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Kabbalah Centres Connect Students to Kabbalah

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Most people in the U.S., and around the world, are searching for answers in their life so they can make better decisions and experience inner peace. Kabbalah is one of the oldest disciplines of spiritual wisdom, and the learning the principles of Kabbalah lead to a spiritual way to life for followers.

Kabbalah began thousands of years ago when the Jewish population was forming in Israel. Judaism is the roots for Kabbalah, and because of this, the study of this wisdom was mainly within small groups of priests and other holy men until 1922. It was then that Rav Ashtag established the first Kabbalah Center located in Jerusalem. The Center open Kabbalah up to anyone who was interested in studying Kabbalah, so this allowed “common” people to study Kabbalah for the first time in history.

International Kabbalah Centres

Today, there are 40 cities worldwide that have Kabbalah Centres. There are five Centres in the United States, which were founded by Rav and Karen Berg after they spent 10 years studying under Rav Ashtag. The Bergs founded Centres that were open to anyone who wanted to find answers in their lives. The study of Kabbalah is a practical study involving spiritual principles, so students are able to work through situations in their lives by applying spiritual answers. Kabbalah believes that there is joy in everyone that can be uncovered with study.

Each individual Centre may be slightly different, but they all hold classes for students and provide a central meeting place. Dinners are held every month for fellowship and many of the Kabbalists participate in volunteering in the community. Volunteering is recognized as a universal way to release self-ish, self-centered tendencies because it is a form of giving. Volunteering demonstrates a practical way to instill the characteristics of Kabbalah.

With the advent of technology, the Bergs developed an online Kabbalah Centre, which has no boundaries. This online Centre provides announcements for all the Centres, classes, meditations and much more. To find more information on Kabbalah and Kabbalah Centres, go to

Achieve Fulfillment by Studying Kabbalah

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In a nutshell, Kabbalah reveals how life and the universe work. This ancient wisdom literally means “to receive.” It teaches its students and followers how to achieve fulfillment in their lives.
The teachings of Kabbalah are largely based on Jewish sacred text called Zohar. The text provides foundational Kabbalistic wisdom and is the main source of reference used by teachers. It decodes the ancient mysteries and spiritual system described in the Torah.

Why Study Kabbalah?

Many people often feel, at some point in their lives, that they are slowly being overwhelmed by their lives. They feel unfulfilled and it seems like the more they try to receive fulfillment and contentment, the more it eludes them.

Studying Kabbalah allows one to enter a blissful state of fulfillment on a personal level. This means connecting to energy and maintaining this connection for a considerably long amount of time. Kabbalah teaches that all the different branches and aspects of our lives emanate from a single trunk and root. This means that learning this ancient wisdom gives one access to all of life’s secrets.

Understanding how the universe operates at its core level gives one access to unfathomable knowledge and permanent fulfillment. What is interesting is that Kabbalah traverses all faiths and religions. Its teachings apply to all people irrespective of their beliefs. It has practical applications that can be used by followers to better their lives and connect to their creator.

The Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Today, it is the largest global organization dedicated to teaching Kabbalah. It aims to give its followers the wisdom and tools they need to not only improve their lives, but also to remove chaos from their environment.

Today, the center has established at least 50 locations globally to disseminate kabbalah wisdom. It has over 5,000 students studying Kabbalah teachings on a weekly basis. What’s more, the center provides an online learning environment that offers DVDs, CDs, prayer services, lectures and books. The center is run by Rav Phillip Berg who is assisted by his wife and two sons. Its headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California.