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Jeremny Goldstein Offers His Own Take On How Large Corporations Should Deal With Earnings per Share Incentive Programs

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Jeremy Goldstein is well aware of the fact that dealing with the countless reasons that make it difficult to put together an economical environment that is sustainable for corporations is not so easy to do. As an attorney at law, he has seen how it can negatively affect employees, investors, and businesses, and he offers recommendations to large corporations for how to deal with Earnings per Share (EPS) and how they are used in programs that pay their employees based on their performance. Generally speaking, EPS is a good employee incentive tool, and investors know that it can effect the price of stocks in a big way. The main issue with EPS is in the way that entities can use it to their own advantage in a way that isn’t fair to anyone else.


Jeremy Goldstein has highlighted the fact that people who are opposed to EPS indicate it is a system that can benefit some and be detrimental to many others. For example, CEOS and other kinds of executives gain more power under an EPS system and can manipulate metrics that can result in the selling of more shares. In the worst of cases, this kind of manipulation of the facts is illegal, and in the best of cases it is extremely misleading and harmful to investors and a company, itself. Other voices of dissent have pointed out that EPS does not offer a long-term way of supporting the corporate growth of a company and that it is not completely accurate, at all. Experts in the field have argued that it is best for companies to keep their focus on their long-term objectives rather than short-term EPS metrics, because this will make their company all the stronger.


Jeremy Goldstein has suggested that there might be a middle ground, of sorts, where executives and CEOs are held accountable for their behavior, because EPS programs do offer employees substantial benefits. This can be done by aligning the long-term plan of a company with its EPS plan, which can lead to a sustainable and strong company that just might stay around for years to come. In the end, he wants to point out that the issue isn’t black and white and that there is plenty of wiggle room for a combined plan. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein started his working career by serving a large firm, and then moved on to build a practice of his own. he earned his J.D. while studying at New York University School of Law and worked with a spread of companies to get all of the experience he now has. As a writer, he has contributed to many different journals of law where he offered his take on trending legal matters.