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How Richard Mishaan Design Dominates an Industry

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There are more designers in New York than probably anywhere else in the United States. Among them all one company stands tall, Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan Design was founded by Richard Mishaan himself over 25 years ago. Moving to America from Bogota, Mishaan brought with him an interesting perspective on just what high end clients would want out of their own unique rooms. Richard Mishaan has spent his entire career changing the way that people approach their designing needs — and it’s paying off.

If you want to get a taste for the art work that is Richard Mishaan Design’s work then you need to take a trip down to Bogota, Colombia. Mishaan has a building there that was designed head to toe to essentially showcase his design beliefs — the Cartagena House. Located off of the coast of the Caribbean, the Cartagena house mixes in modernism with old world architecture. You can walk through a room and see 500 year old wooden beams enmeshed perfectly with modern furniture. You can walk up a 16th century staircase design and end up in a room that would fit in with a New York city sky rise suite.

The Cartagena home is a three story building that Richard Mishaan Design put in the work so that the world could see just what Mishaan had in mind. You can see the work done at the Cartagena house in person or you can pick up a Richard Mishaan Design book — “Artfully Modern”. Mishaan knows that people are reluctant to try something new so he showcases his talents and wins them over like so.

The beauty of a Richard Mishaan designed home is that they are all unique. Mishaan designs his buildings to cater to his clients, not his personal style. The results?A surging business and happy clients around the globe.