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Why Securus Technologies Remains Your Ultimate Source of Online Security

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Currently, the globe is facing a rise in the number of non-resolved violent crimes committed by the day. The worrying trends also show that the more these cases remain unresolved, the more the criminals tend to sophisticate these crimes. It, therefore, goes without saying that investigators are facing real-time challenges when beginning their investigations. Even as they consistently rely on leads or even pieces of second-hand information, the level of accuracy tends to diminish.

Easing Investigations

These stressful days for the investigators are no more since the inception of Securus Technologies; a company that has concentrated their expertise on the most current technologies in availing information required to kick start investigation processes. At Securus technologies, we have made acute investigations a reality courtesy of this important software called the Location-Based Service (LBS). The call-monitoring software provides relevant information that operates smoothly without tipping off any party that is under investigation. The rise in the use of this technique has built our company’s portfolio through the constant referrals that the company gets. In this regard, it is only prudent that we share some of the positive remarks that the company received courtesy of our immense help to our clientele.

General Complements from Clients


“Our company’s drastic measures in evaluating and even combating the rise in cases of contraband goods are intensified through the aid of reporting data we get from Securus Technologies. Your invaluable contribution has soared us this high.”


“We would like to acknowledge Securus for the much strides we have made as company courtesy of the LBS software. The software helped us get a search warrant, and we ultimately got the suspect arrested. Many thanks for your endeavors.”

“For more than two decades, our correctional facility relied on your company’s’ diligent services to offer solutions to the rampant cases of suspicious phone calls from the individuals under our custody.”