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Breaking down Hussain Sajwani the Damac Owner’s Rise To The Top

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Thanks to his real estate outfit, Hussain Sajwani popularly refeed to as the Damac owner is considered one of the richest individuals in the Middle East. His tremendous success in the real estate and hospitality industries has won him influence, friends, and acquaintances in high places across the world. Among these is the current United States President Donald Trump that he considers a business partner and family friend. But how did he accumulate this wealth and build these networks? Here is a breakdown of the 63-year-old’s journey to the top of the world;

Birth in a middle-class family

Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in a fairly middle-class family in Dubai. His father was an Indian Immigrant and traded different Chinese imports like pens and shirts in the city. The Damac owner mentions that the time spent at his father’s shop made him appreciate the value of entrepreneurship and imparted n him great values about hard work that have seen him through life.

Scholarship and contract manager’s job

His excellence at school saw him secure a scholarship to the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He returned home and secured a contract managers position with GASCO Oil Company. At the time, Dubai’s development had gained speed and a lot of companies were setting up here. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship to start a catering company.

Catering company –Global Logistics Services

Hussain Sajwani’s first big client with the catering firm, before renaming it Global Logistics Services, was Bechtel Construction. However, his resilience and unmatched sales and marketing skills saw him secure a contract to supply the United States military bases in Middle Eastern countries with meals. The contract holds to date and is credited with eth birth of Damac properties.

Damac Properties

The Damac owner would use the proceeds from his catering company to create a real estate empire. It has successfully established several luxury real estate projects like the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai and a series of other luxury residential properties spread across the world. The multinational is also responsible for vast wealth that Hussain has accumulated over the years.

Hussain Sajwani is ready to excel as the DAMAC owner

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Hussain Sajwani has cultivated skills which help him to excel in business, and perform his role as the owner and founder of DAMAC Properties. Beginning from a very early age when he helped his parents run the family business, to today running a vast real estate empire, Hussain Sajwani has had a lifetime of business experience.

While going to university in the United States, Sajwani gained sales experience through selling timeshares. After graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in Economics and Industrial Engineering, he took a job in the finance department of a large company. It was here that Sajwani gained experience with contracts and collecting payments.

Hussain Sajwani valued this knowledge enough to start his own company. He started a catering company in 1982 that scaled quickly, to the point of serving over 150,000 meals every day. He is still operating this company to this day, in markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Catering had proven to be a little less of a challenge than Hussain Sajwani was prepared for. He quickly set his eyes on new treasures in the real estate market. In the early 2000s, Sajwani started DAMAC Properties to take advantage of the opening real estate market in the UAE. He was inspired by the founders of his home country to excel in building for the future. DAMAC Properties was the vehicle he was going to use to do it. DAMAC grew quickly, just like the catering company, and today it is a public company that boasts holdings of over 17,000 homes and 44,000 units. His properties are all over the Middle East and in the UK.

Hussain Sajwani believes in bringing people from different experiences to bring their life experience to help build his company. DAMAC has over 2000 people from over 77 nationalities working for them. Sajwani believes in working with his employees, giving them plenty of motivation through advancement opportunities within the organization. He believes that having clear goals to help people stay organized and empowered. In addition, the employees also need to be trusted, and given space to do their jobs.