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Syngenta In Hot Water Over GMO Corn Imports

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SuperLawyers writes that hundreds of farmers in 20 states are seeking legal action against Swedish seed company Syngenta. The issue is over genetically altered seeds in the U.S. corn market. Although Syngenta assured farmers that all was good and urged them to buy, China promptly refused all of the GMO corn orders. Needless-to-say, this was not good for the U.S. market. The stock dropped in a very short time and farmers suffered significantly. “We plan on making all of those farmers and their families whole,” says Mikal Watts. Only a few short years ago, Watts’ firm made history by settling for $750 million in a similar case against Bayer Crop Sciences.

Mikal Watts and his firm are taking on Syngenta with reckless abandon. “This isn’t our first go round with Syngenta,” says Watts — referring to other cases over the years when the company has been accused of misdeeds. Several thousands of farmers and their families are affected by the latest scandal. Watts has been a lawyer for over 25 years, and he has take on some of the toughest tort cases in the U.S. He has a proven track record an is considered a highly-skilled lawyer. Watts is especially talented when it comes to tort law. He has secured a number of multi-million dollar settlements and judgements for plaintiffs over the years.

The class action lawsuit isn’t boding well for the company. “Syngenta must be held accountable for its actions. Thee is no excuse for this type of behavior,” says James Pizziruso, partner with D.C’s Hausfield Law Firm. In a response to the lawsuit, representatives for Syngenta say that the claims are “without merit”