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NGP VAN Assists Democrats to Win Elections

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NGP Van is one of the newest weapons of the Democrats to win the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections in the United States. The Party is hoping that they will be able to conquer most of the seats inside the Congress, and they wanted to have a Democrat majority inside the legislative house, to counter the growing power of the Republican President Donald J. Trump. NGP Van has already helped the Democrats in the past, giving them an advantage over their opponents by using a technology that allows them to strengthen their presence and inform the majority of the public about their platforms. NGP Van is proud to say that those who had the chance to listen to the candidates who use their application managed to get through the election precincts, being able to vote and increase the voter’s turnout.

Their influence in the elections was demonstrated during the US Presidential Elections in 2008 and 2012. Former President Barack Obama is not that widely known, but when he announced his intent to run for the Presidential Office, the Democrats helped him win by using NGP Van. Through excessive campaign using the technology, Barack Obama became widely known, and he was elected into the office thanks to an additional 14.5 million votes that came from those who have decided to vote because of the persuasion coming from the supporters of the Democrats.

According to NGP VAN, the candidates are looking after the big data and the web analytics that are being used by the application they released to show the group of voters in a particular area. Because the majority of the population today are using smartphones and similar devices, NGP Van uses a technology that would allow the application to “speak” with these devices and generate some information based on how the devices and the application communicates. This allows the campaign managers to mobilize while the app is still in use, showing them the supporters who should be encouraged and persuaded to go out on the day of the election and vote.

NGP Van is also used to save more resources. In the past, campaign managers would go from door to door, asking the people inside if they could speak for a moment regarding the candidate they are representing. The time and the effort wasted during these times are enormous, and with the emergence of applications like NGP Van, campaign managers are saving their energy and letting technology do most of the job.