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OSI Group’s Sustainability Initiative in Full Swing

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Amongst the business world, there lies a foods processing company which is ranked the 63rd highest income private company on the Forbes list of most successful companies. That organization is the OSI Group McDonalds, a holding company which last year took in $6.1 billion. The group was founded as Otto and Sons in the Chicago area around the same time that McDonalds grew to fame, and being one of McDonalds’ mains suppliers the company saw massive growth and has kept this growth to this very day.

OSI Group McDonalds is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin who joined in 1975 when he changed the name to represent a more global and professional demeanor. The company has seen incredible growth since the beginning, and currently is focusing on sustainability initiatives by hiring a vice president of the GRSB organization, which is the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. The representative’s name is Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, and she is currently now the CSO of OSI Group McDonalds. The goal of GRSB is to more efficiently manage resources, take care of the communities in which they operate, and to look out for well-being of the animals as best they can.

OSI Group McDonalds currently offers fish products, bacon, meat patties, poultry, pizza, and even vegetable products. This comes at the tail end of expanding beyond just the scope of McDonalds products. But McDonalds did help establish the GRSB as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Recently, McDonalds has been working towards sustainability efforts amongst all parts of their production process: forestry conservation efforts, water quality efforts, and C02 reduction efforts as well. Lavin once said that, “Responsibly managing our business within the social, economic, and environmental area in which we operate makes us a stronger company and a better partner to our people, our community, our environment and leading brands across the globe.”

Awards and Expansion – The OSI Food Solution Way

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OSI Food Solutions has over a century of experience in the food solutions industry. OSI started as a small family run butcher shop on the south side of Chicago Illinois. Shortly after opening the local community encouraged OSI to expand to a larger store. The larger store provided additional food solutions to the Maywood area. During this time McDonald’s was starting to franchise locations. A Midwest local McDonald’s franchise owner reached out to Otto, the owner of OSI Food Solutions and made a request for OSI to provide all of the meat for his McDonald’s hamburgers. A verbal agreement was made that would launch OSI into a globally recognized food solutions powerhouse. As technology advanced and new freezing techniques were established OSI was able to expand their ever growing market place outside of the United States.

OSI Food Solutions has constantly been creating innovative ways to produce quality food products in countries all across the globe. When a community requires more of a product OSI Food Solutions comes up with ways to meet that demand. In Toledo Spain the community needed more poultry products. OSI invested more than twenty million dollars to a expansion of the Toledo production plant. This expansion created twenty new employment positions within the factory. There were already over a hundred and twenty positions at this facility. Chicken production jumped from twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty four thousand tons of chicken products. This expansion also featured eco-friendly and sustainable renovations. The electric usage was cut by nearly twenty percent due to efficient lighting and appliances.

The United Kingdom branch of OSI Food Solutions was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor. This award is granted by the British Safety Council. OSI was one of the eighteen corporations worldwide that has been recognized for their exceptional management of safety risks. In order to be considered for this prestigious award a corporation must first receive a five star rating for their safety management. Every department of a corporation from the factory shop to the executive offices is evaluated during this property audit. Only facilities that show exemplary facilities will earn the five star rating. OSI continues to provide high tech and well maintained facilities all across the globe. This devotion to their communities, customers and employees will continue to show in the recognition and awards that they achieve.