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You’ll Say ‘Rock On’ BENEFUL® When Your Dog Cleans Their Bowl

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When your dog gets the food they need they don’t mind letting you know. Their shiny coat and clean teeth will assure you are doing it right.
There’s More Than Great Flavor With BENEFUL® Dog treats.

With Nestle Purinastore Products you can be assured that your dogs teeth are getting the attention they need. With Healthy Smile Dog treats which provide a way to get rid of plaque and tarter on your dogs teeth. A dog treat [see,] doesn’t have to taste bad to do good.

Mix It Like Homemade Mamma

BENEFUL® Chopped Blends provide just that right mix of meat and veggies. It is as good as homemade. With salmon, carrots, wild rice and tomatoes that is blended perfectly. Dogs do love salmon and it’s not just for cats anymore. Give your dog the taste they desire. They don’t have to know it’s chocked full of nutrients they need.

BENEFUL® Chopped Blends with beef, and bits of tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. There’s noting else to do, except watch your dog gobble it up. You won’t have to wait long, if dogs like what they’re eating, they don’t mind showing you, by making it disappear. With flavors like chicken, salmon, and beef, there are no boring food days.

No Wondering If They Will Eat This Dry Dog Food

Having a wonderful selection of dry dog food, BENEFUL® keeps your dogs taste buds hopping. Incredibites are satisfying mini-bites of tender and crunchy food. The rich nutrients give your dog 100% of what they need to be the best they can be. The Incredibites are made for small dogs. It’s made with real chicken with bits of spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots that are flavored like homemade.

If it’s healthy you want, then BENEFUL® Originals Dry Dog Food will be 100% of the nutrients they needs to be healthy and keep that shiny coat. Your dog loves you and trust that you make the right choices for them. Originals dry dog food is made with real beef, chicken or salmon and has bits of veggies that give that special taste your dog will love. There is a dry food made just for your dogs taste. These products can be bought on Wal-Mart.


Premium Dog Food Gains Popularity

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In a recent article,,  There is every type of dog food available, from tubed soft food, that according to one manufacturer, is tasty enough for a human to eat. He demonstrates it by taking a bite of his product, which, however tasty it may look, most pet owners would be reluctant to do. Most of these premium dog foods and have a premium price tag, and some require refrigeration. New manufacturers are coming out with new blends that are meant to mimic a wild wolf’s diet or a human diet, as well as grain free and gluten free formulas. According to the article, “Nestle’s Purina has a website where pet owners can customize special blends because “the best nutrition is personalized,'” One of the ways that Purina is personalizing nutritious dog food is through their Beneful products. Purina’s Beneful makes wet and dry varieties with a blend for every type of dog. Beneful’s wet blends dog food contain healthy vegetables like sweet potato, spinach, peas, carrots, and tomatoes, along with the highest quality proteins such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and salmon. Beneful makes dry varieties such as a Healthy Weight formula, which can help an overweight dog stay healthy and along with a bit of exercise, lose those extra pounds. Beneful also makes Incredibites, 2hich are small, tasty morsels perfect for puppies or smaller dogs that like crunchy, meaty pieces in a smaller size. Dog owners may not want to taste Beneful for themselves; however, judging by the enthusiasm of dogs who are fed Purina’s Beneful food, it is quite tasty indeed. It also provides the essential vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced diet. Beneful comes in handy stackable containers and can be found on the supermarket or retailer’s shelves.

Use Beneful to Balance Out a Dog’s Diet

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A dog’s diet has to be a balanced one in order for the pet to maintain its health. In centuries past, feral dogs had to eat whatever they could hunt. In modern times, dogs are limited to eating what their owner’s provide. After all, it is not as if a canine can go shopping for him/herself. Seriously, there may not be much of a difference between a feral dog and a modern domesticated one in terms of diet. Both could end up eating an unbalanced serving of the same food. Neither approach is a nutritious or healthy one. In the wild, a dog has no choice. Pet owners do have a choice as to what types of selections they can provide for a pet. Purchasing food choices from Purina’s Beneful brand would be among the good choices to make. Beneful’s advertising campaign on uses words such as “goodness”, “healthy”, and “happy”. Any pet owner who wants to be sure a dog is well taken care of is advised to look over the various products presented under this line. Wet food, dry food, and treats are all offered with a focus on maintaining the dog’s wellness. There are even selections designed to help the pet receives some support improvement in dental care. That is no small thing since dental problems can spread and cause complications. Beneful‘s selections are made with many vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. All of these things are intended to help improve the health of a dog by enhancing a balanced diet. One of the more troubling oversights a pet owner makes is buying the same food choices time and time again. The impact on a pet’s diet is rather troubling. An imbalanced diet is one that denies a dog a host of vitamins and nutrients. Switching up the selections and balancing out a diet, on the other hand, is going to have a very positive effect.