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EOS Lip Balm’s Rise to Success

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About a decade ago, lip balm was standard and ubiquitous. Consumers could expect the standard ChapStick and sometimes a new flavor or color. In this market, EOS lip balm arose and quickly became a major player in the industry. It appeared in beauty magazines, was spotted with celebrities and became the second best-selling lip balm after Burt’s Bees. EOS both revolutionized a standard product and capitalized on the newer generation’s preference for natural and organic products.

EOS lip balm was pioneered by three entrepreneurs, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathon Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Coming from both big and small industries, the founders of EOS each brought something unique to the table. Their research showed that there was little innovation in the lip balm market and that women were the biggest consumers but were not entirely satisfied with the available options. So they created a product together that felt, smelt and tasted nice when compared to its competitors. They were careful not to make a new fad but also to do something fresh and new that would grab the market’s attention. They hired their own designers, used natural organic ingredients and even added a nice signature clicking sound when the lip balm was closed.

There was some difficulty initially selling the product to large stores of Target and even Costco because they were skeptical of a new product’s ability to make a name for it and thought that consumers and particularly men would stick with what they knew. However, once the product hit stores consumers responded with gusto. This was in large measure due to EOS’ advertising campaign that combined the traditional approach of television and magazine advertisements and newer elements like reaching out to social media personalities, collaborating with other companies and being featured in music videos. EOS’ approach has does well for the company’s success. Now EOS has begun expanding into other beauty products while maintaining its place in the lip balm industry.

EOS website: Blogger Finally Joins the World and Tries WEN Hair System

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Emily McClure is a contributor who enjoys trying beauty products and writing about them. She decided to sample the WEN hair no shampoo cleansing system to see if the much talked about product could help her sad, greasy hair.

WEN by Chaz Dean has won fans worldwide for its unique and effective no lather shampoo. The famous California stylist on developed the WEN system to help people restore shine, body and strength to their locks. His natural formulas feature gentle, safe botanicals in a cleansing conditioner. It’s a one-bottle product that cleanses, conditions, detangles, post-conditions and styles your hair to glamorous proportions.

WEN is so spectacular, that Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo for 23 years, nor has he used one on his many loyal clients. His product on speaks volumes in more ways than one.

Emily posted selfies so readers could track her WEN hair progress, and she blogged about the results on sephora. Emily said from the get-go that she prefers a nighttime shower and shampoo but would follow the daily WEN conditioning cleanse.

However, Emily didn’t always stick to the routine in her 7-day WEN hair challenge. She chose to use the WEN system once in the evening and another time skipped the wash completely, because she ran out of time. The days she broke the routine, her hair fell flat and greasy, but the days she returned to the daily washes, her hair recovered with shine, strength and manageability. Even her friends complimented her on her glossy hair.

Emily was puzzled why her hair would turn limp so fast after using Wen hair, but to be honest, she admitted to being lazy at times with her hair care.

The moral of her story, WEN cleansing conditioner works when you allow your hair to simply adapt to the routine.

WEN Hair Care products are available here:

7 Days of Wen

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Wen hair products were designed by Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist who gained recognition with his styling of many A list stars such as Nicollette Sheridan and Alanis Morissette. His natural ingredients philosophy is present in every product he develops. Wen hair products contain no harmful detergents and contain no sulfates.

WEN hair products are fairly affordable and come in formulas designed for every kind of hair and scalp. Formulas ranging for thick, color treated hair to baby fine, heat damaged hair are some of the products available through the Wen line. There is a formula for whatever hair needs a man or woman could have.

Recently, a customer shared her experience with Wen on Bustle. The article can be found at Emily McClure was a first time user of Wen hair products. She shares her experience through her 7 day trial of using the products. Emily has thin hair and was hoping the product could bring life and volume to her dull strands. In the shower during Emily’s first wash, her hair seemed thicker, and she noticed less hair loss than average. In the days that followed, Emily noticed her hair had more volume and that it was shinier and softer throughout the day. Unfortunately, the first couple mornings after using Wen the previous day, she often felt her hair was oilier and greasier than normal. By day 5, however, Emily had gotten into a routine and felt confident in the product. Her only complaint was that her curls would fall faster than usual, but on the up side, her curls were amazingly soft. At the end of the 7th day, Emily concluded that her Wen product purchased from gave her hair more shine, softness, and volume and that the products are best designed for those who shower and style their hair every day.