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Betsy Devos: Education Reformer

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Despite Betsy Devos’ obvious disagreements with President Donald Trump, she has shown America that she can be supportive when necessary. This was certainly the case in early 2017 when she disagreed with the President regarding school bathroom usage by transgender students. This is just one example of how she can remain formidable yet effective when in powerful public offices.


Betsy Devos’ journey began in Michigan where she and her husband actively worked for the good of charter schools. Through her years as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, she has shown where her ties are and where her interests and beliefs lie. She has fought for years to preserve parents’ freedom of choice in regard to where their children go to school. She once was an active proponent of private schools, charter schools and even homeschooling and remains faithful to these options to this day even while she is the head of the United States Department of Education. Just one such example of this was her appearance at Pitbull’s charter school in Miami during the Spring of 2017.


Both Ms. Devos and her husband have supported school choice through their words and their money. For years, they have donated extensively to the charter school movement in Michigan. While this was not known for quite a while, their charitable donations have recently come to light. The Devos’s certain have plenty of money to spend. Married to Dick Devos, a wealthy man who was the son of the Amway founder, Betsy Devos has made it her mission to fight to get less money into the coffers of public schools and into the accounts of charter and private schools.


Her dedication to this cause has turned Detroit, where she once lived, into the city with highest percentage of charter schools. However, all is not as it seems. While there are plenty of charter schools here, not all of them are doing well, and many of them do not have enough children attending.


All of this has gone into making many officials concerned that Betsy Devos will remain dedicated to the cause of charter schools and resistant to positive changes for public schools. There has been much antipathy towards Ms. Devos as she has started her work in Washington. However, there is certainly still hope as she dedicates herself to talking to teachers’ unions and to visiting schools around the country.


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Awards and Expansion – The OSI Food Solution Way

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OSI Food Solutions has over a century of experience in the food solutions industry. OSI started as a small family run butcher shop on the south side of Chicago Illinois. Shortly after opening the local community encouraged OSI to expand to a larger store. The larger store provided additional food solutions to the Maywood area. During this time McDonald’s was starting to franchise locations. A Midwest local McDonald’s franchise owner reached out to Otto, the owner of OSI Food Solutions and made a request for OSI to provide all of the meat for his McDonald’s hamburgers. A verbal agreement was made that would launch OSI into a globally recognized food solutions powerhouse. As technology advanced and new freezing techniques were established OSI was able to expand their ever growing market place outside of the United States.

OSI Food Solutions has constantly been creating innovative ways to produce quality food products in countries all across the globe. When a community requires more of a product OSI Food Solutions comes up with ways to meet that demand. In Toledo Spain the community needed more poultry products. OSI invested more than twenty million dollars to a expansion of the Toledo production plant. This expansion created twenty new employment positions within the factory. There were already over a hundred and twenty positions at this facility. Chicken production jumped from twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty four thousand tons of chicken products. This expansion also featured eco-friendly and sustainable renovations. The electric usage was cut by nearly twenty percent due to efficient lighting and appliances.

The United Kingdom branch of OSI Food Solutions was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor. This award is granted by the British Safety Council. OSI was one of the eighteen corporations worldwide that has been recognized for their exceptional management of safety risks. In order to be considered for this prestigious award a corporation must first receive a five star rating for their safety management. Every department of a corporation from the factory shop to the executive offices is evaluated during this property audit. Only facilities that show exemplary facilities will earn the five star rating. OSI continues to provide high tech and well maintained facilities all across the globe. This devotion to their communities, customers and employees will continue to show in the recognition and awards that they achieve.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Transform the Healthcare Industry

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the true epitomai of successful leadership. The two have spearheaded the growth of InnovaCare Health, making the company one of the leading healthcare companies in the world. With 20 years experience under his belt, CEO Rick Shinto has showcased brilliance and has been at the forefront of supporting leading innovations in the health sector. Before his service at InnovaCare Health, Shinto was the Vice President in charge of managing the medical department at Medpartners. Shortly after that, he became a senior medical officer at Cal Optima Plan before joining Pathways management as CEO and operations manager.


His success throughout his years quickly gained him recognition for his work. He became the household name for leadership in related medical companies. His impressive work ethic led him to Aveta Inc as one of the managers in the company. These leadership traits have followed him into his current role as CEO of the leading healthcare company InnovaCare Inc. Shinto is the holder of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year award that was awarded to him in 2012.


As the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Kokkinides has been the brains behind some innovations that have significantly transformed the health sector. Before taking up her post at InnovaCare, she was in charge of the Care division at center light health care. Kokkinides credits her success to teamwork. She believes that a great team is what helps a company to come up with ideas and most importantly implement them. She advocates for learning about your business and market trends with the aim of propelling your business forward. To her, it is important to know the current trends and how these can affect the running of your business. One of the things that Kokkinides attributes her success to is being a planner. She values organization and being able to prioritize your tasks based on the most important. For more details visit


Based in North America, InnovaCare Health is a company that provides health services through affordable Medicare programs and use of technology. The company specializes in innovating products that are high quality, affordable and sustainable aimed at improving the healthcare of the patients. All the products are developed to be unique to each client, depending on the need. The company’s medical plans received a boost in 2011 when it was accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. You can check out



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GoBuySide on How They Help Investment Firms

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Many investment firms try to hire professionals to work full time permanently for a project that requires short-term hire. This has led to the decrease in revenue for investment firms. GoBuySide, a recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur, uses strategies of short-term hiring to find professionals that can help investment firms with a short project in need of completion. In addition, GoBuySide has found that professionals in the investment industry prefer short-term positions, instead of long-term permanent job positions. This also helps reduce recruitment cost leading to an increase in revenue, and easier recruitment process leading to more positions being filled.

In continuation, as the investment market becomes riskier and volatile, investment firms require quick response to secure the holdings of their clients. Many investment firms, however, fail to secure these investment holdings due to not being able to recruit fresh talent with specialized skills. GoBuySide uses social network such as LinkedIn, to heavily screen candidates in New York City that excel at their investment firms, and can use their skills under pressure. This helps investment firms not go through catastrophic losses, and to prevent losses thus increasing profits due to an increase in clients. Furthermore, GoBuySide has help recruit professionals using experts in the investment industry, which have the talents to recruit professionals who have a high skill set in their industry.

Arjun Kapur is very talented in the field of business administration, and business recruiting, which is shown from his graduation from Standford University School of Business with a Master of Arts in business administration. Arjun Kapur also graduated from John Hopkins School of Business. Arjun Kapur founded GoBuySide in New York City as a way of simplifying the recruitment platform for many financial firms. The clients of GoBuySide range from over 400 clients in 52 cities and 16 countries world, which include Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, and investment firms. Arjun Kapur believes that GoBuySide necessity for modern technology is due to the change in the volatile job market.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Knows a Lot

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum serves as the Chairman of Orthopedics of Bronxcare Health System in New York City. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for DTC Healthcom and Advisory Chief Program Officer of Swiftpath Program. As internationally respected physicians, he has had much experience in operations leadership, process re-engineering, information technology, innovative design, lecturing, and publishing countless papers. Prior to his present positions, he was Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Kaiser Permanente System an was a Community Health Editor for WebMD.


He first entered the medical field by earning a B.S from Brown University in 1979, followed by a graduate degree from Albert Einstien College of Medicine where he did his residency. He spent time in further reconstructive surgery training at Thomas Jefferson University. He says he begins his work each day with a meeting with the administrators of his department. Throughout each week he also makes sure to meet with all of the surgeons and doctors under him. He says that the rest of his day look different based on the day.


He spends some days just treating patients while other days are spent entirely working on different projects. Kirschenbaum freely admits that he is not entirely self-reliant in his work. He is always very committed to working well with a good team. He is also clear that there are always people out there who are doing what he does, but better. When he finds such people, he always seeks to learn from them. He is most excited by the value-based healthcare trend. He is very positive about the future of the healthcare world in general.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is not in a hurry about anything. He knows everything that is done well is done slowly yet surely. He is committed to making America a better and healthier place.


Building With Compassion: Robert Ivy

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Robert Ivy serves as the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Robert attained a BA degree from Sewanee: The University Of South during 1969; and a Masters degree from The Tulane University in 1976. As a lead article editor for the Architectural Record, the distribution accumulated a plenitude of honors. More than 30 distinct awards altogether.

Amid 2009, Robert Ivy was the beneficiary of the Crain Award. This acknowledgment is the most elevated award given by The American Business Media Association. Different honors he got over the years was the McGraw-Hill grant for magnificence in 1998 and Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi amid March of 2010. Before that, he distributed a definitive account entitled Fay Jones: Architect. The book is as of now in it’s third release and exhibits the stellar work on the designer who was under the apprenticeship of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Amid spring of 2018, Robert Ivy got the high accolade: the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, given by the prestigious Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This honor is given by dynamic Mississippi associated workmanship supporters. He is the primary draftsman to ever get the esteemed honor. Robert joins different pioneers, for example, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Eudora Welty to give some examples. MIAL President Nancy LaForge expressed that there is nobody else from Mississippi like Mr. Robert Ivy with regards to making engineering more open to the global overall population. AIA President Carl Elefante specified that Robert is a commendable minister for the calling of engineering. He has a marvelous resume that has earned him this high honor, among incalculable different acknowledgments over his protracted profession. CEO of AIA has a known notoriety that goes before him and it creates the impression that his enthusiasm for the planner business will keep on propelling in the greater part of his undertakings.


How Peter Briger grew to become one of the most influential figures in the realm of asset management

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Time and time again, Peter Briger has proved to be an incredibly priceless asset for one of the leading asset management firms, Fortress Investment group. Ever since he made his way to the company, Peter has done nothing but bring success to it a factor that has seen him get rewarded generously. For instance, today, Briger is among the wealthiest people in the world and was even ranked on Forbes elite list of the top 400 business professionals.

How did he get here?

Peter Briger did not wake up to find himself as head of Fortress’s credit and real estate department. Instead, he has had to smart his way up through sheer hard work, excellent leadership skills and dedication. He cast the sails for his career at Princeton University where he earned his BA before moving to the University of Penn where he graduated with an MBA. Fresh from school and with freshly instilled skills, Peter joined Goldman Sachs &Co which was then still in its development stages. His involvement with the company helped grow it, and today it is among one of the most recognized firms in undervalued assets.

Peter’s fifteen years at the company helped set the foundation for his career at Fortress as he was involved in real estate and credit businesses, thus making him the ideal candidate for FIG’s credit division. He also served various committees such as the Asian management committee a factor that made him even more valuable to Fortress as he had the connections that would help the company achieve its objectives.

Fifteen years later, Peter Briger joined Fortress as a manager but with his level of prowess, he was soon appointed principal, and since then he has never looked back at all. Through the credit division which he heads, Peter Briger in conjunction with the other two principals continues to set the pace for other asset management firms. Today, Fortress manages assets of more than 1750 investors in different sectors which are worth approximately $65 billion and had grown into a global conglomerate with over 900 employees.

When he is not busy being head of Fortress Investment’s credit fund, Peter Briger is often busy giving back to the community. For instance, he is one of the main sponsors of the Princeton’s alumni entrepreneurs funds, which seeks to ensure that those who complete their studies at the facility achieve self-reliance by funding their startup ideas. Briger is also a member of the Silicon Valley leadership council, a platform dedicated to alleviating poverty and is part of New York’s central park conservation team.

Ara Chackerian: Passion Is the Invisible Seed behind Any Great Success

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Most of the great ideas people have come from their life experiences. Ideas are good in making you what you intend to become. However, you must adjust your life to make these ideas practical. Ara Chackerian has used this perception to become the celebrated figure he is today. He had gleaming ideas on how human life could be enhanced. Besides being a passionate philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur, Ara is the co-founder of a company that offers the depression patients quality treatments. The company he co-founded is known as TMS Health Solutions. He also serves at ASC Capital Holdings as the managing partner.


From the way Ara interacts with various healthcare companies, it’s evident he is passionate about health. ASC Capital Holding works with different healthcare companies, especially when at their initial stages. Patients in need of transcranial magnetic stimulation find TMS Solutions a reliable source of their treatment. When people suffering from depression don’t seem to respond to the treatments given, their relatives introduce them to the treatments TMS Health Solutions offers. Technology has influenced Ara Chackerian to develop an irresistible passion for the healthcare industry. Entrepreneurship and investing define Ara’s career. You can visit



Ara has been involved in building various healthcare companies such as MBC Diagnostics, Embion Links, and PipelinePx among others. His passion and committed to seeing healthcare improved have seen him serve in some of these companies at the board management level. Something most people don’t know about Ara is his zeal for the environment besides being extra passionate about healthcare. Limonapa is among the various environmental projects Ara has supported with all his heart. Limonapa is a great reforestation project Ara supported in Nicaragua. When Ara is not in the healthcare or reforestation activities, he is engaged in the development projects for the youth.


Digital health excites Ara in a great way. He says technology is crucial in the healthcare industry since it increases its value. With algorithms, Ara Chackerian says it’s easier to identify the communication patterns the depression patients use. He says telemedicine and digital healthcare can accurately determine human behavior. One thing that has made Ara successful is his ability to choose the right business partners. He asserts that business partners can help you succeed or make you fail. You can visit their Twitter page.


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Organo Gold: Gourmet Beverages

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With so many different choices of morning beverages out there, finding the perfect cup of pick-me-up can be quite difficult. Organo Gold offers the perfect blend of gourmet ingredients and it also enhances the flavors and energy of each product naturally. This company of exquisite morning beverages was founded in 1997 and loved ever since by many. Organo Gold is a beverage brand that has a variety of mixes and flavors of coffee and tea. Among great coffees and teas, Organo Gold also offers engery deinks that have less sugar than other brands. Visit to know more about Organo Gold. The most popular product form Organo Gold is their Gourmet Black Coffee. This coffee is a robust blend that has no added sugar and contains Ganoderma mushrooms. These mushrooms add a nutty flavor to the coffee, which helps balance the bold, smooth, and rich taste. Another popular product offered from Organo Gold is their Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee; this coffee is robust and rich and contains Ganoderma lucidum spore powder. A few beverages that Organo Gold offers are Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme, hot Cocoa, Green and Red Tea, and Black Ice. Black ice is an iced tea mix that is perfect for a hot summer’s day; it contains natural energy boosters. Organo Gold’s Gourmet Café Mocha has a smooth and rich chocolate flavor and contains Ganoderma lucidum. Read more at about Organo Gold.The ingredient that is mostly used through Organo Gold’s beverages is the Ganoderma mushroom. These mushrooms are one of the oldest to be used by the Chinese for herbs. Ganoderma mushroom’s spores are known to be a natural medicine and are full of polysaccharides, triterpene, nucleoside, and germanium. These mushrooms also contain vitamins and amino acids. Everyone enjoys a great cup of morning beverage, whether it be coffee, tea, or lattes, Organo Gold offers all of these and they are delicious. Organo Gold is known around the world to have great tasting and beneficial products; so if you are on the search of exquisite beverages, look no further than Organo Gold.


How Herbalife Is Advancing With Technology

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Herbalife Nutrition did not just easily become a leading nutrition supplement company. This company has made major moves since 1980. Because of the moves this company has made it has garnered a well-respected reputation. The supplement company has a wide range or products and services. Their services include nutritional programs that allow for customers to asses their nutritional needs and plan ways of meeting those needs. Customers get the chance to work with staff to create ways to deal with obesity, fitness, dieting and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. This supplement company has worked to make sure they offer the best products on the environment. All of their products on manufactured in their company regulated factories. So, rest assured that these products have passed serious health code standards. The nutrition company has many independent distributors working in ninety different countries. These independent distributors work to provide products to customers.


Herbalife has a bright future ahead of them. They are an innovative company. When the supplement industry began to evolve, they kept up with the fast pace of things. The company worked with technology experts to craft an artful system of technologies to enable staff and customers to benefit more from the company. The artificial intelligence technology the company will be adding to their operations in the near future was designed with the customer in mind and moving customers into the future of the high tech nutritional supplement businesses.

The artificial intelligence technology has many great features. One of the features is how this new technology will allow customers to be heard. They will be able to speak about their concerns and desires. Staff will be able to reciprocate with messaging and understanding their needs. The technology will be a digital assistant. It will assist customers with frequently asked questions. There will no longer be a wait time for responses when regarding the most asked and important questions. Additionally, the new artificial intelligence technology will be a great business tool for the independent distributors needing to manage customer information, sells, products and communication. Customers will benefit from being able to get into direct contact with their assigned independent distributor.