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Pet Food that Warms the Heart – Top 3 Beneful Commercials

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It’s so refreshing to see our pets’ personalities, especially with a little love and humor thrown in. Beneful has captured the spirit of dogs with their fun and heart-warming commercials. Here are my top 3 favorite Beneful commericals: one to laugh, one to cry, and one just to delight.

#3 “Yes, I Want to Eat!”

This commercial is incredibly addictive to watch, I laugh every time because it is just so ME. A woman is holding a tantalizing dish of Beneful Chopped Blends in front of her adorable dog and repeating, “Do you want to eat?” in the most annoying baby-talk voice ever! How many times have I spoken to my dog exactly the same way? And her poor dog is telling her yes, yes, yes he wants to eat already! It captures the love we have for our pets, and their willingness to put up with us in return! Check it out here.

#2 “You Gotta Get Cute”

This one shows us how much our dogs crave treats, and what lovable lengths they will go to to earn them. The dog tells us Beneful Break-N-Bites are worth getting cute for. Sitting and staying might earn you a bite or two, but letting a little one sleep on your tummy wins you all three bites! Precious enough to bring a tear to the eye. See it here.

#1 “Play Close”

So, we all want our dog to have fresher breath, right? This commercial for Beneful Healthy Smile is a delight to watch. We see a man getting nose to nose with his dog and mimicking the dog’s funny facial expressions, letting us know the breath is good and the relationship between the two is even better! Enjoy!