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Getting Friends on Skout

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Making friends online has never been easier. There are so many different ways because there are so many social media platforms for people to consider. Skout has amazed a lot of people and become the front runner for meeting because it allows people to do so many things when they become registered users.

There are some that are going to utilize the site in order to build a friendship with others. Others will decide to contact possible job leads. There are still others that may utilize an app like Skout for dating purposes. There are so many things that can be done with this type of app, but many people are simply using it to chat and make friends.

There is a survey that is posted on the Skout site that notes that three out of four people have online friends that they have never met in person. This is becoming a lot more common because people like to explore and get to know other people outside of their culture. There are actually millions of users that are registered on this site. That makes it relatively easy for someone from New York to socialize with someone in Seattle or Los Angeles. It also gives way to international communication. There are people in Canada that can communicate with other people that may live in Brazil or the United Kingdom.

Skout simply makes it a lot easier for people to communicate with someone that they may never get the chance to meet. This can be a lot of fun at times because it allows you to learn about new cultures and experience places that you may never visit through the eyes of friends that you acquired online. It is also a good way to discover if certain areas will be places that you might like to consider for vacationing. Many people do utilize apps like this are prone to visit several sites and build their profiles. This allows them to talk to many different types of people from all walks of life.

A lot of people make friends online simply because they are bored and they want something new and exciting. Others may decide to develop friendships because they like having friends that they can tell all of their deepest darkest secrets to without the fear of these long-distance friends telling anyone that is inside of their close circle of local friends.

With Cleaning Services through an App, Handy Fills a Niche

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A simple solution to a common problem has blossomed into a multimillion dollar operation for two young businessmen. Handy services puts cleaning and handyman services at immediate access to those who need them with the simple touch of a smart phone app.
Called the Uber of home cleaning services, after the sucessful ride sharing service, Handy’s business has mushroomed in a matter of three years.

In 2011, founder Oisin Hanrahan was in the business of renovating old apartments in Europe. He found it difficult to find reliable help for small jobs such as cleaning, repairing fixtures and painting.

After moving to the US to attend the Harvard Business School, he found the same problem existed. With the help of college pal Umang Dua, Handybook (now simply Handy) was founded. The returns were beyond their expectations.

In a few short years, Handy on apple app now operates in 25 cities in the US, and is opening a branch in London. Handy now manages 5000 independent contractors and $1 million in jobs per week. Though the majority of services contracted for are cleaning services, Handy is now branching out into plumbing and handyman services.

How it works

Those in need of services download the iphone app or android app through Google Play, or through their website at For cleaning services, the user simply taps the number of rooms to be cleaned and the date and time for work to begin.

A price quote is returned immediately. Payment for services is done electronically via the phone app or website. The work can begin as soon as the next day. Screening contractors and chasing down estimates is previously done by Handy.

The Contractors

To date, more than 200,000 independent contractors have applied to Handy offering their services. But Handy has proven to be picky about those it allows to operate with them. All contractors must submit to background checks, go through a personal interview and provide references. Out of those who apply, only roughly three percent are accepted.
Most are the heads of single families seeking to earn a little extra money, and the pay is reasonable. Average pay is $18 per hour. To date, more than 5000 service providers finish at least one job per month. Contractors themselves are permitted flexible hours, notifying the company when they can work before their service offers are posted.

Things One Might not Expect in a Booking Service

Independent contractors for Handy prefer to be paid on the books, rather than under the table or off the books. Those wanting to finance a car or buy a home want and need to show reported income.

Handy offers a 100 percent money back guarantee and pays replacement cost in the event something is damaged.