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The unconventional face in the world of makeup, Doe Deere

Published / by FitGuru

The founder and a CEO of the makeup line called Lime Crime, Doe Deere has a goal to prove that makeup does a lot more than just covering imperfections, that it is a form of self- expression and freedom. To her, being beautiful is not about what looks best or what is natural, but what feels right. Having this in mind, she launched her own makeup line of magical, cruelty- free, colorful, vibrant, bold, intensely pigmented products.
Doe claims that she patiently waits for inspiration, and sometimes it even takes weeks or months, but when she gets inspired, she acts decisively and swiftly. When she creates a new product, she insists on trying it on herself first as that is the only way for her to be sure that it is authentic – she must live and feel the product before it goes into production.
She sees numerous advantages to shopping makeup online, as there you have access to unlimited amount of innovative ways to get products. Lime Crime was among the first makeup companies to strongly focus on e-commerce. In 2008, when it all started, she remembers that the experts told her that selling lipsticks online is impossible as women want to try them on first, but she disagreed. She felt that if the presentation is correct and high quality, then she would succeed in selling online. Lime Crime, a part of that undertaking, was first to introduce on the on-lip swatch of lipsticks – you are shown the color on the actual lips and just a swiped or crushed color. This idea started to appear in the campaigns of numerous makeup brands, and now, it has become the standard in the industry. They continue to bring innovations in the area of e-commerce so as to create the best possible interactive experience of shopping for makeup lovers all over the world.
From her career and experience, she gives the advice to all young women to always follow their dreams and heart because she firmly believes that everyone has in them something special, some unique quality or skill that no one in the world but them has, and once when you realize that, you start to reach towards your truest potential. She always advises and tells everyone to go for what they love, whatever that may be and explore that completely. She knows that it is really important to truly get to know yourself in order to reach your best potential because, while growing up and all her life, she felt alone and different in the way she thinks. She realized later that that was not true and that there were many people out there who were just like her and felt strongly about the same things as her, so she embraced her difference and turned it into the unique makeup line of her own. She claims that being different is what sets you apart from everyone else and Lime Crime is all about expressing your artistic skills, creativity and imagination and being what you want.