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Deirdre Baggot Brings Her All To The Table

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Who is Deirdre Baggot and what kind of work has she done for the healthcare field?

Baggot is a well-educated woman who has an MBA, a BSN certification, and a Ph.D. From working as a nurse at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital to being appointed to reviewing Medicare and Medicaid plans, Deirdre M. Baggot is a versatile professional and is used to working hard for everything.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Baggot said it is important to “tell it like it is”, even if telling the truth meant you lost a certain client or job.

In this same interview, Baggot says one trend she is onboard with is the idea of wearables to reduce medical errors made in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Baggot goes on to say how important it is to increase the safety of hospitals in America. She also cites statistics of how many people die in the US each year due to infections that they acquired from the hospital. Visit at to learn more.

During the Ideamensch interview, Deirdre Baggot gives some of her best advice as an entrepreneur.

She says to always be the hardest working person in the room and that it is important to research an idea as much as you possibly can. Another interesting piece of advice that Baggot gives in this interview is that it is possible to not meet a deadline if you overcommit to it. She goes on to share her favorite quote by Maya Angelou and lists some of her favorite apps for productivity as Quickbooks and Readdle.

Deirdre Baggot is from the Greater Denver Area.

Currently, she works as a healthcare business strategist. In the past, Baggot has worked for companies such as ECG Management Consultants, GE Healthcare Partners, SCL Health, University of Michigan Health System, and at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a nurse. Her schooling includes the Wharton School, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Quinlan School of Business, and the University of Colorado.

Baggot has developed strategies for around 200 hospitals in the country. She is an expert in reviewing bundled healthcare plans for Medicare and Medicaid and has been published regarding this topic. Visit:

The Hard Truths About Bundled Payments According To Deirdre Baggot

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When the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) announced plans to roll out national Bundle Payment programs, most healthcare providers didn’t fully understand how it works. The announcement bore excitement and some confusion on the part of industry players. However, Deirdre Baggot, an expert strategist, and implementer for the bundled payment systems had this to say about the how these systems work:

  1. Provide patients only what they need

Under the current bundled payment systems, healthcare professionals are only required to follow the fee for value accounting model for everything that a patient needs and nothing they don’t. This commits health professionals to provide their patients with only the tests and processes they need.

  1. It emphasizes the aspect of accountability

Bundled systems bring in evidence-based reforms to the healthcare sector. This implies that the system will mostly rely on client feedback to inform clinicians and health physicians when they err with regards to adhering to the professional best practice. It eliminates any possibility of loopholes in clinicians holding each other accountable and replaces it with accountability based on the value that physicians advance their patients.

  1. It takes away market exclusivity

For the longest time, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offered institutions market exclusivity. This, however, doesn’t apply within the bundled payment framework. On the contrary, serves to push the discount further below the promised 3 percent in the case of gainsharing programs. Visit at to learn more.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot holds a Masters in Business administration and management from Loyola University Chicago as well as Ph.D. from the University Colorado Denver. She is an expert in Bundled Payment systems as she played a key role in their development and launch while she served as the Senior Vice President and Payment and Innovation practice leader with GE Healthcare partners.

Her experience and expertise with the bundled payment systems saw the CMS take her on advising the department on how to improve the bundled payments system with regards to competitive bidding. Her input helped mitigate several flaws with the original system that would have limited its ability to execute bundled payments efficiently. It also earned her an invite to chair the national bundled payment summit. See more: