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IAP Worldwide Services: Providing Services To The Military And Beyond

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Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) have been dealing with unpredictable situations for many years and they are still going strong. IAP has gone through several evolutions and name changes. Based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where IAP would eventually call home, the company has been through several major changes. Although IAP Worldwide Services didn’t come into existence until 2004 they would eventually acquire Johnson Controls Worldwide (JCWS). JCWS has been controlling every Cape Canaveral shuttle launch since they acquired the original company responsible for building and running the launch site, Pan Am Services Inc. Now IAP controls the launch site and between all three companies there have been over 2,500 launches. IAP offers full maintenance on the shuttles as well as pre- launch testing to ensure safety and quality control.

Founded in 2004 in Irmo, South Carolina, as a logistics and procurement company with contracts to the United States Government, IAP began small by supplying generator parts and equipment to military personnel in Saudi Arabia. Eventually IAP Worldwide Services became a trusted partner during Operation Desert Storm and now wins contracts with the U.S. Government to help with issues such as: emergency disaster relief, transportation services, international procurement, and mobile power generation.

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A couple of years after IAP was founded, the company obtained JCWS in 2006. IAP became IAP Worldwide Services specializing in three branches of business. The first is Global Operations and Logistics, secondly is Base Operations Support Systems, and lastly is Professional and Technical Services. Being able to branch out and specialize has given IAP the edge to grow into the solid military contract leader it is today. Some of the services offered are: aviation services, power and utilities for military camps, health services, facilities engineering, maintenance, power plant operations and maintenance and renewable energy services.

In 2015 IAP has branched out globally and acquired G3 Services, LTD. G3 is a British company that specializes in many of the same services that IAP offers except that G3 offers a more climate unique global modular operating system designed to operate in even the harshest of environments. G3 can also design, deliver, maintain and operate their services.

IAP is now a global name for offering the best in military and civilian support services, logistic operations, emergency response, and disaster relief. With over 1,600 employees in over 20 countries, IAP is a leader in support services.

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