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The successes of David McDonald

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David Mcdonald grew up in the agriculture fields of Iowa where his path in agriculture and passion grew. He works in the OSI Group as Chief Operating Officer and still presides over the food processing company from as back as 1987. His involvement in the agriculture industry gave him the urge to modify the way the industry operated. From a not well-off background, he had not much to rely on but rather the education that his parents fully supported him through. He graduated at the Iowa State University after joining the institution in 1987 obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Despite him leaving the institution, he is still an active alumnus of the institution as he has helped with the setting of internships in the OSI group. Two out of his six children also are in the same university he studied.

Once David Mcdonald completed his studies, still with the burning fire within him on improving operations in the agriculture sector, he went out to seek employment in OSI, this was in the year 1991. He has worked in OSI for over thirty years now and with the abilities he brings forth such as handling issues with a lot of prowess has led to the expansion of OSI group and deliver beyond Customers expectations. The ability of the firm to put their customers at the forefront has also served them a good deal as they have maintained their old clients besides attracting new ones in their firm. The firms leaders skills in solving problems has also eliminated the various challenges that the firm faces. With clear visions and great comprehension of the market, he has always taken advantage of opportunities that come his way and yet remains flexible. His relation to the employees and customers as well as more than family. With such a bond he has motivated the staff to ensure that the high-quality standards are met.

The hard work and integrity of David Mcdonald have been the main reason that saw him rise above the ranks of leadership in the OSI group. The unprecedented growth that the company has attained through the help of David Mcdonald can be evidently backed up by the over 70 facilities established across over eighty countries. The largest poultry processor in China grew under his watch after establishing ten processing facilities in China. His vital role in acquiring flagship in Dutch Baho Food’s cannot go unrecognised.

David McDonald’s success story

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David McDonald also known as Dave is a proud father of six and husband to Malinda. He serves as the current president and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. David McDonald is also serves as one of the firm’s board of directors. Previously he has as a project manager in OSI and also acted as the chairperson of North American Institute. He also once was an independent director at Malfrig Global Foods after the acquisition of OSI industries, this was back in 2008. He has been privileged to serve in OSI form more than thirty years overseeing its exponential growth ever since.

David’s roots can be traced back to a farm in North East Iowa where he was brought up. He is also a graduate of Iowa State University having graduated in 1987. Among the milestones he has traversed and rewarded for was having to be the recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Senior Award. He also has a bachelor’s in animal science. His journey with OSI commenced after he was done with his tertiary education where he joined OSI industries in Chicago and worked his way up to have the current position he occupies.

OSI Group is one of the Largest firms in food provision and distribution industry. It has over 20000 employees and its network cuts across seventeen countries. The firm traces its roots to a German-immigrant by name Otto Kolschowsky. His butcher shop grew to a wholesale venture and later on a handshake agreement between his sons and a person by the name Kroc turned out to be the key turning point of the family business. The partnership went on to make OSI one of the largest suppliers of fresh beef to McDonald’s restaurants. This led to OSI dedicated a whole plant just for the sake of McDonald’s. Throughout the ages, years of exponential growth and state of the art technology innovation has enabled OSI Group to become the company it is today.

Under the able leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group was able to make a 50/50 merger with Turi foods. The family-owned company by the name of Turi Foods is among the largest poultry processors in Australia. It makes supplies to major supermarkets, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers just to mention but a few. When asked about the Merger, David McDonald said that with both companies having a good reputation, the Merger would enable the two companies to serve their customers in new innovative ways. He also added that this merger would offer more opportunities for their mutual teams so as to excel together.

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David McDonald Sets Quality Standards for OSI Group

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David McDonald was born and raised in Lowa. In 1987, he graduated from the Lowa state university with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. David immediately started his career with OSI Group, and he worked his way to the top, and eventually became president of the company.
How McDonald has managed to Keep OSI successful

David McDonald notes that his partnerships have contributed to the success of OSI Group. The partnerships are dynamic and fruitful. Notably, they are always aware of the dealings of each OSI branch globally. McDonald had always wanted OSI to expand in the European marketing. Therefore, acquiring Baho foods was a way of helping him meet this desire. Baho Foods is a private enterprise that continues to supply meat and food to 18 European countries. David says that they shall partner and integrate their processes with those of Baho foods to ensure that is not compromised with, to satisfy all its clients.
According to David McDonald, the customers of OSI have inspired the innovation of the group. When they supply the goods to customers, they ensure that all their needs have been met. The customers also continue to be enlightened. David also acknowledges that OSI Group’s clients give suggestions on how they want the company to improve its products and services. David also notes that some years recorded more plant opening than others. However, he notes that Sheldon Lavin, the company’s chairperson continues to push the company forward. Therefore, the company has energy to continue growing and expanding its territories.
According to McDonald, OSI Group’s clients are not just clients because the company embraces them as a family. The company believes that if their family members cannot consume the products they produce, then there is no need to supply them to customers. The value their clients the same way they value their families. Consequently, OSI Group’s quality standards have remained high. David McDonald has confirmed that it his passion to see the company grow that has kept him motivated over the years. He has enjoyed seeing his team interact with other team and that way he has an assurance that OSI will continue to scale to greater heights.