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Lifestyle Vlogger Wengie Breaks Down Ten Period Hacks All Girls Should Know

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Wengie, the beauty and lifestyle vlogger and YouTuber, talks periods in this hack video. She gets a little TMI in this video, but that’s hardly out of the ordinary for Wengie!


Of course, all people who menstruate know that “that time of the month” can be at best a hindrance and at worst an actual nightmare. So knowing the best of the best for hacking your period is a must.


Wengie talks about diet in her video, which can play an important part in managing things like cramps. Calcium has been shown to help, which can be found in milk and lots of veggies, which Wengie recommends. Dark chocolate can also help alleviate cramps – and, of course, cravings!


On the other side of the coin, removing certain things from your diet can also help. Caffeine actually ups the hormones that cause cramps, so switching out your coffee or normal caffeinated beverage during your period can lessen cramps.


She also demonstrates how to make a reusable heating pad using rice and some fabric. She recommends leaving the heating pad only about three-quarters full to make it more flexible and contouring.


And of course, anyone with a period knows that stains and accidents are inevitable, but stains can be removed using ice cold water (don’t use hot!) and laundry detergent. Another helpful tip for dealing with stains is to simply have a set of period undies, preferably in dark colors, that you simply don’t care about ruining. The dark colors won’t show stains as much either.


Wengie also talks about desperate times, like going someplace where you can take a bag. For these situations, she has two solutions: tucking products into your bra or double-lining your underwear with two pads by placing on top of the other so that you can just take the top one off, toss it, and be ready to go.