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Waiakea Water Ranks High on Inc. 5000 List

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Waiakea is a volcanic water brand found in the United States of America. The company competitively ranked high on the list of top 500 fastest growing companies, along with other key players such as Microsoft, Zappos, Under Armour, Patagonia and GoPro. Waiakea Inc. secured this place following massive revenue growth at the company. A case in point is 1,059.3% growth experienced between 2014 and 2016.

The company managed to realize this tremendous financial performance through the leadership of Ryan Emmons, who is the founder and chief executive officer at the company. Waiakea is highly innovative and runs with a technological culture that promotes health and environmental safety. Waiakea was first established in 2012 and is the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii. Through various initiatives launched at the company, Waiakea has managed to meet sustainability in its primary role to the society.

Waiakea is a premium brand that advocates for clean water, health and environmental sustainability. Besides profitability, the company is critically focused to bring about positive transformations to the community. The company has so far brought about commendable changes in the beverage industry and serves as an inspiration to several companies across the globe.

Waiakea sources its water from the rain and snowmelt on Mauna Loa Volcanic peak. This active volcano allows the water to undergo filtration in its porous lava. As a result the water get enriched with healthy alkaline minerals. These minerals are important in giving the water a delicious taste. Because of this highly quality of water, Waiakea became the first company in America to receive carbon neutral certification award. Coupled with several eco-friendly initiatives, Waiakea is honored for its sustainability and brand success.

Innovation is the key factor in the success realized by Waiakea. For instance, the company has equitably managed to flourish Waiakea brand while conserving the environment. To meet all these multi-faceted goals, Waiakea entered into a partnership with Ecometrica and CarbonNeutral among other top emissions consultants. This move sought to mitigate all possible environmental threats posed by the company. Finally, Waiakea is now set to use biodegradable water bottles for branding to eradicate the use of plastics.

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