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The growth of the largest food business-OSI Group

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OSI Group is a company that produces food products. It is one of the biggest private companies in the world. It is a global company that is supplying its food products to over 17 countries and 65 facilities in the world. With its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the company has gone out of its way to ensure that their products are enjoyed locally and internationally. OSI Group has been running an expansion program which is meant to facilitate the development of the business. The company has been expanding to all continents as it tries to get its products to as many as possible.

OSI Group was started in 1909 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. As the company grew, it was renamed Otto & Sons after he brought in his two sons, Arthur and Harry to assist in managing the business since it was growing rapidly. The growth of the company would gain momentum from 1955 when the McDonald’s was started and contracted it to supply hamburgers. The growth of the McDonald’s was rapid and forced McDonald’s also to step up and match up the demands coming from the McDonalds. In 1970s OS setup facilities to be producing only hamburgers which were needed by the McDonalds and more

The management of the OSI group set up the first food processing plant that would be used to serve the needs of the McDonalds only. There was also pressure to move internationally as McDonald’s had already opened up branches in other countries. With the management of the company as it was, they were overwhelmed by the operations and needed someone who would come into the company and help them deal with the running of the business. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin was brought into the management as an equal partner to the sons of the founder. He was previously an executive in the banking industry and would assist the company in running global business operations.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company when it only had one processing plant and one client. Over time, he has managed to change the situation. He wanted the company to run independently and not just to follow what McDonald’s was doing. Over the years, he started expanding the company operations to other countries. Currently, Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI Group. He has moved the company from low to high through passion and commitment to the organization. The success of the company is a direct input of Sheldon Lavin.

Shiraz Boghani: The Modern Face Oof British Hospitality

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The hospitality sector has been shaped significantly in the recent decades across the world. Especially in the hotel industry, budget hotels became a priority class considering the traveling needs of the middle-class. Post-1990s, middle-class people around the globe started traveling to other areas for various needs. To serve their needs, a new line of hotels became popular, which is none other than limited services hotels. When it comes to the United Kingdom, it saw a boom in the limited services segment considering a large number of domestic and international travelers reaching its cities. The active intervention of some of the visionary business leaders like Shiraz Boghani they are getting more than they needed.

Shiraz Boghani is the Founder cum Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, a limited service hotel chain in the country. The visions of Boghani ensured high-quality service, highly affordable rates, excellent customer experience, and more for the travelers. Since the 1990s, he ramped up the hospitality sector investments and opened new limited service hotels in all the major centers of the United Kingdom. Interestingly, his quick expansion plans helped the British hospitality industry to contain the quickly growing needs for quality hotel rooms. Today, the group operates 20 trading hotels with another five in various stages of development.


Some of the highly-rated hotels operate under Splendid Hospitality Group include Hilton London Bankside, which has 292 rooms, and Holiday Inn Wembley with 336 rooms. His passion for providing highest-quality service in the industry helped Boghani and Splendid Hospitality Group to win many awards. In 2016, he was chosen as the Hotelier of the Year by the prestigious Asian Business Awards committee. The committee confirmed that he displayed commitment, deep passion, and professionalism in designing the operations of the group unique and set apart in the industry. Also, his works in the industry helped it to advance at the service level. Currently, Boghani takes care of the growth strategy and vision of the group and helped it to expand into newer areas of business.

Shiraz Boghani is also a highly familiar name in the philanthropic circles of the United Kingdom. He took active participation in many community service initiatives and collaborated with many charitable institutions. Boghani is a well-wisher of Ismaili community and served on the administrative committees of various Aga Khan Institutions and was part of its National Council. Additionally, he is the founding partner of a senior living home initiative called Sussex Health Care. The network was established in 1985 and grew tremendously by utilizing the passion and commitment of Shiraz Boghani.

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