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Pittsburgh Steelers “Steeling” Footballs on the Field and New Fashion

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have a new move going on. Yet not on the football field. No, instead the Steelers new move is going on in their newly appointed gear store at This new fashion venture from the Steelers organization is meant to connect with social media crowds, fans and with the team. It also is meant to alleviate the complaints fans have had in the past with the lack of certain items that they would like to get for themselves. This new fashion will have something for nearly everyone. Men typically can always find jerseys and accessories for themselves from the Pittsburgh Steelers past gear. Many men have voiced a lack of Steelers gear that they could wear or bring to work and still remain professional. The new fashion in the men department strives to rectify this with wear from the brands Nike Golf and Tommy Bahama. For women it’s difficult to find jerseys that come in a flattering cut and size for women. Women also would like more “cute” and “fashion forward” attire. The brand new Steelers wear has Victoria’s Secret Pink Steelers wear for women and more women’s sizes for jerseys and other Steelers shirts. For younger girls and tweens there is also more variety of pink apparel from the Steelers gear shop. There are also more variety of baby wear then in the past where there was just one onesie option. Now with this new fashion there are a many differing onesies with animal print, pink and of course the Steelers colors but with different designs. “We’re constantly innovating around the fans. We’re bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be part of the organization in more vibrant ways. And we’re embracing social networking in ways to make happen very seamless, very quick and very fun.” states the Steelers director of strategic planning: Susan McGalla. The new Steelers fashion movement is basically Susan McGalla‘s brain child after she kept notice of the large amount of requests fans mailed or emailed in with queries for new clothing from their favorite team. Susan McGalla is well prepared when it comes to retail. She has worked in retail in the past as she was the former CEO of Wet Seal and the former president of American Eagle Outfitters. In her hands the new Pittsburgh Steelers fashion will likely prove to listen to fans and to create interesting fashion gear.