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21st Century Health & Wellness

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Achieving a good health standing is something that everyone should strive for. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Our bodies are flooded with parabens on a daily basis. These parabens come from the air we breathe to the foods we eat. Tap water also has chemicals in it, and those chemicals can cause issues with repeated use. One of the best solutions for ridding your body of toxins is by using a cleansing product. Herbal-cleansing products rid the body of toxins in the fastest amount of time. These products can come in 10-day, 20-day or 30-day programs. There are a number of herbal-cleansing products on the market, and Dherbs is one of the best.

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Dherbs, an American-based health and wellness company, has mastered the art of herbal cleansers. Dherbs not only produces top-tier cleansers, the company promotes wellness via plant-based diets. When combined with plant-based diets, herbal cleansers will show remarkable results that can be felt immediately. That statement can’t be said for the competitors’ products because many of them aren’t genuinely organic. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill that you can take. Organic supplements can aid the body in the healing process. Supplying the body with healthy ingredients that come from nature can potentially ward away illnesses before they ever have a chance to manifest. is the place to be for total health benefits. This institution focuses on supplying the body with the right nutrients. offers 10-day cleansers, weight-loss management products, full-body cleansers, men’s-health supplements, women’s-health supplements, thyroid aids and countless others. This is 21st century health and wellness at its finest. Dherbs has been in existence since 2004, and it has built a rock-solid reputation. The time is now to bring your health back from the brink, and Dherbs is surely the brand of choice.

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The Great Deirdre Baggot

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Ms.Baggot graduated with master’s degree in business administration from Chicago’s Loyola University School of Business. She also holds Bachelor of Science in nursing and is a Gregory La Vert Scholar. Later she joined Colorado University where she attained her master’s degree in philosophy. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

Deirdre Baggot has published over twenty papers about bundled payments, payment transformation, and healthcare reforms. She is among the expert who has participated in the morning edition of national public radio, planet money and all things considered. In 2012, she was selected by CMS to serve as an expert in reviewing Bundled payments models two to four episodes. Deirdre also served as a leader in CmS Bundled payment demonstration for the acute care. She has worked in leadership positions at the University of Michigan Health system in academic healthcare and Northwestern Memorial Hospital for ten years.

Deirdre Baggot has extensive experience in the field of health. She is the founder of Bundled payments because of her outstanding leadership skills. Deirdre has played a vital role in the continuous innovations in bundled payments and payment reforms. She has remained focused to ensure there are improvements and changes in this sector. Deirdre has demonstrated her leadership skills in different firms by working closely with other members.

Deirdre has received a national award for his effort and commitment in bundled payments systems. She has attended different conferences on medical has a guest speaker. Some of the conferences she has participated include; innovation summit, bundled payment congress, SAS, Medtronic, Healthcare financial organizations and bundled payment summit

Deirdre Baggot believes in knowing your career. She says when knowledge is combined with life experience can generate a good marketing strategy. Deirdre goes beyond theoretical and provides customers with real-life experiences. She has also surrounded herself with great mentors who she believes have offered support to his career.



Deidre Baggot: Adoption of Bundled Payments Can Results in Great Financial Rewards in the Healthcare Sector

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Deidre Baggot: Adoption of Bundled Payments Can Results in Great Financial Rewards in the Healthcare Sector

In line with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CMS announced that about 500 healthcare entities would take part in the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program starting in spring 2013. Prepared or not, the enactment of the ACA has introduced cutting-edge methods like bundled payments that allow CMS to shift from conventional fee-for-service that CMS says has promoted over-utilization. As from 2008, about a half of the nation has embraced some type of bundling, courtesy of the Medicare Acute Care Episode (ACE) Bundled Payment Initiative. The growing evidence showing that bundled payments can attain Triple Aim is one of the main reasons why 2013 will experience uninterrupted interest in this payment methodology, especially in the private sector. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot at

Although the context may be solely about payment reform, Deirdre Baggot feels that amendments of reimbursement policy will trigger care delivery reform. Commercial payers are following the CMS’ lead by showing elevated preference of bundling payments to providers as a way of minimizing costs, especially in the areas of unnecessary readmissions and post-acute care. These types of risk-based reimbursement cause unprecedented pressure on hospitals and healthcare providers to blend in across the enterprise. While organizations may not be prepared for population risk, a minor test like bundles may be a feasible strategy for achieving full risk for the entire population. Healthcare entities that use groundbreaking care delivery models coupled with a careful selection of incentives that best inspire physicians will flourish in the evolving healthcare sector.

Who is Deirdre Baggot?

Deirdre Baggot is one of the authorities in the healthcare sector, especially when it comes to the topic of bundled payments. Leveraging her experience as a hospital executive and clinician, Deidre Baggot has developed and implemented innovative payment models with Commercial Payers, Employers, Medicaid, and Medicare in more than 200 hospitals. Deidre has achieved impeccable results regarding lowering costs, enhancing quality, and enhancing patient experience through care model transformation. She has authored over 20 papers on a wide range of topics, including bundled payments, payment transformation, and healthcare reform.



Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Transform the Healthcare Industry

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the true epitomai of successful leadership. The two have spearheaded the growth of InnovaCare Health, making the company one of the leading healthcare companies in the world. With 20 years experience under his belt, CEO Rick Shinto has showcased brilliance and has been at the forefront of supporting leading innovations in the health sector. Before his service at InnovaCare Health, Shinto was the Vice President in charge of managing the medical department at Medpartners. Shortly after that, he became a senior medical officer at Cal Optima Plan before joining Pathways management as CEO and operations manager.


His success throughout his years quickly gained him recognition for his work. He became the household name for leadership in related medical companies. His impressive work ethic led him to Aveta Inc as one of the managers in the company. These leadership traits have followed him into his current role as CEO of the leading healthcare company InnovaCare Inc. Shinto is the holder of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year award that was awarded to him in 2012.


As the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Kokkinides has been the brains behind some innovations that have significantly transformed the health sector. Before taking up her post at InnovaCare, she was in charge of the Care division at center light health care. Kokkinides credits her success to teamwork. She believes that a great team is what helps a company to come up with ideas and most importantly implement them. She advocates for learning about your business and market trends with the aim of propelling your business forward. To her, it is important to know the current trends and how these can affect the running of your business. One of the things that Kokkinides attributes her success to is being a planner. She values organization and being able to prioritize your tasks based on the most important. For more details visit


Based in North America, InnovaCare Health is a company that provides health services through affordable Medicare programs and use of technology. The company specializes in innovating products that are high quality, affordable and sustainable aimed at improving the healthcare of the patients. All the products are developed to be unique to each client, depending on the need. The company’s medical plans received a boost in 2011 when it was accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. You can check out



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How Herbalife Is Advancing With Technology

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Herbalife Nutrition did not just easily become a leading nutrition supplement company. This company has made major moves since 1980. Because of the moves this company has made it has garnered a well-respected reputation. The supplement company has a wide range or products and services. Their services include nutritional programs that allow for customers to asses their nutritional needs and plan ways of meeting those needs. Customers get the chance to work with staff to create ways to deal with obesity, fitness, dieting and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. This supplement company has worked to make sure they offer the best products on the environment. All of their products on manufactured in their company regulated factories. So, rest assured that these products have passed serious health code standards. The nutrition company has many independent distributors working in ninety different countries. These independent distributors work to provide products to customers.


Herbalife has a bright future ahead of them. They are an innovative company. When the supplement industry began to evolve, they kept up with the fast pace of things. The company worked with technology experts to craft an artful system of technologies to enable staff and customers to benefit more from the company. The artificial intelligence technology the company will be adding to their operations in the near future was designed with the customer in mind and moving customers into the future of the high tech nutritional supplement businesses.

The artificial intelligence technology has many great features. One of the features is how this new technology will allow customers to be heard. They will be able to speak about their concerns and desires. Staff will be able to reciprocate with messaging and understanding their needs. The technology will be a digital assistant. It will assist customers with frequently asked questions. There will no longer be a wait time for responses when regarding the most asked and important questions. Additionally, the new artificial intelligence technology will be a great business tool for the independent distributors needing to manage customer information, sells, products and communication. Customers will benefit from being able to get into direct contact with their assigned independent distributor.

Deirdre Baggot Brings Her All To The Table

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Who is Deirdre Baggot and what kind of work has she done for the healthcare field?

Baggot is a well-educated woman who has an MBA, a BSN certification, and a Ph.D. From working as a nurse at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital to being appointed to reviewing Medicare and Medicaid plans, Deirdre M. Baggot is a versatile professional and is used to working hard for everything.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Baggot said it is important to “tell it like it is”, even if telling the truth meant you lost a certain client or job.

In this same interview, Baggot says one trend she is onboard with is the idea of wearables to reduce medical errors made in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Baggot goes on to say how important it is to increase the safety of hospitals in America. She also cites statistics of how many people die in the US each year due to infections that they acquired from the hospital. Visit at to learn more.

During the Ideamensch interview, Deirdre Baggot gives some of her best advice as an entrepreneur.

She says to always be the hardest working person in the room and that it is important to research an idea as much as you possibly can. Another interesting piece of advice that Baggot gives in this interview is that it is possible to not meet a deadline if you overcommit to it. She goes on to share her favorite quote by Maya Angelou and lists some of her favorite apps for productivity as Quickbooks and Readdle.

Deirdre Baggot is from the Greater Denver Area.

Currently, she works as a healthcare business strategist. In the past, Baggot has worked for companies such as ECG Management Consultants, GE Healthcare Partners, SCL Health, University of Michigan Health System, and at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a nurse. Her schooling includes the Wharton School, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Quinlan School of Business, and the University of Colorado.

Baggot has developed strategies for around 200 hospitals in the country. She is an expert in reviewing bundled healthcare plans for Medicare and Medicaid and has been published regarding this topic. Visit: