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The New Batch of FreedomPop’s Funding

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As a startup, FreedomPop has had to do a considerable amount of fundraising. This is natural for a new company looking to expand its services. However, FreedomPop has made a major dent in its industry rather quickly. The startup based out of LA has been working in the mobile phone industry for only three years now, and yet it is starting to change the world and how consumers look at their mobile phone bills. Most customers who look at their mobile bills monthly and who use a major service provider would agree they are paying way too much money for their services. FreedomPop has set out to change that, first within the United States, and secondly outside of the U.S. to an international market. That is what the last batch of fundraising has been about for FreedomPop. The company wants to offer inexpensive international calling services, which is exactly why it is doing everything it can to make sure customers can find the right service at the right price.

Recently, FreedomPop brought in $50 million through its fundraising. It has been able to take this money and invest it back into the company by working with international service providers. With the deals, FreedomPop can offer individuals some rather inexpensive services when they travel overseas.

While the services work in 25 countries now, it is the plan to extend this beyond 40 countries by the end of the year. There are two different service plans put into place for this. The first is a global Hotspot service. By paying $49.99, individuals have access to this Wi-Fi connection. When hooked up through Wi-Fi, they are able to access unlimited text, voice and data. Of course, an individual is not always going to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi while they are traveling. When this is the case, for just $10, an individual can purchase an international SIM card from FreedomPop. This SIM card gives them access to 200 MB of data throughout these 25 (soon to be over 40) countries. If they need more data, they can purchase 500 MB increments at $10 a pop.

FreedomPop – Free Mobile Service For The First 10,000 UK Customers

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FreedomPop has a new offer to its existing and prospective customers. The Los Angeles based firm is now offering 200 minutes or talk, text and data plan free for UK customers. Customers will also have an opportunity to earn more data through surveys, coupons and sharing it with others. With almost one million customers in the US and quarter of a million in the UK, it’s urging everyone to sign up for the free deals. Note that this free service is available on FreedomPop SIM card or app only. What the 200 MBs of data can cover is enough for 1000 text emails, 500 web views and about 5 videos. 2.5GB of data on the other hand will let you send more than 50,000 text emails, watch video worth 17 hours or use Skype for 127 hours.

For completing just 1 10-minute survey, customers can also avail features such as free offer ranging from 2.5GB and 10GB of data. Best part on is, unused data or talk time gets rolled over every month. Notifications can also be received free of charge. Every user is entitled for one virtual international number for free calls from people living outside of UK. According to FreedomPop chief executive officer Stephen Stokols, this is one company that offers a completely new business modeled free service for life. He also notes that FreedomPop provides reliable and high quality service in the area it serves. FreedomPop understands that not having high quality broadband down the hall is a problem for many remote workers in the country. Stephen wants everyone in the UK to have access to mobile service and FreedomPop is the way to achieve that dream.

The UK in fact is the first market outside of the US to use this service which will be followed by 12 other countries embracing it by the end of this year. What’s more, the company also plans to set up service in 20 other countries by 2017, cut price for handsets before Christmas and giveaway 1000 minutes of text, talk-time and 1 GB of data to the first 10,000 new customers.