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Wikipedia’s Bureaucratic Aspects and the Effectiveness of GetYourWiki for Businesses

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Science Alert published a riveting description of the governmental aspects of Wikipedia. Describing the bureaucratic aspects of the site as being conservative and corporate, the article highlighted the idea that the website’s original policies drifted from each other, in a sense. Discussing the ranking system established for the website contributors, the author stated that those with a “super contributor” ranking hold an editorial power that reigns superior over the other contributors.

Describing that the growth of Wikipedia is becoming seemingly stagnant, Science Alert discussed the research obtained by the University of Indiana and how hard it is to make a new Wiki page. Stating that, though the site has grown to thirty thousand people, the very foundation of the site was created by the first one hundred users. The impartial attitude that the site was founded on has remained exactly the same, and while that seems appealing, it does not necessarily coincide with the reputation that the popular site has. Regardless of what this article has deemed as being a standstill for the company, there is no denying that Wikipedia is a top source for online research.

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