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USHEALTH Group Affordable Health Insurance Plans with Reliable and Prompt Customer Service

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The health and life insurance market in the United States is saturated with numerous companies offering a variety of insurance products. With time, it has become difficult to understand which product actually provides the best health insurance products and services. One of the companies, however, which has been consistent in its offerings, is USHEALTH Group. With the collective experience of more than five decades, USHEALTH Group has served more than 15 million customers in the United States, and the count continues to increase with time. The company backs its wide range of health and life insurance products with exemplary customer care service, which has also been awarded the Stevie Award for its quality and consistency in delivering prompt services to the customers.

One of the primary reasons why USHEALTH Group has been able to strengthen its position in the insurance industry is because it understands the need and requirements of the customers precisely. It is for this reason why it offers customizable insurance products that can be tailored to the customers as per their wish and needs. The company believes that health and life insurance shouldn’t be a luxury in today’s date when medical expenses have increased to such abnormal heights. Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, says that the company is dedicated to providing health insurances without any clutter to the people who are tight on budget, so that they can receive the benefits they need without having to pay extra for benefits that they don’t require or are not applicable for them. It helps in maximizing the coverage benefits for people. USHEALTH Group also offers the first dollar benefit to the customers that ensure complete value for money to the customers. Read more about USHealth Group at

The primary aim of USHEALTH Group is the companies reining in the middle market. These companies that are looking for health insurance for their employees can get a wide range of insurance products from USHEALTH Group at an affordable price. USHEALTH Group gives the enterprise owner the full control over the benefits it wants in the insurance it purchases for the employees. Some of the conventional products offered by USHEALTH Group are eye insurance, specific illness insurance, general health insurance, group insurance, family insurance, accident insurance, dental insurance, and more. There are many other customizable varieties of insurance products available with USHEALTH Group, and these products can be purchased through the agents of USHEALTH Group, spread across the country.

The interest customers can contact the company, and they would help connect you with the insurance agent affiliated with USHEALTH Group in your area. The insurance agents of the company are well-equipped with the information about various products the company offers to ensure that the customers get the comprehensive information they need to make an informed decision.

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What Does It Take to Choose the Right Type ofFreedom Life Insurance for You?

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Freedom Life Insurance offers two types of insurance products, namely term life and permanent life insurance. To help you out, here are a few tips that will be helpful in narrowing down your choice to the best product.

Term Life Insurance

You only require this life insurance for some time in your life. A term insurance package allows you to choose how long the term policy should exist according to a particular need. Here are examples of those instances:

  • If you are looking to ensure that you have funds available for your young kids’ college education, you can buy a 20-year Freedom Life Insurance package.
  • If you need insurance to repay a debt that urgently needs paying off within a short period.
  • If you need large life insurance amount but your budget is not adequate. This insurance type will only pay out in case you die during the policy’s term. If you are alive at its end, the coverage stops. When this happens, you may need to renew it or purchase another one. 

In case your financial status changes, you can always choose a convertible term policy, which allows you to convert it to a permanent insurance package without medical examination; however, the policy is a higher premium one.

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Permanent Life Insurance

This life insurance lasts for as long as you are alive. Also, it pays a death benefit even if you were to live to over 100 years or die tomorrow. Freedom Life Insurance’s permanent policy can also be used as a tax-deferred cash savings vehicle that you may use for borrowing funds for other purposes. You need this policy if:

  • You need to keep your life insurance in force even when you can’t pay.
  • You need money for other purposes.
  • You need to borrow money even with a shaky credit rating.

In case of death, the insurance company will collect what is due before determining what goes to a beneficiary. However, permanent policy premiums are higher than those of term insurance, but the premium remains the same no matter your age.