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Thor Halvorssen Sees Human Rights Playing A Role in Politics Around The World

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Human Rights FoundationDespite the role, he plays in the political situation of many different areas of the world the human rights activist Thor Halvorssen does not appear to have any political ambitions of his own. The Venezuelan born and U.S. educated activist and film producer recently explained he had no interest in following members of his own family into politics, and only wished to play a part in the ending of human rights abuses around the world.

In many aspects Thor Halvorssen is seen as the perfect political candidate, but he has already stated he has no interest in becoming a politician; in fact, Halvorssen has explained his interest in politics is so small he does not even question the political beliefs of his colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation. Instead, Thor has stated in a number of interviews he is more concerned with the passion and skills an employee of the Human Rights Foundation brings to a role than he is in where their political allegiances lie. Thor has surrounded himself with some of the world’s leading human rights experts, including Human Rights Foundation President Gary Kasparov and the Russian activism group “Pussy Riot”.

For Thor Halvorssen the political leanings of a government are not important if he believes human rights abuses have taken place in a specific area of the world. Halvorssen explains the human rights community needs to be more responsible in its reporting of abuses by a wide range of governments from around the world; traditionally, human rights groups have turned a blind eye to the abuses committed by politicians, dictators, and tyrants from Socialist backgrounds because of their own political leanings. In the view of Thor Halvorssen, the need to stay on top of the human rights abuses committed by all governments should supersede the political views of any activism group; Thor explains he believes his role in the world is to make life difficult for different political groups and leaders who are trying to keep abuses hidden behind closed borders.