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Fabletics: The Importance of Trust

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Any company that isn’t focused on creating the best products for its customers is doomed to fail. That should be the way that every company behaves. Sadly, that’s not how every company looks at success. Most of them measure their success by the amount of money they generate a year.

Fabletics is not one those companies. Fabletics founded its premise on satisfying customers using personalized service. Fabletics wouldn’t be the company it is today without its 1.2 million monthly members or 20 million Twitter followers. It’s because of their loyalty and support that Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear brands with 18 successful retail stores.

In just four years, Fabletics became a $250 million business. How did they do it? First, Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson’s prowess as a fashion icon certainly didn’t hurt the company. Also, she brought a personal passion to the project that other activewear brands don’t have.

For Hudson, Fabletics is about inspiring women – regardless of size, age, or ability – to explore their fashion sense and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Hudson never forgets about America’s struggle with health and fitness. She uses fashion to encourage women to come out of their shells and live happy, active lives.

Getting into the ‘activewear’ movement also proved to be a wise choice. NDP Group reported that U.S. consumers spent over $40 billion on activewear last year. Many experts predict that number will double by 2020 in the U.S. alone.

Much of the trend is driven by millennial. Millennial are health conscious and enjoy a relaxed standard when it comes to fashion. They’re not into the uptight standards of older generations, even in the workplace. They’re also the ones driving the new consumer behavior leading many companies to develop review-centric marketing strategies.

As millennials delve deeper into the digital world, companies have to develop new ways to attract new customers. These days, companies no longer have the power to just create some advertisement that will bring millennials through the doors. Millennials rely on online reviews, or user reviews, to determine final purchases.

According to Peter Holten Muhlmann, founder and CEO of Trustpilot, the largest review-focused site in the world, people no longer trust traditional marketing and advertising. Companies are transparent and customer focused so their reputation is attractive.

The Talent of the Brown Modelling Agency

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It all started in Reno, Nevada when Justin Brown came into the world. He was a shy kid, but had the looks that eventually landed him a job as a fit model, much more profitable than his previous job at a golf course. In college he studied business management and had an interest in directing and what happened behind the cameras. Soon he had acquired a job in development and placement training.

Jumping around firms he soon learned the tricks of the trade and he moved to Austin in the mid 2000’s. “I could do what I loved to do in a city where I wanted to live. I just connected with Austin. It was big but not too big. There was some industry here, and I felt like I could make my mark.” By 2010 The Brown Agency was up and running. It is headed up by Justin Brown as CEO and President.

The Brown Agency started as a relaunch of a respected agency in south Texas when Wilhemina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South. The combined powers of these successful acting talent agencies gives clients a much broader portfolio of talent and a large variety of opportunities for the actors country-wide.

The Brown Agency is full-service talent agency located in Austin, TX with a presence in Los Angeles as well, representing a wide variety of areas for talent such as commercials, film, television, industrial, voiceovers, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, among other things. Since their opening they have had Austin area models work with brands that are world renowned such as Dell, Loreal and even Louis Vuitton among many other well know companies. They pride themselves on selecting the best talent, preparing them for the proper market they are striving for, and delivering elegant professionals into the workforce.

“We believe that fashion isn’t just about clothes but is in everything that we do and makes us who we are. It is art in living form. We believe in the honesty of our actors, who aren’t afraid to expose their deepest emotions to tell a story.” And what a story it is! Check out their website


Matchmaking Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe, Finds Her Happily Ever After

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Involvement in the matchmaking business necessitates that you find that someone special for yourself as well. Whitney Wolfe, the CEO of Bumble app that puts women in control, tied the knot with her sweetheart, Michael Herd, in a romantic, fairytale wedding held on the Amalfi Coast of Italy this September 2017. The wedding destination and ceremony were to die for, from Wolfe’s stunning Oscar De La Renta gown to the elegant candle-lit reception that offered the guests a spectacular view of the romantic Italian Coast.

After the wedding ceremony, Whitney Wolfe changed into a silky, cream-colored slip evening dress where she dined with her family and friends. The reception setting was enclosed with a canopy of lemon trees that accompanied the lemon accents on the dinner tables and menus. The two lovebirds selected an enormous, single-tier wedding cake crowned with fresh strawberries among other fruits.

Whitney Wolfe’s inspiration to create Bumble App emerged from the reluctance of many ladies to text a man first. She felt that the app would alter the power dynamics resulting into more confidence, respect, and kindness which are the elements desired in an online dating app. Whitney graduated with a degree in International studies from the Southern Methodist University, and she began her entrepreneurial career when she was only 19 years old. The Bumble App has its head offices in Austin, Texas, and is presently the fourth most popular dating app within the United States.

Other than finding love on Bumble, in 2016, the company launched a new feature known as Bumble Friend-finding Functionally (BFF) that allows the users to find friendship. The new feature uses the same concept of swiping and matching algorithms used in finding heterosexual dates. The user only needs to switch to the BFF mode after which the potential dates are then replaced with persons of the same sex that the app believes to be the best match to be friends with. After both users swipe right, they have a window period of 24 hours to start a conversation. Moreover, the new BFF feature is color coded in green while the normal one is in yellow to help its user differentiate.

Another additional cool feature of Bumble includes the Bumble BIZZ launched after the BFF feature. Bumble BIZZ helps its users find new careers and business networks by connecting them to a large community of professionals around the globe. That said, Bumble will now get you a hot date, a best friend, and job opportunities.

In 2017, the online dating app also introduced the SuperSwipe feature that lets your potential partner know that you are really into them even before the swipe left or right. On each user profile, there is a small heart icon that will initiate a SuperSwipe when pressed and when your profile is seen by the other party you have SuperSwipe, they will instantly know that you made that first move.

Taking Your Look to another Level with WEN Cleansing Conditioner

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Chaz Dean fit into the group of people with proofs, and only people with proofs deserve follower-ship. Here is a man any woman will fall for; even most men will wish they have half the look he is blessed with. I only had to see him once to be convinced he knows what it takes to treat and protect any brand of hair. I got charmed by the moisture, strength, radiance and beauty of his hair. Little wonder his is in the business of helping people achieve the type of hair they have always long for.

Dean is simply revolutionizing hair-washing with his 5-in-1 formula product. WEN takes the place of your conditioner, shampoo, detangler, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner. It is a non-foaming lotion that detangles, washes, hydrates, nourishes, softens, “de-frizzes”, protects and even “volumises” your hair. Your hair retains its natural oil without any trace of harsh sulfates or lather found in a number of ordinary shampoos.

Now is the time to think facial hair cleansing. Wen hair makes it very simple; you only need to massage the product into your hair. A product, conditioning and gentle enough in itself, and could make you ditch whatever conditioner afterwards.

WEN leaves your hair in superb condition both in the long and short run. It lifts sebum, impurities and dirt without leaving your hair dried out. Its plant oil components works like face cleansing oils by helping to sooth hair gently.

Several customers with colored hair have called to say WEN is the best product they ever used. It is no surprise because WEN has no detergent content, so it does not strip hair. It helps color to remain for much longer time than conventional shampoo could guaranteed. This product is also the best choice for people with tick frizzy hair as it will make it much glossier.

With a 60-day-money-back guarantee, you can’t ask for more, so book your order today. Visit eBay or Guthy-Renker to order.

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Kate Hudson Fights Breast Cancer

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Cancer has taken over as the media’s darling disease for the past few decades. The national attention has catapulted the funding for cancer research with events such as Relay for Life and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Even professional athletes are wearing ribbons and dyeing their hair in support of loved ones who have fought the disease on This has led to revolutionary cancer treatments that have caused morbidity and mortality for most cancers to plummet. Nowhere is this more evident than breast cancer. The advent of mammograms has led to earlier detection and more successful treatments. Kate Hudson isn’t letting up.

Kate Hudson is a successful actress and businesswoman. She owns a brand of athletic clothing called Fabletics. Her company was recently in the media spotlight for her partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Together, they are partnering for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. This organization funds breast cancer research and partners with various people who have been impacted by the deadly disease. Furthermore, Kate Hudson will be the organization’s first ambassador to the FTBC. While most people have been praising Hudson, she prefers to deflect the credit. She says that she’s honored and simply trying to use her creativity for the benefit of others. Fabletics is set to debut its first cancer-fighting outfit early this month. All revenue from this clothing line will benefit the campaign and cancer research. Fabletics is also going to host multiple fundraisers to further benefit cancer research.

The Hollywood Reporter calls it an online brand of women’s athletic clothing. It focuses on developing outfits and accessories that focus on both function and comfort. Its customers have the option to customize the outfits to fit both their lifestyle and personal fashion. It is a division of JustFab which was renamed TechStyle Fashion Group earlier this year.

Kate Hudson was one of three founders to launch this clothing company in 2013. Two years later, Kate Hudson worked with her brother to launch a men’s division of active wear. This was named FL2. Earlier this year, the company had expanded further. It now sells dresses, swimsuits, and other styles of clothing. Fabletics has remained in the Instagram spotlight for its well-publicized feud with its competitor. Lululemon. Hudson’s cell phone footage has even had a starring role.

Two years ago, Fabletics opened its first physical store. It now sells its clothing in various malls across the country. It has outlets in New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, and California. By the year’s end, over 100 Fabletics stores will open their doors across the country. Customers can become members of this luxury clothing line for $50 per month. Upon joining, every customer completes a survey that tailors their clothing to suit their needs. Source:

Athleisure Is The Newest Trend In Fashion

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If you love going out on the weekends but you dread going through your closet looking for something to wear, it may be time to take some fashion advice from actress and businesswoman Kate Hudson. Kate is known for her elegant yet carefree sense of style, and she has recently co-founded Fabletics, a company that makes stylish activewear. Fabletics recently debuted athleisure dresses, which are perfect for women who want to look polished without too much effort.

Hudson recently interviewed with to talk about Fabletics. She mentioned that performance wear swimsuits would also be debuted mid-April 2016. She shares that the swimwear will double as exercise gear, which is perfect for women who want to get a workout in at the beach.
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When Marie Claire asked Kate about the “little black dress” that is now part of the Fabletics line, she stated that she’s glad that active women now have more clothing options. Hudson also states that the athleisure pieces from Fabletics are perfect for date night or an outing with friends. Some of the athleisure pieces can even be worn at the office.

Hudson also shared that while the new athleisure pieces aren’t necessarily for exercise, she stated that there’s probably no harm in getting a light workout in while you’re wearing an athleisure dress. After all, the modern plus size clothing selections are made from the same material as the workout pieces from Fabletics, so they’re just as functional as they are comfortable.

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Talking of Feeling Amazing

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Fabletics is a line that offers comfortable, all cute, functional and affordable clothes to take care of the day- to- day life of active women soundly and perfectly. It has got something for everyone regardless of anything that would go for an excuse. Kate Hudson owns the amazing line on

Devotion to more traditionally feminine attires including dresses, heels and cardigans is an amazing thing. All the same, doing sneakers, leggings and more trendy stuff is way long another. I would refer to latter as The Athleisure Trend on I would ask anybody to give it a big shot if at all they want to believe me. Knowing a preferred style and sticking to it is conservation- knowing what your style is and constantly ever falling back to it at all cost that is. Trying novel styles every day is equally a thing for other individuals- constantly going through major style changes all time. In the end, it’s all about knowing what is best for you. Who never wants to look at their very best after all?

And what about those people with no style of choice on, I mean those without any enthusiasm in fashion at all. They have a place too and I rather not ignore them at all. Perhaps all they got is a lack of preference, which can change all the same, perhaps with constant experimentations with more clothes, with more patterns mixing and with other great adventurous outfits out there. Choosing and trying to figure out what works for you is all you got to do. Eventually, one gets to find what really suits them.

Talking of The Athleisure Trend of Fabletics on wikipedia, there are a few ways that makes it work despite really sticking to the usual affinity for all things traditionally feminine. It works best for working out and running errands- for actual athlete purposes. Fabletics also works for casual weekend plans- like during hangouts with family and friends and also for going out, to dancing or even going for dates because of its ultimate great results. You end up feeling all cool, relaxed and with lots of fun.