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“The Frontera Fund: Seeking Justice & Help for Civil Rights Groups Everywhere!”

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It is a shocking fact that according to the centers for Disease Control, the top two conditions that are responsible for Native American deaths on reservations is heart disease and cancer. The third is accidental deaths due to poor living conditions and inadequate supplies as poverty is a sad fact of life that is overwhelmingly common for most families living on reservations.

If it were not for many traveling doctors and nurses who are indigenous nations people themselves who have taken an avid interest in the health of their people, many poor health conditions and needs would go unmet.

While groups like Borders without Doctors are very important and well-appreciated for all they do and offer tribal communities, it’s even more vital that the communities themselves invest in health careers. In this way, American Indian people can begin to help their own communities and even inspire other tribal members of the rewarding medical careers that are available to them. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The American Indian nurses Association is a civil rights group consisting of tribal members who either are nurses or medical assistants that are committed to improving the health and living conditions of all American Indians throughout the United States.

The AINA can be found hosting health screenings, supplying donated medicines for critically ill Natives, providing furthered educational programs concerning Indian health and a host of other vital work that has improved the lives of people living on reservations that are underprivileged and largely neglected by the government.

The AINA exists solely out of generous donations and sponsorships from charitable groups and funds like the Frontera Fund that is owned and operated by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The Frontera Fund was established from a loss suit the two journalists won after gross misconduct and wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio when the two exposed his misgivings in their local Arizona newspaper. After an outraged cry from local residents for their release, Arpaio let them go 24 hrs. later and dropped all charges.

A whopping $3.75 million was ordered by the courts as restitution and Larking and Lacey have been working hard to make sure immigrants and others are not discriminated against and receive their own compensation.

The two have supported many wonderful noble causes since the fund’s establishment including the Center for Neighborhood Leadership which trains young family members in valuable skills and other impertinent knowledge for earning an income.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on the Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio, America’s Worst Sheriff

Fighting for What is Right

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People become migrants for a variety of personal reasons. It means they live and work in a different country than they were born in. Depending on the place and the circumstances, their vulnerability to human rights violations is much higher than with other groups.

People working on farms or in factories have in the past experienced breaches of human rights as well as their dignity in the hands of their employers. Many migrants move to another country for a better life, and many are escaping poverty and war. All migrants should be treated with respect, and several organisations are fighting for human rights of migrants.

Human Rights for Everyone

People all over the world believe that human rights should be universal and it doesn’t matter what kind of background people come from. International Federation for Human Rights has 184 such organisations on their list.

Over a 100 countries have at least one human rights organisation looking after citizens and non-citizens alike. The Federation has an interactive map on their website, listing all the NGOs they have accounted for.

One particular organisation people should know more about is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The story of its birth is one of intrigue. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists. Their life was turned upside down when they were kidnapped. The perpetrators wanted both to reveal sensitive information about Sheriff in the Maricopa County. Apparently, they had some incriminating information.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Afterwards, both men were arrested, and police questioned them about the sources and even readers. Lacey and Larkin did not only give up their sources because they believed their detention to be unlawful. Therefore they sued the County.

Help People in Need

Both have been in and out of court for quite a while now, but they won the settlement against the County leaving with 3.75 million dollars as settlement money.

Their experiences inspired Lacey and Larkin to use the money to do something good for others. They worked together and are both co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media in Arizona, and their idea was to help migrants in Arizona who were otherwise struggling.

Many migrants don’t have access to education and information they need to exercise their rights, get a job and even become full citizens of the US. In many cases, they don’t speak the language, so they have no idea who to ask for help in such matters. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund aims to help people in need. They also support other funds fighting for migrants’ rights. They believe that people should not be treated differently simply because of their skin colour or country of origin.

Lacey and Larkin are passionate about the job they do, and they are passionate about the communities they want to help. Both live in Arizona, so they see this kind of profiling every day as well as the struggles of people who face danger and abuse because of their lack of knowledge or resources, including legal help and education.

How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have Enabled Hispanic Immigrants to have better lives in the U.S

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are renowned Arizona-based journalists who have been fighting for the rights of Hispanic immigrants in the United States for many years. They own Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, which are trusted news outlets.

In the past, the journalists wrote several stories about how the then sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, abused his power by harassing Mexican immigrants across the state. The stories made the sheriff order for their arrest in October 2007. The detention of Michael and Jim was illegal since the sheriff department did not have a valid warrant.

They filed a lawsuit against the Joe Arpaio and his deputies for violating their rights. In 2013, they were awarded a settlement fee of $3.75 million, and they used it in founding the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They have been using the charity organization to fund groups and individuals who advocate for civil, human, and immigrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The foundation is a benefactor of the Aliento, which is an organization that was established by undocumented youths who live in Arizona. It has been using art and campaigns in improving the lives of the Hispanic community.

The group has also been striving to protect the Arizona-based immigrants who are under the DACA programs. It is committed to defending the DACA plan in Arizona and other American states.

Aliento empowers DACA-eligible individuals by addressing issues that are based on immigration, providing leadership training, healing, and pro-educational programs. It is currently planning for a retreat that will be held in two states to inform beneficiaries and activist of the DACA program about their rights.

Aliento is committed to working with DREAMers to make sure that young people are encouraged to make sure that immigrant children and their families are supported by politicians. It has also been motivating Arizona-based schools, businesses, and churches to support the dreams of the Hispanic youths.

Reyna Montoya, who is Aliento’s founder, believes that the Trump administration has been harsh to immigrants and DACA beneficiaries are no longer assured of their future in the United States.

The policies of President Trump have made more than one million DACA-eligible and undocumented youths to fights for their rights in the United States. The government may decide to close the DACA program, and therefore, many immigrants will be deported.

Arizona also has several laws that target undocumented immigrants by denying them the chance to have driving licenses and also join higher learning institutions. Because of this legislations, only 7 percent of the undocumented Mexican immigrants have joined U.S colleges and universities. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Fundación México also receives donations from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The main offices of the organization are located in southern Arizona. Fundación México is devoted to providing private scholarships to DACA-eligible youths who excel academically.

The high tuition fee that has been set for undocumented individuals in Arizona has made it difficult for them to join higher learning institutions. These people are also blocked from being beneficiaries of public funds. Immigrants have had to set up private scholarship programs to support their children.

Championing the rights of those who can’t; Thor Havlorssen

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They say that the events that we pass through as children have a lot to do with who we eventually become. This story is true for one Thor Havlorssen. Thor is a Venezuelan human rights activist who also has some Norwegian heritage. He seems to have been born to be an activist because both his parents come from a lineage of great community leaders and were also activists. When Thor was a little boy, he had to watch his father get mistreated and even jailed by a dictatorial regime in Venezuela. His mother, Hilda Mendoza, was also shot during a peaceful protest against an oppressive regime.

What seems to have irked Thor the most regarding the incident, which he himself reported about was the fact that the perpetrators of the crime were arrested, released and even after being tried and found guilty, they were sentenced to only three years. To add salt to injury, they were released after serving a mere 3 month jail term. He realized that human rights were not applicable to all and started his movement, The Human Rights Foundation. Through the foundation, he has been able to champion the rights of individuals and human rights groups from across the globe.

Thor Havlorssen has been involved in a number of large scale matches, movements and events that are meant to create awareness about human rights. His annual event, The Human Rights Conference is one of the most notable annual events on the globe. He has also been directly involved with some tough situations when trying to make the voices of the people being denied their rights heard. It is to be noted that a while back, he escaped narrowly from Vietnam where he had been covering an inmate’s suffering story. His cameramen had to use tricks to hide footage of the entire ordeal.Thor believes that the most important discussion that should be taking place in the nations should be the plight of those who are oppressed by dictatorial regimes and other complications. He states that he only respects a person based on the types of things that they believe in.

Thor Halvorssen: The Tyrant’s Source of Trouble

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Thor Halvorssen was born in 1976. He is a Venezuelan human rights seeker and film producer with multiple contributions in the public interest, public policy civil liberties, pre-democracy, and good individual advocacy. Thor Halvorssen is the founder of The Oslo Human Rights Forum based in New York with annual gatherings described as a human rights festival. While the foundation was maturing, its primary source of funding was the Davos Economic Forum. Thor Halvorssen is the current president of the Human Rights Foundation. This is a non-profit organization devoted to global freedom and human rights. He is the Czech-based Children Peace Movement’s patron. He is also the founder and CEO of the Moving Picture Institute.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to Hilda Mendoza and Thor Hellum. His Linkedin, His mother, Hilda Mendoza.she was a descendant of the first president of the country. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was a descendant of the ruling dynasty of kings in Norway. For the anti-narcotics affairs in Carlos Andre’s administration, his father worked as the Venezuelan Ambassador. He was also a special oversight investigator of the Venezuelan Commission of Senates .

Thor Halvorssen attended Pennsylvania University and graduated with a History and Political Science degree. When Thor Halvorssen was a first-year student at the university, his father was arrested in 1993 following his investigation on the Medellin cartel on money laundering activities. He was beaten, tortured, and threatened to be killed by the police. His father also led the 74-day campaign on the carcass terrorism charges. Thor Halvorssen also led a special campaign to have his father released from jail and gathered help from The International Amnesty. For all the alleged charges, his father was found innocent. He was then appointed as the director of the UN-affiliated Human Rights International Society of the Pan-American Committee.

While attending a 204-eaceful protest in Venezuela, his mother was shot in the leg by police. There was file footage showing the events that took place during that day. The national television aired the proceedings on the public view. The gunmen actions were all-over the national news. For this reason, the government apologized for the occurrence and more information click here.