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Dallas Bank On Top Of Unsecured Note Offerings.

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NexBank is a company offering financial services located in Dallas TX. In early September they announced that they were going to increase the amount of private placement of senior unsecred notes. This increase was $25 million dollars. Which is up from $50 million to the new figure of $75 million.

The procceds of this offering will be used to secure growth capital for general purposes and it’s banking subsidiary. Acting as the sole placement agent of these notes is currently Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.

NexBank Increases Senior Unsecured Notes Offering to $75 Million

Some important information about these notes is, they have a stated maturity date of March 16, 2026 and they bear an intrest rate that is fixed at a rate of 5.50% for a five year period. After that they will have a floating rate which is based on a spread higher than 3 months LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. They are also non-callable for five years. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency upgraded this set of notes to BBB with a stable outlook for a standard BBB rating.

Some Important Things To Understand About NexBank Capital INC.

NexBank Capital offers their financial services to people in a number of ways. There are three major types of financial services NexBank offers. First they have a Commercial Banking division. This section offers help to business people. Next they have an Institutional services division and third, a Mortgage Banking section. Their main services are to clients of financial institutions, nationwide corporations and clients of an institutional nature.

One thing is for sure, all of their clients know the name NexBank and understand what it represents. Each client likes the ideas and principals of the company and trusts NexBank to offer them the highest levels of financial products and financial services in the industry. NexBank is helping the business people of the modern world reach their goals by providing them with the tools they need for their financials.