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Ted Bauman Insights On Financial Freedom

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Among the many things that would make one rise up early and retreat late is making it in life. Finances in the contemporary world have become another one of ‘Abraham Maslow’s need’. The world we are in today is very dynamic, posing different challenges and issues with every sunrise. However, money has resorted to solving a host of issues. Ted Bauman realized this very young in his career and has spent a lot of his resource time studying how safe and less risk one can invest.

Finances being something that touches on the lives of all, he has become as popular as he is passionate about money matters and people get to be thrilled by his wisdom. He does not shy away from whistleblowing whenever he foresees an opportunity and likewise when the future appears gloomy. He has made public, that technology is an area people should invest in and outlines some special opportunities in blockchain, cryptocurrency and in the stock market. for instance, he recently said that Amazon is not a monopoly and should not enjoy such a position without getting innovative. Ted Bauman said that it is subject to vulnerability despite the fact that it is an established brand.

Ted Bauman is keen on matters of asset protection, wealth creation, privacy, low-risk investment strategies, and international migrations. Following his personal and financial experience, he has written various eye-opening pieces to help people get financial freedom desired by all.

About Ted Bauman

Ted hails from Washington D.C. however, his family relocated to the South Africa where he has since then been residing. He is an Economics and History graduate from University of Cape Town. Ted then began his professional life as a finance assistant, later the fund manager at Slum Dwellers International and has since then worked with a number of government and international agencies. At one time he worked with the United Nations as the Director for the International Programs in 2008.

Today, he is an Editor at Bayan Hill Publishing firm where he focusses on finance and money topics. He also published a periodical Bauman Letter which talks about wealth creation and protection. Ted Bauman also writes at Alpha Stock Alert, Smart Money, and has been severally featured on media interviews.

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Alex Hern: Moving One Step at a Time

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Alex Hern is a man who knows the meaning of the word entrepreneur. He has been a successful one for more than twenty-five years. He has worked with major companies as well as small ones by helping them build up resources in order to compete. His areas of expertise include computers and cybersecurity. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Alex Hern where the idea for his new venture came from, what his day is usually like, and advice he would give to others in the field. Alex Hern says that he always had a passion for computer and his new company Tsunami.

It is a platform based company that allows clients and companies to use the latest technology to get ahead in the business. He says that platforms can be used anywhere in the world on many different types of devices like personal computers, tablets, and phones. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the world of cyberspace. Alex Hern is a man who is busy most of the time during the day. He says that he focuses on one key task each day in order to move the company forward. He spends most of his day doing one thing and one thing only. He says that multi-tasking is a big mistake in companies today because people lose focus on what they are doing and can miss opportunities that are right in front of them.

The main reason that Alex focuses on one thing at a time is to be able to reach his daily goals and this makes the company better as well.When it comes to giving advice to others Alex Hern points out that people must make the right decision in the long run for the company. People must learn to take their time and make sure to make the proper decision. This is key if a company wants to survive.These are a few things that Alex Hern does each day to move forward. Taking things one step at a time is the best approach. After more than twenty-five years he should definitely know.

About Alex Hern:

The CEO of OSI Group Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin serves as the C.E.O and Chairman of OSI Group Industries. Lavin is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd, which is well known for meat and food processing. The name was changed when Sheldon Lavin began working with OSI Group; it was previously Otto & Sons.

He has helped revolutionize a company that was made from scratch and is now globally recognized. OSI Group now has offices in over sixty different countries all over the world; Sheldon has really done a great job in helping the company to achieve untold success. He has been part of the company for a very long time and he does not intend to resign anytime soon.

History of Lavin’s Education and Work Background

He studied accounting and finance, which has greatly aided him in his success. In the past, he worked in places such as The Sheba Foundation, where he served as the President of OSI Group and he was also the director of the Northeast Bank.

Sheldon’s role in OSI Group

He worked hard to expand the operations of the company globally. He revolutionized the processing business which deals with meat and food in several continents. He mainly focuses towards operations which are large scale, and have enabled the company to supply complex chains. Sheldon belief in teamwork is what works best, and also having a close team of working ambitious individuals. His knowledge about the technological changes and consumer preferences has ensured that the company remains successful. Lavin has dedicated his life to provide for others.

Sheldon Lavin’s history of the OSI Group

Otto & Sons Company was one of the firms that had the full potential to become one of the largest providers to the McDonald’s Establishment. The company underwent rough financial problems, and thus losing the opportunity as they failed to deliver as required. Luckily, Sheldon Lavin was employed as a consultant to the corporation and he helped raise it to immense success and growth.

Sheldon Lavin assisted in sourcing funds for the business and investments overseas in 1975. It was during this time that Mr. Otto retired from business, and Sheldon formed a partnership with the sons. The company’s name was changed to the OSI Group with the aim of creating a larger clientele base around the world.

OSI Group Long and Successful Journey

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OSI Group is among the leading food providers in the world with over 20,000 workers at their 65 facilities that are found in 17 countries. The firm was named the 58th largest private firm by Forbes in 2016 with a 6.1 billion dollars net worth. It has a humble beginning to a large corporate kind of story that dates back to the 20th century. The firm is as a result of the American Immigrant Experience. In the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky was one of the members of the growing German immigrant population that was in Chicago, Illinois. About a quarter of the whole city’s population was made up of people of the German descent. In 1909, only two years after arriving in the U.S, Kolschowsky opened an undersized retail meat market and a butcher shop to be serving the community around him.

With the proper business that he was doing, ten years later at the end of the 1st world war, Kolschowsky was able to expand his business to large wholesale business. By the time he was able to open another store in Maywood. By 1928, the business had grown to a family owned company that rebranded itself as Otto & Sons. For decades, the firm was able to grow as a thriving local business and was of the essence to the American community. In 1975, The Otto & Sons Company became OSI Industries. Today, OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the CEO, the firm have embraced new technologies and strategies that has increased its efficiency and decrease in Company’s environmental footprint of operations.

Due to this efforts to ensure that the firm has continued to produce food in the most sustainable and environmentally friendliest way, the firm and Lavin himself have received several sustainability Awards. Some of these awards include Global Visionary Award, California Green Business Award, British Safety council’s Globe of honor, North American Meat Institute Environmental award and many more. According to Lavin, the Awards are the crowning they get for the achievements they have made in the long career business of OSI Group. The management of OSI Group ensures that they consider the issue of Sustainability when they are making operational decisions.

OG Juan’s Story Behind the Success of the New Album Everything Is Love By JAY-Z and Beyonce

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Roc- La-Familia is a renowned American record label which was initially founded by JAY-Z. OG Juan was then elected as the president of the label Roc-La-Familia. Also known by the former name of OG Juan Perez was bornin Harlem and raised in there too. He was first introduced to JAY-Z in the year 1996 when he was made known about the Roc Nation icon through the source of Kareem Biggs who is also the one of the founder of Roc-S-Fella records. Both of them were driven by the same interest and hence went into a joint venture together in the year 2003.

In a very recent event, Jay-Z and Beyoncé released their new debut album. The album was released under the name of one of a newly formed powerhouse of OG Juan and Desiree Perez called The Carter. The album is known by the name of “Everything is love” and released in the 16th of June. The Carter, or also said to be the power team of OG Juan and his wife Desiree is said to have explores several themes far beyond the scope of their family. They have been allies for a very long time in the industry and strong supports of the power house Roc Nation records.

Their skill and creativity is what has made the record label as successful as it is today. OG Juan had been helping to run the studios and record label with JAY-Z for the longest of time now. Together they had joined to launch the Rock-La-Familia which is another very successful record label of the time. OG Juan and Desiree also were features in the front page of celebrity news this year and fro the extravagant birthday celebration of OG Juan who is also a dear friend and associate of JAY-Z and the former singer left no leaf unturned in splurging for OG Juan’s birthday.

Business lessons from Adam Milstein

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Adam Milstein is not only a real estate investor but also a very reputable philanthropist. He is mostly known for having respect for his roots and working towards uplifting the living standards of his natives. He actualizes this through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, of which he is the president of. Adam milstein enthusiasm for uplifting people from where he came from probably came from the hardships he had to face in the USA when he went to USC to take up an MBA in entrepreneurship. Most people and organizations offered him opportunities that he felt were not good enough. To some extent, he felt that this was partial because he was a native of a place with relatively lower living standards.

With his focus, he has currently become a very reputable entrepreneur. Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. To get to where he currently is, he has gone through so much, just like other entrepreneurs. Similarly, he has been able to learn so much through experience. The greatest lesson, however, is that one ought to personally experience an issue, to personally scrutinize it so that they can have an idea of what the best possible solution for the same would be. This is unlike most entrepreneurs who instead use conventional solutions idealized by other entrepreneurs in the past. Probably, need to personally experience all these aspects is what causes him to have a weakness in having other people oversee projects for him. That is why he opted to be the managing instead of the dormant partner in the business.

He is a source of motivation for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Adam milstein advises that they should be self-driven and not to listen to critics because they cannot totally put themselves in their shoes. Taking all chances and opportunities that present themselves should be a virtue every entrepreneur should aspire to have. All the opportunities not taken is equivalent to all the opportunities that one would miss out on a possibly very successful future. Being able to strike a balance between family and work also ought to be pursued. A successful social life is also as important as success in business.

Lacey and Larkin react to Arpaio pardon

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists who have endured the pain of working in the media industry. They have been mistreated for doing their work of informing the people and exposing the wrongs that happen in the society. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The torture they underwent under the leadership of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County was one of the worst in their lifetime. Joe Arpaio was a rogue officer who used to refer to himself as the “Toughest Sheriff in America.”

His toughness was however not objective. He used to discriminate the people based on the origin. The immigrants in the country were the most affected by the rogue activities of the Sheriff. He used to look at them from the angle of illegitimate people who had moved to the United States to make the lives of the residents hard.

Arpaio believes that the immigrants caused the financial challenges facing the country and the only solution is to eject them from the country. He led the war against immigration from the front by making sure that no immigrant was allowed in the country without the necessary documentation. In Maricopa County, many Latinos were affected by the eviction since the number of immigrants in the county was very high.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were tortured by Joe Arpaio because they had used the media outlets they owned to expose the illegal activities of the Sheriff. Joe Arpaio used to hide behind closed doors while making orders that led to harassment of the immigrants. However, this would not last forever as he would be exposed by Lacey and Larkin later.

They showed that he was the one ordering for the harassment and eviction of immigrants illegally. The eviction process was done with least respect for the rights of the people. Immigrants were arrested and placed behind bars having done nothing wrong.

Many people who were arrested were arrested just because they looked “suspicious.” This is the worst form of discrimination that can ever happen in this century. Joe Arpaio managed to do all these things under the office of the Sheriff for 24 years until he was removed from the seat after failing to win the seat in 2016. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

After he was dethroned, it looked like he would finally face justice for the crimes he had committed but this was no longer the case. He would be pardoned by President Trump who had just gained powers. Under the US laws, presidential pardons are allowed with no question from any other authority.

President Trump supported the actions of the former sheriff, and that is how he managed to avoid sentencing for the illegalities he had committed while he was the sheriff.

For all the wrongs he committed over two decades, he never faced charges because Donald Trump saved him. Lacey and Larkin have voiced their concerns for the issue that happened in the county for the two decades Arpaio was in power. They have registered their discontentment with the action taken by president Trump.

Secrets behind the Incredible Rise Roberto Santiago Has In the Corporate World

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People today don’t just go out to shop for the things they need. They, however, go shopping expecting a shopping experience that is fulfilling and exciting. One thing that has made shoppers happy with their shopping experience is when they can shop everything they need under one roof. It’s no secret that this would not be possible without shopping malls. This is why Roberto Santiago has become famous for building one of the greatest and excellent shopping mall in Brazil. When a city has several malls running, the real estate market thrives speedily in that area. Roberto is one of the people behind the mall construction boom in Brazil. His main aim is ensuring the shopping experience has been redefined especially in Southern America.



Manaira Shopping is a great shopping mall that Roberto operates and owns. The location of this premier retail center is Joao Pessoa. The most exciting part about this mall is that it has allowed the members of the public to go and enjoy their shopping experience there. There are many superior facilities on offer in this mall, and more than 1 million shoppers have come to sample these facilities. Shoppers come into this mall in droves because of the international leisure and fashion brands they find in this mall. Since Manaira Shopping was established, it has continued to combine fun, leisure, and comfort in a more alluring manner. That is why the Northern Brazilians regard it as the go-to shopping.



When it comes to the entertainment options in this mall, everyone would find their world here. One thing most people didn’t know is that Roberto was personally involved when designing the entertainment facilities of this great mall. Roberto has been in the industry for many years, and he has come to understand what the fun-lovers expect during entertainment. For this reason, revelers of all types can find the entertainment features they admire in this mall.



Many people know Roberto as a serious, committed and ambitious real estate developer. He has a special place in the Brazilian corporate scene, and the niche he has curved here is adorable. This happens because Roberto has influenced the establishment of most of the successful ventures in the country. Some of the focal industries he has invested in include finance, real estate, motorsports, and entertainment. No one can deny that the business career Roberto has so far is inspirational. He was a student at Marist College Pius X. He later went to pursue finance and business administration at Joao Pessoa University. The entrepreneurial talent Roberto had when he was a little boy was nurtured when he went to college. He managed to build Manaira Shopping mall when he was 30 years old, making him a star in the corporate world.



Bradesco Bank Grows Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Presence

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For Luiz Carlos Trabuco to start working at Bradesco bank and never stop is a huge feat. He worked there right after he got out of college and still works there in a different position.

He was only 18 when he joined the bank as a clerk and learned everything he needed to know to make the bank as successful as possible. He spent a lot of time learning about the way Bradesco works and about the things going on in the business. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the point of doing all this is giving everyone the chances they need to see success.

There are times that allow Luiz Carlos Trabuco the chance to keep doing everything the right way. He relies on the positive opportunities and the things that will help him see all the best options. It’s his way of showing people things will get better and his way of giving back to the community he’s a big part of. For Bradesco bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a fixture. He works with the bank and always has. He knows a lot about it. When Bradesco had to choose someone for the executive chairman position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the obvious choice.

Read more: Sucessão no Bradesco deve ocorrer no primeiro bimestre, diz Trabuco

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows so much about different positions in the company, he knows what it takes to run it successfully. He also knows everything will work more smoothly if he can make all the right decisions for the business according to It’s his way of allowing people the chance to see things will get better. It’s also something he feels good about because of how hard he worked to make things easier on people while he was working his way up through the various positions available at Bradesco.

Despite some of the issues people had when Luiz Carlos Trabuco was working in different positions from managing director to president, he learned how to solve them. He felt confident he could make things easier on everyone and he could give everyone a chance at a better future if they were doing it all the right way. While Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew things would keep getting better, he also knew things would be the best way for him to keep growing. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew about the opportunities available to him and wasn’t afraid to give back to the people who helped him get to the position he’s now a big part of.

There are times when Luiz Carlos Trabuco has to make sure he’s doing everything right. He plans to give people the chances they need to succeed and he doesn’t worry about how hard he has to work. He’ll do whatever it takes to get where he wants to go and get more from the business. If Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows how to help people, he feels good about making Bradesco bank better. There are things he can do that allow him to show people everything will get better. It’s his way of helping people and showing them that the business is stable.

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Shiraz Boghani: The Modern Face Oof British Hospitality

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The hospitality sector has been shaped significantly in the recent decades across the world. Especially in the hotel industry, budget hotels became a priority class considering the traveling needs of the middle-class. Post-1990s, middle-class people around the globe started traveling to other areas for various needs. To serve their needs, a new line of hotels became popular, which is none other than limited services hotels. When it comes to the United Kingdom, it saw a boom in the limited services segment considering a large number of domestic and international travelers reaching its cities. The active intervention of some of the visionary business leaders like Shiraz Boghani they are getting more than they needed.

Shiraz Boghani is the Founder cum Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, a limited service hotel chain in the country. The visions of Boghani ensured high-quality service, highly affordable rates, excellent customer experience, and more for the travelers. Since the 1990s, he ramped up the hospitality sector investments and opened new limited service hotels in all the major centers of the United Kingdom. Interestingly, his quick expansion plans helped the British hospitality industry to contain the quickly growing needs for quality hotel rooms. Today, the group operates 20 trading hotels with another five in various stages of development.


Some of the highly-rated hotels operate under Splendid Hospitality Group include Hilton London Bankside, which has 292 rooms, and Holiday Inn Wembley with 336 rooms. His passion for providing highest-quality service in the industry helped Boghani and Splendid Hospitality Group to win many awards. In 2016, he was chosen as the Hotelier of the Year by the prestigious Asian Business Awards committee. The committee confirmed that he displayed commitment, deep passion, and professionalism in designing the operations of the group unique and set apart in the industry. Also, his works in the industry helped it to advance at the service level. Currently, Boghani takes care of the growth strategy and vision of the group and helped it to expand into newer areas of business.

Shiraz Boghani is also a highly familiar name in the philanthropic circles of the United Kingdom. He took active participation in many community service initiatives and collaborated with many charitable institutions. Boghani is a well-wisher of Ismaili community and served on the administrative committees of various Aga Khan Institutions and was part of its National Council. Additionally, he is the founding partner of a senior living home initiative called Sussex Health Care. The network was established in 1985 and grew tremendously by utilizing the passion and commitment of Shiraz Boghani.

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