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People Sleep Better Thanks To Dr. Avi Weisfogel

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People go to a dentist when they have a dental problem. For sleep apnea, a person normally visits their general practitioner. Dr. Avi Weisfogel id a Doctor of Dentistry who envisioned using dentistry to cure sleep apnea. This sleep disorder is experienced by many people, and is characterized by the ceasing of breathing, from seconds up to a minute, during sleep. Dr. Weisfogel believed that there was a correlation between the teeth and the sleep disorder. He is now the most renowned sleep apnea specialists due to his extensive studies of sleep deprivation.

Dr. Weisfogel earned a Bachelors Degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He later attended New York University where he received a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He opened his own dental office, Old Bridge Dental Care which was awarded the best dental award for two straight years. His desire to help people who suffered from sleep disorders was met with many challenges. Most of these challenges and oppositions were from physicians who performed the sleep tests on patients. Dr. Weisfogel realized that providing a solution to sleep disorders globally meant that he would need to travel the world with new strategies to help him efficiently achieve his dream.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel founded the Owners Unlimited Sleep Patients, which was a platform where experienced dentists and sleep experts could gather and express their points of view. Here he was able to introduce and lecture on different models and methods used in general medicine and sleep dentistry. He then launched the Dental Sleep Master’s Program which was tailored to appliances used to offer some relief to people with sleep disorders. The specialty was a specific type of sleep wear that did not interfere with breathing while the patient slept. Another treatment included an oral appliance that supported the jaw while one slept. Today, Dr. Weisfogel spends a well rounded day at his office. He starts his day by praying for one hour, then talking with his life coach for an hour. The rest of the day he spends doing everything else, including business meetings, speaking, and blogs.

A Better Way To Learn Wealth Protection With Agora Financial

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Agora Financial is a company that helps middle class working people learn how to figure out where investment markets are going, and how they can plan ahead using the advice of their analysts. Agora Financial has a list of newsletters on their website that anyone can subscribe to. Even if you’ve never taken any economic courses or know the big investing terminology, Agora Financial can explain more of it to you and give you a more in-depth look at what all the numbers mean and how you can prepare for any uncertain times and learn more about Agora Financial.

What makes Agora Financial great is they are not owned by any big banks or top 1% shareholders. They are not affiliated with any big business media outlets, and instead of simply offering speculations from the floors of a big office building, they are busy out in the field reporting on what is really happening in the markets. They do however have a track record of looking for financial bubbles and forseeing them, and since 1979 they’ve called out several events such as the dot-com bubble, the mortgage crisis, United Airlines and many others. Their team of editors and researchers include lawyers, economists, former bank advisors and even geologists and resume their.

One of Agora’s biggest research areas is in stocks that are still in their infancy stage that most other news outlets and financial journals have not yet found. Agora encourages investors to look for these stocks because they’ll usually be much cheaper than the big companies that are making all the headlines. Agora Financial also conducts independent research into precious metals and explains how they can be of high value once investors have sold them. You can also find out about different ideas and unusual business opportunities through Agora’s ideas page.

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Revealed: Billboard Digital Power Players in 2017, Guiding the Future in Music and Technology

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While streaming shapes the $15.7 billion worldwide music business, various officials, somewhere down in information and from each industry sector, are on the bleeding edge of tech and music. The tipping point had touched base for the U.S. music sector in 2016, where streaming overwhelmed sales as its spearheading source of income for the first moment, resounding worldwide outcomes for the $15.7 billion music field.

In the previous year, revenue from music streams likewise led to double-digit growth for the first time in the United States for nearly two decades. The USA recorded music sales went up by 11.4% to $7.65 billion, the most grounded yearly increment since 1998 and more information click here.

Digital Power Players for billboards are the best administrators behind these noteworthy numbers and picked for their information driven roles at organizations in each industry sector. That entailed record labels, streaming services, social media platforms, and music publishers among others. These pioneers are handling the difficulties that accompany change: inquiries over information administration, rising plans of action and reasonable installment to makers. They are collectively influencing the music business for another period.

Desiree Perez is known by numerous for being an extreme moderator. She is the person that Tidal seeks to remain at the leading edge. Jay-Z has made a huge stride by settling on the choice to work with Perez. Somebody would ask why Perez can have the capacity to expedite Tidal to the top. It is because she has the capacity.

By just looking at his resume, you will see it is very great. She has assisted several people to win grants in the music business. She is presently the head of Tidal, and she is anticipated in making a progressive stride concerning music streaming. Perez’s firm has had a progression of changes to the administration group. In spite of the initial hardships, Jay-Z could proceed onward. He simply settled on the best choice by hiring Perez who appears to be there to remain and resume her.

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Logan Stout Bridges Business And Personal Development

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If you’re unfamiliar with Logan Stout, he is the Founder and the CEO of IDLife, a multi-level marketing company that is predicated on selling organic nutrition supplements. IDLife was established in 2014 and has been ranked as one of the top multi-level marketing companies in the world, within a relatively short time span. IDLife prides themselves on introducing supplements to the marketplace that serve a nutritional purpose and contributes to healthy weight management.

IDLife CEO and Founder Logan Stout is a University of Dallas alumnus who has been involved in a number of business ventures, most notably the Dallas Patriots Inc., where he served as Founder and CEO. According to Stout’s LinkedIn bio, the Dallas Patriot Inc was ranked as a premier baseball organization that created opportunities for its graduates to play baseball at the college level. As an author and public speaker, Stout has held speaking engagements with a variety of companies, where he emphasized leadership, team building, personal development, and many of topics concerning business and individual growth.

In a CrunchBase article, Stout explained his affinity for helping others achieve business success; Stout believes that there are people who are capable of business ownership but may be uncertain of how to get started. Through his leadership skills and business acumen, Stout offers encouragement to those prospective business owners, helping them manifest their ideas and get their businesses off the ground.

To further demonstrate his commitment to helping new business owners succeed, Logan Stout has partnered with John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, and author; the partnership is predicated on introducing leadership and personal growth training on a global scale. Stout cites his personal relationship with Maxwell as the rationale for the partnership, and he wholeheartedly believes that Maxwell shares in his vision of encouraging people to reach their highest potential, in every facet of their lives.

In a CEOCFO Magazine article, Stout states that he has made it a point to invest his time when it comes to helping others and points to his website, as an invaluable resource for those seeking personal development and business success.

Avi Weisfogel Mobilizes Dentists Against Sleep Apnea

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One of the most serious and overlooked diseases in America today is sleep apnea. Many people do not understand exactly how serious this potentially lethal illness is. Sleep apnea is highly correlated with among the most deadly disease states known to man. These include such things as heart attack, stroke diabetes, severe dementia and even automobile accidents. People suffering from sleep apnea are oftentimes severely deprived of sleep, leading to frequent accidents, poor job performance and other long-term health consequences that can be severe and even fatal. What’s more, sleep apnea is capable of directly producing lethal outcomes through hypoxia and asphyxiation. Clearly, this is an extremely serious illness.

However, over the course of the last few decades, the disease has largely faded from the public consciousness. What’s more, doctors themselves have often placed little emphasis on treating this potentially fatal illness. This has led to a dismal state of sleep apnea treatment, where over 95 percent of people who suffer from the disease may not even know they have it.

One man, Avi Weisfogel, has decided to do something about the terrible scourge that sleep apnea presents to the American public. Through the creation of his seminar program, Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel is beginning to make serious inroads in the fight against this disease. He is teaching dentists, a group of largely underutilized professional doctors, trained in the medical sciences, to recognize and begin taking early treatment steps in patients who may be suffering from sleep apnea. This ability of dentists to serve as a vanguard in the treatment against this horrible disease will give patients a much better chance of ultimately making a full recovery. By treating the disease in its earliest stages, when it is most likely to be positively affected by treatment, Dr. Weisfogel is taking the fight directly to where it counts the most.

Dental Sleep Masters has proven to be an unqualified success. It has graduated hundreds of dentists from its program, leading to a phalanx of trained dentists capable of successfully fighting against the horrible menace that sleep apnea presents to the public health of the United States today.

Anthony Petrello was ranked as the highest paid boss in 2013 but not in 2014

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In the year 2013, Anthony Petrello who works as a CEO in Nabors Industries was named as the best-paid boss according to Equilar’s list of 50 top-paid CEOs in America. He received $68.2 million that year, and this was 246 percent of the amount he received in the year 2012. Apparently, he might not be position one again in the year 2014 because the shareholders do not agree with the compensation.

Many wonder why he is highly paid but they do not know that he is the company’s executive roster serving as the chairman, CEO, and president. Nabor Industries serves the oil sector as an oil-field service company and a contract driller and has been doing well in business under Petrello’s control. He has been working for the company for more than a decade after leaving Baker and Mckenzie law firm in the year 1991. He has been developing his career in the company moving from one leadership ladder to another until in the year 2011 when he replaced Isenberg who was serving as the president and CEO.

Since Anthony Petrello became Nabor’s CEO, the company’s share price grew by 180 percent, and this was a great progress. The shareholders were happy about this improvement but still outraged about his paychecks, and most of them refused to support the compensation plan prepared in the year 2011 and 2012. The outrage by the shareholders continued for some time, and finally, in April 2014, Nabor considered to change their compensation and corporate governance practices. Some of the changes advocated for include splitting the roles of the chairman and the CEO. This would limit the severance payments for the executive to about three times of the executive’s salary and bonus. Shareholders would also gain the right to elect any person as long he has a 5% percent stake in the company. With these changes, it is possible Tony Petrello would not be number one on Equilar’s list of 50 top-paid CEOs in 2014.