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Herbalife Nutrition Brings Protein and Coffee in a New Drink

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The Valdosta Daily Times recently published an article titled, “Herbalife Nutrition Creates a Stir in the $38 Billion Coffee Industry.” The article reveals that the company has recently extended its product line into iced coffee. It is a company that focuses on helping people live healthier and happier lives. The launch of the Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee was created to make it easy for their customers to get their protein while also getting their favorite source of caffeine. It is a simple, 100-calorie mix that has 15 grams of proteins and 80 mg of caffeine in each serving.


The company wanted to create a product that would be big on taste but low in sugar and calories, especially when iced coffee tends to be high in both. The senior vice president and managing director, Ibi Montesino, revealed that they were excited to create a product that would change the coffee industry while helping people find a way to enjoy their daily cup of Joe in a healthier way. The coffee mix provides a heavy dose of protein so the consumers can start their day with energy. It is also great for an afternoon dose of energy. There are only two grams of sugar in each serving, which is very different from how most iced coffee products are.

According to Mintel, an iced coffee market is a prime place for companies to see growth. Sales have grown ten percent in the last four years. Herbalife’s recent breakfast survey of nearly 10,000 people in the United States revealed that 6/10 people drink coffee every day. The younger demographic is also very keen on the iced coffee category. At least half of the millennials surveyed revealed that they drank iced coffee products. The High Protein Iced Coffee product will be available in a Mocha flavor and will have even have 15 grams of protein. The packet will have more than 14 servings. It’s even easy to make. The consumer simply pours two scoops of the mix to water. Then they shake it, pour it over ice and enjoy.


Herbalife Nutrition is a company spread all over the world that is focused on making the world a healthier and happier place. It was created in 1980 to change people’s lives through nutrition and health programs. They use independent distributors that help bring healthy products to end obesity as well as poor nutrition. Companies like this are necessary when the population is aging and the public healthcare cost is becoming astronomical.

How Herbalife Is Advancing With Technology

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Herbalife Nutrition did not just easily become a leading nutrition supplement company. This company has made major moves since 1980. Because of the moves this company has made it has garnered a well-respected reputation. The supplement company has a wide range or products and services. Their services include nutritional programs that allow for customers to asses their nutritional needs and plan ways of meeting those needs. Customers get the chance to work with staff to create ways to deal with obesity, fitness, dieting and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. This supplement company has worked to make sure they offer the best products on the environment. All of their products on manufactured in their company regulated factories. So, rest assured that these products have passed serious health code standards. The nutrition company has many independent distributors working in ninety different countries. These independent distributors work to provide products to customers.


Herbalife has a bright future ahead of them. They are an innovative company. When the supplement industry began to evolve, they kept up with the fast pace of things. The company worked with technology experts to craft an artful system of technologies to enable staff and customers to benefit more from the company. The artificial intelligence technology the company will be adding to their operations in the near future was designed with the customer in mind and moving customers into the future of the high tech nutritional supplement businesses.

The artificial intelligence technology has many great features. One of the features is how this new technology will allow customers to be heard. They will be able to speak about their concerns and desires. Staff will be able to reciprocate with messaging and understanding their needs. The technology will be a digital assistant. It will assist customers with frequently asked questions. There will no longer be a wait time for responses when regarding the most asked and important questions. Additionally, the new artificial intelligence technology will be a great business tool for the independent distributors needing to manage customer information, sells, products and communication. Customers will benefit from being able to get into direct contact with their assigned independent distributor.

Sussex Healthcare Is A Place That Can Be Called Home

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The Sussex Healthcare facility operates its patients on the Southern East of England. It is owned and operated by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. This healthcare facility has been running for over two decades and is now celebrating twenty-five years of care to the public. Boghani’s prior job was a hotel manager, and Sachedina’s prior job was in the medical field as a dental surgeon. These two individuals have come together with their past experience and put it toward the Sussex Healthcare Facility providing care for the elderly and other adults that need specialized care. This facility has grown into an award-winning adult care network facility. Since they began twenty-five years ago in the year 1985, they have added twenty more facilities to their network.

Sussex Healthcare operates as a live-in facility specializing in helping patients that are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s, neurological disabilities, and cognitive problems. These facilities have a gym with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a child care facility. There are residential housing units available, so these patients do not feel like they are living in a hospital or nursing home to receive their care. Sussex support team is fully trained to take care of the residential patients.

All the Doctors, Nurses, and Caregivers that are employed at the Sussex Healthcare Facilities have the best training. They are also required to take part in continuing education and their competitive pay reflects the skills that they entail. Kitchens at the facilities follow a specific menu every day that follows nutritious philosophy, but of course they cater to everyone’s specific dietary needs.

Sussex has a philosophy that a life is worth living so they make sure all their resident patients stay active and engage in all sorts of leisure activities. It is not healthy for someone to remain in a bed all day and not get any sort of exercise or excitement. The residents do all sorts of arts and crafts. They can take transportation to go swimming at a location outside of the facility. The residents that have their own houses at the facility can work in their garden outside to make it feel more like home.

Deirdre Baggot Brings Her All To The Table

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Who is Deirdre Baggot and what kind of work has she done for the healthcare field?

Baggot is a well-educated woman who has an MBA, a BSN certification, and a Ph.D. From working as a nurse at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital to being appointed to reviewing Medicare and Medicaid plans, Deirdre M. Baggot is a versatile professional and is used to working hard for everything.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Baggot said it is important to “tell it like it is”, even if telling the truth meant you lost a certain client or job.

In this same interview, Baggot says one trend she is onboard with is the idea of wearables to reduce medical errors made in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Baggot goes on to say how important it is to increase the safety of hospitals in America. She also cites statistics of how many people die in the US each year due to infections that they acquired from the hospital. Visit at to learn more.

During the Ideamensch interview, Deirdre Baggot gives some of her best advice as an entrepreneur.

She says to always be the hardest working person in the room and that it is important to research an idea as much as you possibly can. Another interesting piece of advice that Baggot gives in this interview is that it is possible to not meet a deadline if you overcommit to it. She goes on to share her favorite quote by Maya Angelou and lists some of her favorite apps for productivity as Quickbooks and Readdle.

Deirdre Baggot is from the Greater Denver Area.

Currently, she works as a healthcare business strategist. In the past, Baggot has worked for companies such as ECG Management Consultants, GE Healthcare Partners, SCL Health, University of Michigan Health System, and at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a nurse. Her schooling includes the Wharton School, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Quinlan School of Business, and the University of Colorado.

Baggot has developed strategies for around 200 hospitals in the country. She is an expert in reviewing bundled healthcare plans for Medicare and Medicaid and has been published regarding this topic. Visit:

The Hard Truths About Bundled Payments According To Deirdre Baggot

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When the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) announced plans to roll out national Bundle Payment programs, most healthcare providers didn’t fully understand how it works. The announcement bore excitement and some confusion on the part of industry players. However, Deirdre Baggot, an expert strategist, and implementer for the bundled payment systems had this to say about the how these systems work:

  1. Provide patients only what they need

Under the current bundled payment systems, healthcare professionals are only required to follow the fee for value accounting model for everything that a patient needs and nothing they don’t. This commits health professionals to provide their patients with only the tests and processes they need.

  1. It emphasizes the aspect of accountability

Bundled systems bring in evidence-based reforms to the healthcare sector. This implies that the system will mostly rely on client feedback to inform clinicians and health physicians when they err with regards to adhering to the professional best practice. It eliminates any possibility of loopholes in clinicians holding each other accountable and replaces it with accountability based on the value that physicians advance their patients.

  1. It takes away market exclusivity

For the longest time, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offered institutions market exclusivity. This, however, doesn’t apply within the bundled payment framework. On the contrary, serves to push the discount further below the promised 3 percent in the case of gainsharing programs. Visit at to learn more.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot holds a Masters in Business administration and management from Loyola University Chicago as well as Ph.D. from the University Colorado Denver. She is an expert in Bundled Payment systems as she played a key role in their development and launch while she served as the Senior Vice President and Payment and Innovation practice leader with GE Healthcare partners.

Her experience and expertise with the bundled payment systems saw the CMS take her on advising the department on how to improve the bundled payments system with regards to competitive bidding. Her input helped mitigate several flaws with the original system that would have limited its ability to execute bundled payments efficiently. It also earned her an invite to chair the national bundled payment summit. See more:


Jeunesse Inspiring the Young Generation

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Jeunesse is a global company that is committed to the direct selling of youthful enhancement products. Also, the organization develops supplements that are responsible for maintaining body weight. The Jeunesse family has endeavored to create a positive impact in the whole world by ensuring that every individual feels young and looks good. Moreover, the firm feels that it’s their responsibility to empower every consumer in order to reach their full potential. The company’s health skin care and nutritional products are proudly made to have youthful enhancement effects. So far, they have registered remarkable results in the market. At Jeunesse, they have a multilingual customer desk that is ever ready to converse with customers from all races. Additionally, they have a global enrollment system and a back office that supports all the needs of the consumers.

Jeunesse organization utilizes the cutting edge platform to distribute their innovative products to the world. They also train and support their consumers’ needs through their 32 operational offices around the globe. The company is fully functional in over 130 countries. The firm was established in the year 2009, September 9th, at 9:00 PM. Wendy and Randy decided that they have a number 9 in the month, year and time. The figure was to act as a sign of the company thriving in the market instead of just surviving and making less progress.

The duo was so eager to set out and share their revolutionary ideas of producing youthful enhancement products. Jeunesse is committed to inspiring a young generation. Some of the skincare products that the company has manufactured and distributed have been received warmly by the consumers. This is because of their positive results. Some of these products include the Luminesce. This is an anti-ageing cream that restores a youthful line and maximum radiance to the skin. Additionally, the item reduces any appearance of wrinkles on the face leaving the skin unique and glowing.

AM and PM essentials are nutritional formulas containing vitamins and other vital minerals that are uniquely blended to prevent premature ageing of the skin. They increase and improve the user’s moods and subsequently prepare the body for a restful sleep.

What Is Setting Waiakea Water Apart From Any Other Bottled Water

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is revolutionizing what it means to be a sustainable water bottle. While many water bottles on the market throw out works like sustainable, biodegradable or recyclable, the truth is that there is no bottle on the market today that is fully any of those things. Many have caps that are none of any of those quality items we look for when making a purchase decision. And, in truth, even when a bottled water company claims to have a degradable bottle, it typically takes more than one thousand years for a bottle or a bottle cap to truly degrade. This issue wreaks havoc on our environment and on our ocean system. Waiakea water bottles will be absolutely 100% recyclable and will fully degrade in less than 15 years.

Waikea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will also contain all the incredible volcanic water benefits that are unlike anything else available in the bottled water market. Waiakea water comes from only one source. It comes from a spring that comes from the active Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The volcano is not only nestled in the lush forest that is certified as a protected environment, but it is surrounded by ten million square miles of pure ocean saltwater. In addition to the land the volcano is on being totally pure, it is also more than two thousand miles from the closest landmass that has any kind of industry on it. The Mauna Loa volcano is completely isolated.

After the water comes from the snowcapped volcano, it travels slowly down the volcanic rock until it reaches the bottling source. During the water’s travels, it slowly trickles over the volcanic rock that is filled with rich nutrients and vitamins that are naturally contained in the rock. It is during this process that Waiakea water not only picks up those natural nutrients, but becomes incredibly alkaline. Waiakea Water PH Levels are outstanding, and the water comes by it naturally. This will make it the first truly alkaline water available and the absolute best choice for those who wish to gain a better PH Level within their body.

Ara Chackerian; a Successful Investor, an Entrepreneur, and Man with a Heart of Giving.

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Ara Chakerian is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in San Francisco. He is the MD of ASC Capital Holding. Ara attended the Florida State University and graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing. Ara has been investing more in healthcare companies where he has more than two decades experience. These healthcare companies are dedicated to overhauling the healthcare system in the US.

Currently, Chackerian is working with his long-term business partner with the aim of spreading the awareness as well as access transcranial magnetic stimulation. He is the co-founder as well as the president of the Limonapa Teak. The firm employs environmentally-friendly techniques in its production, and it has been providing jobs to the local community.

Additionally, he has also co-founded companies such as BMC Diagnostics that leads in the provision of the diagnostic imaging services, PipelineRx, which provides telepharmacy services. His official level operating experience includes Executive Chairperson of TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx, Deputy President at PSS/World Medical and Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics

In 2009, Ara Chackerian alongside his dad Richard traveled to Armenia where Ara’s grandparents had emigrated. While on the trip, Chackerian was introduced to an orphanage, where they saw a need to mentor the orphans which resulted in the establishment of Nor Luyce. Nor Luyce is a training program that was formed to help young women in transforming them into adults who can support themselves. Since then, the foundation has had an exceptional success. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Since the inception of Nor Luyce, Chackerian has been on the organization’s board and is the critical source in funding the program. His philanthropic work goes beyond this organization. Over the last ten years, he supported many non-profit organizations based on education and youth development. Currently, they have put efforts in Nicaragua, Armenia and United States.

Once in an interview, when asked about how he brings ideas to life, Ara Chackerian said that ideas come from life experience. He further added that if you make conscious efforts to engage life, ideas will occur, which he considers a simple formula.

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The Promising Future of the USHEALTH Advisors

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USHEALTH Advisors, LLC founded in the year 1984, it is a health insurance company located in Fort Worth Texas. Its mission is to help other people every day and to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Troy McQuagge heads USHEALTH as its chief executive officer. Ms. Lisa Carter is the vice president of customer service department. Mr. Ronnie Rahe leads consumer affairs as the executive vice president. The existence of the mentioned characters works parallel to each other in the management office.

The Fort Worth-based LLC provides insurance solutions to all levels of employees, small business owners, and families. HEALTH Advisors services are affordable and very reliable according to its subscribed members. The corporation subsidiaries include Freedom life insurance Company of America and national foundation life insurance. USHEALTH and its insurance partners have offered insurance coverage to over fifteen million clients with personal scheduled plans for around fifty years. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

The USHEALTH Advisor has a full portfolio that promotes customers choices. This program allows its customers to choose a plan that is suitable to their needs. The original program considers clients need for flexibility, affordability, and reliability in their insurance selections. USHEALTH advisor offers protection services of all kinds of ailments, and unexpected accidents that are cost-effective to all their customers.

The USHEALTH insurance company provides a diverse collection of insurance coverage plan to allow their clients to choose the suitable one. In the year 2013, USHEALTH appeared among the top fifty American Call Center ranked along with other prominent customer services in the United States. The USHEALTH Advisor has built a stellar approval for clients according to The Better Business Bureau

The USHEALTH Advisors are known for their commitment to their customers; this virtue has resulted in the global recognition of the company. This quality has attracted a large number of clients to USHEALTH insurance services. Firstly, The Advisors get trained on the products and then afterward they have certified to serve customers due to the complexity of the health insurance programs. And this is how the USHEALTH delivers on its promise of dependability.

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USHealth Advisors, Helping People Everyday!

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The USHealth Advisors is different from any other heath care coverage company. The company has made their own mission named HOPE that is dedicated to helping other people everyday all around the world. The President and CEO of the company is Troy McQuagge. The company has had this mission since it was created by Troy back in 2010. The company has helped victims of Hurricane Katrina and they have also donated thousands of dollars to HOPEkids which is an organization that is dedicated to supporting the parents of extremely ill children. The USHealth Advisors have been creating success stories for their employees and for people all around the world as well.

Mark Brodinsky is an employee of USHealth Advisors who has helped the success story of a current employee, Randy Hildebrandt, become an inspiration to people all around the world. Mark Broadinsky is a great upstanding man. He believes in encouraging others to find great things within themselves so that they can create something great.

Randy Hildebrandt is a man who is originally from Texas. All of Randy’s life, he had always thought that he would become a professional baseball player. Randy was on a great path to actually pursuing this goal until an unexpected injury deterred Randy’s career. Randy had encountered a shoulder injury spontaneously. Everyone thought that the injury would be a quick fix after surgery, but that did not work. After Randy had had surgery, his should was okay; however, he could not continue to put stress on it. Learn more on Better Business  Bureau about  USHealth Advisors

With that being said, Randy had to end his baseball career. Randy was extremely disappointed by this set back. Randy then applied to college, he was accepted to A&M. Randy had soon picked up a random major in school that he was not interested in, but he chose it because he thought it would bring tons of money.

Randy soon began to work for an insurance company that was 200 miles away from his home. He was not happy; however, brighter days had came when he met Troy! Troy gave Randy a job at USHealth Advisors and the rest has been history! Read more: