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Market America, Combining The Power of People And Technology For Advancement

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Market America is a company you may have heard of in recent years. If not, their website is certainly very present online and popular globally. The company is about 25 years old and is run by the Ridinger family. The company uses one to one marketing to promote Market America, through its business owners, who own an “UnFranchise.” This term refers to the income that is generated by owners without having significant amounts of overhead or startup cost but would love the luxury of owning, promoting and running own business. Market America is not only prominent in the US, it’s growing rapidly overseas as well.

There are many things that are unique about the platform as a business. First, the website pays owners and customers cash back on their purchases. Second, the website offers conveniences of fast ordering and checkout, and they’re even working with Amazon to make it compatible with Alexa. Ordering groceries right to your doorstep in a snap, or getting cash back on items from all of your favorite retailers is all possible with Market America and

As previously mentioned, the company has been around for quite some time. The slogan, “Built on Product.” and “Powered by People.” seems to hold true with Market America. The business has also won a torch award from the Better Business Bureau and has an “A+” rating. This is quite an accomplishment for a company that has so many different components. Branding its own products in addition to nationally recognized brands, Market America offers many different products that encompass nearly any lifestyle. The opportunity to save big and to make great money is what the company is all about. With 25,000 UnFranchise business owners and growing, it seems like a great time to get started. Check out and see for yourself the great products and services that are available to everyone.

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