OSI Food solutions also have vegetable products. OSI has expanded its business capabilities by partnering up with different retail institutions. OSI Food Solutions is recognized for environmental management and also focusing on safety and health risks in the company and of their employees.

In 2016 OSI Food Solutions purchased a food processing plant located in Chicago. The facility was formerly owned by Tyson Food Plants. Due to its proximity to one of OSI’s food plants the company saw it as a great investment for the company. The new facility will ensure steady business growth through the infrastructure it will provide. The Senior Executive Vice President of OSI North America is glad to Incorporate the new establishment into the OSI network. The facility has helped reduce the high demand for OSI products. Tyson closed the industry together with another one in Jefferson, Wisconsin. The two food processing industries were later absorbed by companies that could handle the workload and had large production capacity.

OSI Food solution Spain has expanded its production of processed chicken products. This move has created job opportunities for over 20 individuals and also a managerial position. Several youths are now employed, and this has helped them raise their living standards. This was in aim with the high demand for chicken products. Chicken demand in Spain has grown over the past few years at a steady rate. OSI Food solutions are ready to cope up with the growth as seen by the expansion of the company to provide enough production capacity. The expansion has led to the purchase of new machines and equipment to absorb the required workload. OSI can now add more goods to its existing foods products. OSI is attracting consumers all over the world due to its great security and observance of hygiene around the factory.

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Meaning of Makeup Redefined- Doe Deere

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How do you define makeup? To many women, the purpose of makeup is hiding the imperfections and the flaws in their face. Doe Deere has a different opinion, to her makeup is a form of expression on how we feel. According to her, there is no right or wrong makeup. She has broken all the norms of society through the creation of Lime Crime products.

Lime Crime makeup line is for unicorns. Deere defines a unicorn as the individuals who know they were born different, and instead of fighting the uniqueness, they embrace it. Deere began her makeup line when she discovered that she could not find what she wanted to compliment her cloth line. However, she realized that she did well in the makeup sector compared to the fashion line and shifted for good.

Many people have a typical day that they follow every day. However, Deere says that as a CEO she doesn’t have any daily routine. One day she is brainstorming with her Creative Chief Officer, and the other day she is needed in the social media department or working in new products. The good thing is she never finds any day dull in Lime Crime.

One of the challenging steps in business is to bring ideas to life. Deere says that ideas are like little kids, you got to support them to grow. Fortunately, she has the right team to push the ideas to reality. Every time Lime Crime come up with a new product, they wear it first before availing it to the clients.

Every investor has something that makes them special in their line of work. For Deere, it is her general positive disposition. She says that a positive character and attitude attracts more investors and partners, which is good for business. The other thing she does is to keep her vision in mind and remember who her customer is. Working in line with her vision and satisfying the wants of her clients has brought her great success.

Doe Deere has one advice to her younger self; to embrace her weirdness. She says that most of our happiest moments in life are the one we spend as ourselves.

A Look at the Debt Specialist Peter Briger

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Peter Briger was born on 17th December 1963 at California, where he was also brought up. Briger is also a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Princeton University, and a Business Administration Master’s degree graduate from the Watson School of business. Peter Briger was named as a billionaire by Fortress Investment Group in 2007 at an IPO, where his shares of $66 million were then slightly over $2 billion. Although his high value receded, he has been a significant contribution to all firms where he has worked.

Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs for close to fifteen years before he joined Fortress Investment Group to become a co-founder. While at Goldman, it became clear to people that he was an expert in trading assets that most people would shy away from such as distressed debt. This clarity was shown after he traded for Goldman’s Special Situations in 1997, which was known for not only being secretive with its moves but also for making highly profitable trades. View his website at

The group is also accredited as the primary source of revenue for Goldman Sachs Inc. both when Briger worked there and even after he left. Still, while Briger worked at Goldman, he and his colleagues made some purchases as well as sales such as Thailand’s car loans, a power plant from Britain, commercial aircraft, and troubled mortgages, among many others.

One could easily tell that Peter Briger was the overall head for these strategies, whose main aim was purchasing assets that were no longer in favor of conventional sources of capital as a result of economic conditions or even political instability. The strategy was to hold on to the bought assets until the markets became stable, and then sell the assets at a considerable profit.

Even after joining Fortress Investment Group in the real estate team and the credits departments in 2006, Briger found the most significant opportunities when there was an economic and financial crisis. His moves have played a considerable role as a publicist strategy for Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger became a member of the board at Fortress in 2006 and was later elected as chairman of the board in 2009 hitherto.

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Cleanse the Body

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Have you ever stopped to think about just how many times each day your body comes into contact with a pollutant or a harmful irritant? If you are like many people in today’s health-conscious society, you might be worried about the negative effects these irritants can have on your body. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider using a Full Body Cleanse.

Whether intentional or not, you ingest chemicals and pollutants on a daily basis. Just think about all ofthe times you encounter air pollution, cleaning chemicals or solutions, pesticides, smoke, unfiltered water or even beauty products. It is almost impossible to avoid contact with these irritants at home, at work and on the go. However, you don’t have to leave these toxins in your body. You can actually get rid of these pollutants to help your body work at its fullest potential. Learn more:

A Full Body Cleanse will target and cleanse several important parts of your body such as your liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and even your bloodstream. As the cleanse filters out the irritants from your body, you may even notice additional benefits to your immune system.

As you cleanse the inside of your body, you will notice some positive changes happening on the outside of your body as well. For example, you might notice a clearer complexion, so your skin will look healthier. If you are worried about your weight or trying to lose weight, then you will be excited to know that using this cleanse can help you shed a few pounds. Some people have reported losing 10-30 pounds of excess weight when the cleanse is used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

You can finally stop worrying about the negative effect of the toxins you encounter. A Dherbs Cleanse is a great solution.

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Geologist Matt Badiali Notes Investing in Natural – Earth- Resources to Pay off a Fortune Soon

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During his academic period, Mr. Matt Badiali did not think of getting into the art of money management as a career. He did Bachelor of Science; Geosciences at Penn State University, and its Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University. In 2000-2005, Mr. Badiali joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for a Ph.D. in Geology. During this period, ideally in 2004, a friend of his holding a Ph.D. in Finance introduced him to the industry; following and noting the potential he (Badiali) possessed with his experience in Geological Science.

Since then, Mr. Matt Badiali joined the field of investments – though still with his Geosciences skills, and he advises investors on venturing in the market of natural resources. According to him, this market will take a great effect soon, following aspects such as technological advances. There being, to thrive big, and enhance productivity and growth of their investments, it is very important for the proprietors to understand both the finance in the market, as well as the sciences attached to the resources.

For instance, due to the ever-growing technological developments, Mr. Matt Badiali notes that the demand for metals like copper is likely to hit the market soon, following the expansion and growing of projects powered by electricity. According to Badiali, power derived from the solar, wind, and also electric cars are soon going to be the “Hot Deals” of the century; hence raising the demand for copper – giving copper mines’ investors a real worthwhile fortune.

Additionally, last year – 2018, Mr. Matt Badiali advised entrepreneurial investors, eyeing for a pretty rewarding investment, to start investing in Gold as there’s a great possibility for its prices to change. According to this financial analyst, the stock prices from gold mining are going to skyrocket, much more than the anticipated gold valuations. As such, it’s a perfect time for investors to get, and hold gold mining stocks.

As a geologist at Heart, Matt Badiali serves as Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, based in Delray Beach Florida. At the firm, he writes a financial newsletter – Real Wealth Strategist, on which he shares knowledge on investing in Earth Resources, including metals, oil, agricultural commodities, and even materials for construction. He worked with a drilling company, and in an environmental company as a consultant; thus knows best that can be derived from these natural resources.


Breaking down Hussain Sajwani the Damac Owner’s Rise To The Top

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Thanks to his real estate outfit, Hussain Sajwani popularly refeed to as the Damac owner is considered one of the richest individuals in the Middle East. His tremendous success in the real estate and hospitality industries has won him influence, friends, and acquaintances in high places across the world. Among these is the current United States President Donald Trump that he considers a business partner and family friend. But how did he accumulate this wealth and build these networks? Here is a breakdown of the 63-year-old’s journey to the top of the world;

Birth in a middle-class family

Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in a fairly middle-class family in Dubai. His father was an Indian Immigrant and traded different Chinese imports like pens and shirts in the city. The Damac owner mentions that the time spent at his father’s shop made him appreciate the value of entrepreneurship and imparted n him great values about hard work that have seen him through life.

Scholarship and contract manager’s job

His excellence at school saw him secure a scholarship to the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He returned home and secured a contract managers position with GASCO Oil Company. At the time, Dubai’s development had gained speed and a lot of companies were setting up here. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship to start a catering company.

Catering company –Global Logistics Services

Hussain Sajwani’s first big client with the catering firm, before renaming it Global Logistics Services, was Bechtel Construction. However, his resilience and unmatched sales and marketing skills saw him secure a contract to supply the United States military bases in Middle Eastern countries with meals. The contract holds to date and is credited with eth birth of Damac properties.

Damac Properties

The Damac owner would use the proceeds from his catering company to create a real estate empire. It has successfully established several luxury real estate projects like the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai and a series of other luxury residential properties spread across the world. The multinational is also responsible for vast wealth that Hussain has accumulated over the years.

Freedom Checks will Work Perfectly for Retirement

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Retirement is one of the events in life that all people are scared of. After working in prominent positions for all their career lives, people have to retire and spend their lives with their loved ones. Financial experts are always advising people to invest their wealth wisely so that their retirement can be a happy and easy one. The people who have taken this advice seriously are living a happy life financially because they are earning wealth just like they were doing when they were working in their professional lives. Those who are only interested in the ordinary retirement schemes live in regrets. Most of them realize that they wasted a significant amount of wealth while they were still working instead of investing it. Matt Badiali doesn’t want modern investors to end up with regrets in the future when they have retired. With so much expertise in investments concerning natural resources, the finance executive is giving a new meaning to life. His new strategy for the people who are about to retire is known as freedom checks.

Freedom checks is what all American investors should be thinking about. The investment opportunity has been advertised in various platforms in the recent months. The idea is capturing the attention of many because of the good returns it will give the investors who are interested. There is a group that is still scared of the opportunity because of the numerous scams that are doing rounds in the market. Matt Badiali, however, says that this is not a scam as many people believe. The companies that are offering freedom checks opportunities are real, and they will give good profits to the people at the end of the stated time. Instead of running up and down looking for a good way to invest wealth and live a good life that is free from any pressures of life, Matt Badiali wants all his followers to take on the freedom checks investments before it is too late. The financial expert has earned the trust of the people in the right way after working in the market for a long time.

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Rebel Wilson Steals the Spotlight in Her Newest Movie-Isn’t it Romantic

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Rebel Wilson has the leading role for the new movie, Isn’t it Romantic, scheduled to be released Valentine’s day of 2019. The movie is about architect Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, who gets into a scuffle with a thief and finds herself knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself trapped in a romantic comedy which is her personal hell as she despises romantic comedies. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

She is trapped in a love triangle between Josh, played by Adam DeVine, her best friend, a sexy stranger played by Liam Hemsworth, and a yoga an-ambassador, played by Priyanka Chopra. Natalie finds herself trapped in musical number after musical number and desperately wants to find a way out. This is not your usual romantic movie, and it is filled with fun and funny twists. The film is written by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman and is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson.

Rebel Wilson came into this world on March 2, 1980, in Sydney, Australia, New South Wales. She often plays a brash yet incredible fun character in movies, but she has also gotten offers to play a more serious role in upcoming movies. She is not against playing a more serious role, but she enjoys playing a more comedic role.

You can watch her in her other popular movies, Pitch perfect, and Bridesmaids to name a couple. She holds a law degree from the University of New South Wales, and she has also has her Bachelor of Arts for Theatre and performance.

Wilson has a somewhat humble upbringing selling dog supplies out of the family caravan. Her parents were professional dog handlers, and they traveled all over the country selling their wares. As a child, Rebel was very shy and quiet.

She attended acting classes and did a lot of people watching which has given her a lot of insight into many things particularly into the personalities of many different people. In 2003 she released he very first screen debut, Pizza which she created and starred in. She is distantly related to Walt Disney through his wife, Lillian Disney and she has a notable Australian accent. She is 5’4″ and embraces her curves rather than trying to hide her body.

She is a former Youth Ambassador for Australia based in South Africa, and she is allergic to dogs although she grew up with many beagles that her parents took care of. She realized that she was allergic when she moved out of her parents’ home.

Rebel Wilson once competed with her sister Liberty in various music competitions when they were young kids, and she enjoys listening to rap music these days. She lives with her Bridesmaids co-star Matt Lucas in West Hollywood.