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End Citizens United Ramps Up Efforts To Live Up To Its Name

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In 2010 a supreme court decision changed the course of American politics forever with the ruling of Citizens United vs. F.E.C., a ruling which firmly ensconced the idea that companies and corporations are “people.” It was a ruling which not everyone was happy about due to the fact that it allowed various, politically motivated, members of the ultra rich and ultra elite to spend near limitless amounts of dark money in political ventures which could no longer be traced with any real accuracy.

The group is a PAC otherwise known as a Political Action Committee, which was created with the stated goal of not just getting big business out of American politics, but doing so with grassroots aid, to, as the group has stated on their messaging efforts, bring the power back to the American People.

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Fortunately, for End Citizens United, one need not have a few steadfast individuals with extremely deep pockets, but simply a exceedingly large number of steadfast individuals with relatively shallow ones. The PACs grassroots funding efforts have been exceedingly successful thus far with just over 25 million dollars in grassroots donations in 2015 alone, all from small donors who were looking to further the cause.

End Citizens United’s goal of passing a constitutional amendment to the Citizens United supreme court ruling, however, requires not just hard cash funding, but also political heft. Therefore the group has begun fielding its own bevy of politicians who, it is hoped, will, once in office, work on their behalf to reverse the decision which now allows mega donors to run their money undetected across the political landscape. In 2015 End Citizens United looked for aid primarily in the Democrat Party, with endorsements of 11 democratic candidates, such as Wisconsin Senator, Russ Feingold and Colorado Senator, Michael Bennett. The group’s communications director, Richard Carbo, stated in a public interview that End Citizens United will be setting up a financing arm to help finance the senators it has endorse via television, polls and direct mailing.